The People Have Spoken.

I said some weeks ago that I felt the HOOP Demonstration in Edinburgh had kicked off the Independence campaign.

Saturday’s March in Glasgow seemed to confirm that, and in some style too.

The Unionist commentariat and the 5th Column hacks have done everything to try and underplay the size and significance of the event in the dear green place.

We will never know the exact numbers involved the estimates range from 35,000 from the anti -Scotland, anti independence, British Broadcasting Corporation to 93,000 from some of the march organizers.

I expect that the ‘real’ numbers are somewhere in the middle at around 70,000, no matter where in the scale is true the numbers are truly quite fantastic.

This was an event organized by the grass roots movement, the SNP had no input, the foreign owned media and broadcasters of course did nothing whatsoever to promote it, indeed they have ever since 2014 done everything to discourage such events, terming them “bad advert for Indy movement” they imply it offends and puts off even soft no voters.

What we should take from that is of course the exact opposite if they thought it was bad for the movement they would encourage it, advertise it, try and get even greater numbers to attend in an attempt to destroy the movement .

The annoying thing is some that are allegedly on the same side as us, mainly the People’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Byres Road trendy lefties sing from the same song sheet as the unionists on these gatherings.

I really do not know what has happened to the so-called extreme left these days in my youth marches and demos were the lifeblood of the left.

Now it seems it is all about where you can get the best latte in Ashton Lane or who can get the biggest number of retweets for some slogan slagging off the rest of the Yes Movement.

What HOOP and AUOB said to me is this, the grass roots are not hanging about waiting on Nicola or anyone else telling them to begin campaigning, they have begun without anybody’s approval or say so.

The pent-up frustrations exploded on to the streets of Glasgow and sent a clear message up the way to both the SNP and the Tories in London, it was a simple yet succinct message.

We the people are not interested in the niceties of Westminster or Holyrood protocols.

We are not prepared to wait any longer while the Tory government destroys the last vestiges of our democracy so that it can sell off our water, allow fracking,  privatize then sell our NHS, give us a Private for Profit Police Service, trade away our Fisheries and Agriculture in return for passporting for the City of London spivs.

The SNP has always said no politician from either side has the right to say yes or no on a referendum that the decision rests with the people.

The people gave their decision on Saturday you can manipulate the numbers any way you like, try this one as an example 70,000 marched for Indy2.

23 Unionist fanatics managed to turn up in opposition.

They did bring one piece of enlightenment, Glasgow apparently has been a Union stronghold for 5,000 years. ??????????

With morons like this leading the charge for the British Unionist cult if we cannot win now, we never will win our freedom.

Lets stop the shadow boxing, call the referendum now Nicola the people have spoken and are ready willing and able to win this time.



10 thoughts on “The People Have Spoken.

  • Exploded! Naw these people do not explode. They peacefully march and make their points with words. The only explosion is in the numbers that are showing they are Saorsa’s Laochs!

  • If we have another one and a decision is made can everyone from both sides crawl back under a rock and get on with our day to day living. I don’t think so.

  • Fantastic event in Glasgow….I did a little research of my own…I asked my friends on social media that could not make the event because of work…illness other commitments….would you have attended…19 said yes….19..1 ratio

  • I was there and the experience left me proud. After hoop I was a teary lad of joy and pride as I watched Scotland come alive and get proud of their government building Holyrood.
    Back to the bridges afterwards with a stronger fight beating on my chest for another March as I hung the flags on the bridge I thought of that day.
    How unprepared I was for the sheer volume of people that came to the AUOB march. Breathtaking as I watched a sea of blue and white snake through Glasgow city. That’s twice for sure we have sent a clear message to the world never mind wasteminster or our own government. Proud of you all scotland see you at next one Saor Alba gu brath.

  • there were supposed to be 93 thousand odd according to the police cctv motor cameras or something – it was a great march and I am sure wont be the last

  • For heaven’s sake. Wake up! The greatest thing about the YES movement is that it IS NOT the SG/SNP but was a spontaneous movement by the people. Why would anyone desire to change that great benefit of the YES movement?

    It isn’t, and should not be, about the SG/SNP, Labour, Tory and LibDem parties and especially it is not about the Scottish far left. It isn’t even about the politically not turned on. It isn’t even about born Scots, or make, female or any other gender definition. It isn’t about the rich, poor or comfortably off or the old, young or any age in between and, lets face it, it isn’t even about the dugs, wee ginger or otherwise that marched along with their humans.

    It is 100% about the people of Scotland, no matter where they originally came from, and about where we all want to go together in the future. In any event, going by the voting figures in recent years, the majority of YESsers must also be members of the SNP or at least their supporters.

    To attempt to tie the YES movement to the SNP would be foolish indeed and in so many ways. There is one very plain truth – whatever else they do the SNP/SG are the only political party that has a hope in hell of getting our independence back and, face the truth not the Westminster spin, The Kingdom of Scotland will NOT be leaving the United Kingdom – it will be ending it.

    The United Kingdom is legally a two partner kingdom. When one partner leaves a two partner union that union is over for both partners.

    How daft would it be if a wife divorced her abusive husband yet the decree nisi from the courts made her a single person again but kept her husband still married to her?

    The United Kingdom is plainly a unified Kingdom but is not a unified country – even if the unionist prime ministers all use that phrase as if it were.

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