The Post-Brexit British Isles.

The Governor of The Bank of England revealed yesterday that The bank ran a study on the effects of a No Deal Brexit. The findings are quite alarming it noted that property prices will plummet by a whopping 33%, interest rates will go up to 4%, unemployment up to 9%, and we will have a full-blown recession.

The scariest thing in all this is the fact that 90% of the entire UK population are totally oblivious to this news and the pending disaster.

The complicit, corrupt media and broadcasters are keeping the lid on this particular information.

The Bank of England cannot just be waved away as Remoaners or Project Fear.

No financial institution in the UK is more trusted, the word of the Governor of the BOE trumps Fiona Bruce, Jackie Bird, Theresa May or Rees-Mogg any day.

This is why this story will be into that famous London long grass along with the Chilcott Report, Levenson ,the £490 billion of missing money, Electoral Fraud, Dark Money, Leave corruption,McRone Report, Oil in the Clyde Basin, Willie McRae, Dr David Kelly mysterious deaths.

To deflect the anoraks like us south of the border the elite have a great wheeze on the go, anti-semitisim of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, throw in a bit of Britain’s Got Talent on the TV and bish bosh the plebs are under control and looking the other way.

Readers of this blog know I have zero respect or time for the charlatan that is Jeremy Corbyn however even I can see that this latest co-ordinated attack is nothing more than a smokescreen for the right wingers that want to continue with their raping and pillage of British and world assets.

In Scotland there is such control over the media that the elite need not usually worry about the dafties in Scotland getting any useful information that could slow down their theft of Scottish assets, land or democracy.

The anoraks in Scotland like me are meant to be watching the Wings YouTube set piece and not noticing that the disaster that is Brexit is looming ever closer.

This self-inflicted disaster that is Brexit has all been caused by internal London Tory Party politics.

Not for one instant should you believe this is about our democracy or about taking back control for the people, it was to quell disquiet on the right of the Tory Party and crush UKIP who were eating into the Tory vote in the shires.

The only saving grace in all of this is that the arrogant arseholes that rule us have opened a Pandora’s box that even they didn’t realise could never be closed or controlled.

There will be a Brexit, and it will be messy it will result in a great deal of pain and suffering especially for those least able to protect themselves or their families, for sure many of the spivs and shysters will greatly increase their already obscene wealth.

The only upsides are that the British Union is about to break asunder and there is absolutely nothing the London puppet masters can do about it this time.

I now think there is no doubt that my beloved Scotland will secede from this corrupt undemocratic union of 311 unequal years.

I am more certain than ever that our Celtic cousins on the island of Ireland will also have seen enough to determine that their future interests are best served in a United Ireland with their own kith and kin rather than remaining in the unfair, unequal racist, bigoted UK.

In both Scotland and Northern Ireland the same kind of right wing religious bigoted vermin will scream and threaten however like all cowards they will quickly disperse when reality and the protection of the London Fascists vanishes overnight.

They will realise too late that they were used merely as pawns for the enriching of the British ruling elite and that their blind loyalty will have all been for naught.

When the reality sets in the spivs and shysters will simply pull up the drawbridge and move their wealth and assets god knows where, they will be fine the idiots they have manipulated and used for centuries will be left with the consequences as they are quaffing Champagne in some far off exotic place well away from the poverty and misery of RUK.

That is all that will be left, a big festering rump of bigots,racists and morons, I genuinely feel for our English neighbours and to our Welsh cousins I would say, it is time for you to wake up and realise you have to save yourselves because those aligned to the London Parties are collaborators, not saviours.

They say no pain,no gain well this Brexit madness is the gold plated version of pain and gain.

3 thoughts on “The Post-Brexit British Isles.

  • As usual a great blog. Have as usual shared with my friends. Some Scots, some Anglos and som remainders and some leavers. Jut hop they all read this

  • “When the reality sets in the spivs and shysters will simply pull up the drawbridge and move their wealth and assets god knows where,”
    The “Establishment” has been moving its wealth and assets offshore ever since Thatcher came to power, and selling off its British assets to foreign capital – even British Airways is Spanish owned!
    The 14 British Tax Havens are where that Capital (estimated at over £10 trillion) is now based, and that Capital in those Tax Havens would have been under threat from the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (2016/1164) if the UK remained a member of the EU after the 1st April 2019. The UK leaves the EU at midnight Central European time on the 29th March.

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