The News You Are Not Getting.

I purchased a new TV Box on my recent trip to Dubai it enables me to watch television and movies from all over the world I would be lost without it here in Catalonia.

I rarely watch any news or current affairs programmes from the UK, instead I choose to get my information from foreign stations my particular favourites being RTE Ireland and the English language RT from Russia, I also sometimes dip into Al Jezeera these are stations I would recommend if you want to hear the news you are not getting in the UK.

Yesterday I made an exception and tuned into the BBC News Channel to see the coverage of our First Ministers magnificent speech to the RSA in London and the subsequent Brexit Debate in the HOC.

I had watched the live stream and Q & A direct from the RSA and had been as always very impressed and immensely proud of our FM in the way she conducted herself, her measured words and her clear and concise answers when questions were put to her.

She set out clearly her position, she made very clear the SNP preferred option is full membership of the EU however there has been a referendum and the least worst choice now is membership of SM& CU for all of the UK, not just Scotland.

She went on to explain very concisely her belief that the MPs would most likely be offered either a blindfold deal or a no deal as the only options and this was a concern for her and her government.

She told everyone her red lines, as a minimum Scotland will only accept membership of the SM & CU anything short of this is unacceptable.

It was crystal clear, understandable, there could be no doubt in anyone’s mind of the FMs position and that of her government on Brexit and the available options.

Then I watched Teresa May in the House of Commons.

She spoke lots of words and said nothing, cliches, soundbites, deflections, clarity there was none.

I also listened to Jeremy Corbyn give the usual type of responses one has come to expect from the straw man, as always nothing from him or his Party that made an ounce of sense or gave a path to a Brexit solution.

I defy anyone reading this blog to attempt to give me either the Labour Party position on Brexit and or the differences from the Tory position on Brexit.

There was nothing in anything these two alleged major leaders in our governance had to say that could be called concise or clear.

The braying donkeys on their benches acted in their usual childlike manner, no wonder English football fans behave like thugs wherever they go when we have the politicians setting such a bad example.

That however was not the worst aspects of yesterday, that ‘honour’ goes to the BBC News team deployed in the parliament and back in the studio in central London.

The worst aspects of British media and journalism is not their blatant bias it is their dishonesty by omission and distortion of truth that is the biggest crime.

The reporter, I won’t defame the word journalist in the lobby gave us her take or perhaps the editorial line on what we had witnessed.

In a manner perfected by the BBC she proceeded to not give us the news but what the BBC wanted us to take away from the story.

The implication being that if the different factions in the House of Commons can just come to an agreement there can be a solution to the Brexit mess.

She mentioned that there were difficulties for the PM within her own Party and with the DUP however the given implication was that if Teresa May could just settle these minor differences then there could still be a deal.

She even made mention of the Chequers Plan as if it was still in play, Teresa May had done similarly in one of her answers suggesting that the famous Chequers fiction was still the only show in town.

There was almost zero offered on the EU position or its red lines on Ireland and the 4 pillars of the SM & CU.

While political anoraks like us know that this entire report and spectacle in the HOC is a nonsense alas Mr & Mrs Ordinary in High St, Anytown rely and believe the ‘trusted’ BBC.

The 95% of the British population that do not really engage in the world of every day politics and that depend on Huw Edwards and Jackie Bird to give them the truth and the reality are being sold short.

They have gone back to their everyday lifes in the belief that the magnificent Mother of Parliaments has got everything under control and that Johnny Foreigner is about to be put in his place by the stoic English Prime Minister and we will all live happily ever after in the post Brexit nirvana.

There was little, or no mention that the Chequers Plan had been dismissed by the EU27 hours after the Tories had agreed their internal peace treaty some weeks ago.

There was worse, the PM spoke in very belligerent tone assuring her audience on the back benches and at home that she would never allow anything in ‘our union’ to be endangered by such things as any different solutions for any part of this blessed British union.

This flies in the face of reality, she either leaves NI in the SM & CU or there will be a hard Border on the island of Ireland either that or we have a border in the Irish Sea, this is the reality, and the latter is unacceptable to the DUP and several of her extreme right wingers in the Tory Party including Rooth the Mooth and Fluffy Mundell.

The only other option is keeping the entire UK in the SM & CU as suggested by the FM, this is however rejected completely by the right wing Little Englanders so it too is an impossibility to deliver.

Unless something  quite miraculous happens the only option that is likely to succeed short term is a fudge that will allow enough Labour Blairites to support the Tories and get the ‘blindfold’ deal mentioned by Nicola through the House of Commons.

This will in the short term neuter the DUP and their 10 HOC Votes and keep NI in the SM &CU Arlene Foster and her motley crew will of course at the first opportunity knife the Tories in the front as an act of retaliation and it could also very well spark civil unrest on the streets of Northern Ireland by the unionist hardline community.

Meanwhile the Scottish Government will rightly be enraged that Scotland will be the only part of the Union that does not get what it voted for in the referendum, for be assured a deal has already been done to keep Gibraltar in the SM & CU which is not ever mentioned by the PM or the BBC propaganda machine.

Theresa May’s Government will stagger on perhaps for a few more weeks after the Brexit fudge is voted through the HOC however it is my humble opinion neither she or the Tory Government will last much beyond Christmas without the support of the DUP.

We should ready ourselves for the possibility of a snap winter election that very well may double up as an independence referendum election for us in Scotland.

A single paged manifesto will be all we need to make it thus then we need to get 50% +1 to support the SNP Candidates throughout Scotland and declare our independence on the back of a legal mandated endorsement from the sovereign people of Scotland.

We live in interesting times not many generations get to see the end of an empire we are the fortunate generation the hegemony that has dominated these islands since 1066 is about to end in ignominy and we are all witnesses to the event.

Saor Alba gu brath.





12 thoughts on “The News You Are Not Getting.

  • I think we need the winter election scenario and the one page manifesto to carry us through, otherwise we are into dangerous territory of no deal brexit, Henry the eight laws and the dissolution of our parliament. As for the bbc, it will backfire grandly on them one day. Are the tories as stupid as they seem..? Don’t count on it.

  • Well said that Man! I have been watching RT for years and it is a breath of fresh air.
    Abair ach beagan is abair gu math e:

  • Super Comment..!!!
    I have listened to the BBC World Service. Home Service, Light Program.. for over 65 years, and alas taken their reporting as “holy” ..

    I have travelled a lot and I began to question some of the BBC reports after I visited the Middle East in the 60’s, it painted a completely different picture of what I had seen there with my own eyes.. Then again in South Africa I listened to reports that were far from what I had seen, I speak a couple of languages and I ended up listening to Radio Hilversum and Deutsche Welle, even Radio Moscow and Voice of America.. each station presented its news with untruths, it was what was left out that corrupted the news, and I discovered that the “HOLY” BBC were the best in the World with their “editing”. During the 2014 debate the BBC surpassed itself with BIASED, down to earth no messing about LIES… real BIASED reporting and since I have bought a smart TV I do indeed listen to more and more stations and I take a middle line from there, thank goodness for FB and the likes too.
    This is an EXCELLENT site and this time Scotland WILL be INDEPENDENT !!

  • Excellent piece, and thanks for all you do!

    I do however have a question.

    You opine ‘be assured a deal has already been done to keep Gibraltar in the SM & CU which is not ever mentioned by the PM or the BBC propaganda machine.’

    This may indeed be the case, and so I ask what is the evidence for such speculation?
    It would be interesting to many if you would expand upon this, perhaps even into making it a whole blog post.

    The latest I have personally seen on the situation in Gibraltar was the youtube
    of #3Blokes In A Pub… Go To GIBRALTAR (Ep 11)

    I would recommend to anyone who was not aware of that to take the time to view. 😉

    The British State and MSM always seem remarkably reticent on the subject.

    Thanks again.

    p.s. Also are you aware that your web hosting service refuses to serve the site content when the perfectly ordinary request arrives via a non-uk VPN?

    • Firstly on the technical issue, checked with my techie he gave me this information that hopefully will sort your issue.

      if you connect for the first time you are asked to accept the mandatory — Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
      To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy —
      which sits at the bottom of the page awaiting a click
      you only need do it once on a browser but if you connect via vpn then you need to do it each time
      Let me know if that works.
      The Gibraltar issue is one of those, someone I know, knows a guy type thing, I live in Spain and apparently it has been agreed,the major issue for UK is practically all the on- line bookmakers and casinos are registered in Gibraltar and a lot of Hedge Funds are heavily involved they and others in the 1% have vested interest also in off-shore banking when it comes to our London masters always follow the money.

  • Thanks for your reply. 🙂

    A bit of searching found this article from tuesday 16th October

    “Gibraltar does not stand on the way of a Brexit deal ”

    and this from the Gibraltar Chronicle.
    “Gibraltar’s inclusion in Withdrawal Agreement and transition ‘practically sealed’, Borrell tells Spanish parliament”

    although the main details beyond the summary are behind a paywall.

      • seems some Gibraltar developments are starting to leak.

        these from the Gibraltar broadcasting Company.

        “Pedro Sanchez confirms Brexit deal over Gibraltar”

        ‘Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has confirmed the UK and Spain have struck a Brexit deal over Gibraltar, allaying fears that a rift could disrupt the wider negotiations on the UK leaving the EU.’

        notably ‘Several issues — such as tax and tobacco — have yet to be resolved and will be addressed in memorandums of understanding accompanying the protocol. Mr Sánchez said both governments were seeking agreement on such issues, but cautioned that the tax regime was the one of the “most sensitive issues when it comes to Gibraltar”.’

        seems the Gib side are still trying to keep a lid on it though :

        “Spanish press Brexit claims will be shown to be untrue, says Chief Minister”

        ‘The Chief Minister has said claims made in the Spanish media agency EFE, and the online news service, Diplomat in Spain, will be shown to be untrue once the Brexit memorandums on Gibraltar are signed.

        EFE claimed on Saturday that the agreements on Gibraltar are nearly complete, but that they will count for nothing if the wider package of measures between the EU and the UK do not come to fruition.

        The agency also said the Gibraltar agreements include measures on citizens’ rights, the environment, police and customs, and tobacco.’

        p.s. credit where credit is due: I came across these new news strories via a link from wings. 😉

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