The New Act of Union

I am grateful to the reader that sent me through the document that is the template for a New Act of Union by a group calling themselves the Constitutional Reform Group.

I would suggest if like me you are not too keen on the actual Act of Union of 1707 it is safe to say this new updated version will enrage you to heights you never thought possible.

When the first Act of Union was being pushed forward, the Scottish Parliament at least had the option to reject it.

There was a large English army on our southern border poised to invade if the Scots Lords declined the English Parliament’s offer.

Bribes had been paid out by the English, hence to this day we still talk about Scots being bought and sold for English gold.

Needless to say at the time the ordinary Scots had no way of knowing our ruling elite, the landed gentry of the time had been corrupted by London money.

Even with an English army ready to invade the ordinary Scots were overwhelmingly opposed to political Union with England.

For many months after the act of betrayal by our ruling elite the Scots rioted in protest.

This time we won’t even get the opportunity of debating it in the Holyrood chamber.

All the negotiations and decisions will be taken in the Westminster Parliament in England where the majority MPs and Lords are all English.

This plan will wait until after our English Brexit has taken place and I would suggest early 2019 is when it will officially make its bow into common knowledge.

They will attempt to play it as merely a few amendments to the existing Act of Union in the wake of our “successful” departure from the EU.

We know already that we have a corrupt, complicit 4th Estate that does the bidding of the ruling elite, their bosses, the offshore press barons are members of this group of right wing, tax avoiding, neo-con pieces of excrement.

They will write, broadcast and blog that this is part of the ‘make Britain great again ‘and we should meekly accept that our betters know what is good for us and anyone suggesting it is a fascist takeover is a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.

You decide for yourselves here are just some of the things proposed by these creatures of the night.


  • Part of a nation could decide to remain in the UK.
  • UK Parliament is sovereign.
  • UK Parliament permission required for independence referenda.
  • UK Parliament MPs form the upper chamber for the Parliaments of Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales.
  • Monarch can amend an Act of Parliament.
  • Life peerages continue.
  • UK parliament controls public borrowing of all nations.
  • “Central taxes” controlled by UK Parliament.
  • Barnett formula abandoned.
  • New Public Borrowing Board controls public spending of the nations’ Parliaments.
  • New “Bank of the UK” controls UK central banking.
  • Duty of all public authorities to “protect the UK as a whole.”
  • Legal systems of the nations legislated for by the UK Parliament.
  • Unified Civil Service for the whole UK.
  • Gaelic excluded from the new Act of Union referendum.
  • 16 and 17-year olds excluded from the referendum.
  • Reserved or “Central” matters include the Crown, UK constitution, Devolution Legislation, Foreign Affairs, EU membership, treaties & conventions, Defence, NATO, Human Rights, Economy, Tax, Currency, Law & Order, National Security, Immigration, Emergency Powers, Political Parties, Civil Service.
  • UK Parliament can add areas to list of “Central Powers.”

This is not a New Act of Union this is a bloodless coup.

This will in effect mean that powers will be stripped away from Holyrood and those that are left will be at the discretion of Westminster and The Secretary of State for Scotland.

Every piece of legislation passed in Holyrood will meet with his approval and that of London Parliament or it will not be enacted.

Cast your minds back to The Scotland Bill of 2015, even with 56 out of 59 Scottish MPs every single one of the 100+ amendments laid down by those SNP MPs was rejected by Fluffy Mundell.

He did so with that arrogant snigger on his face as he and his fellow English Tory MPs aided and abetted by English Labour MPs and Iain Murray, thwarted the democratic will of the Scottish people’s representatives.

That will happen Infinitum should we allow this proposal to be enacted at Westminster.

The only way to stop this coup is to hold an independence referendum prior to the UK leaving the European Union.

Should we wait till after that date what little protection we have will be gone, so too is the likelihood of EU citizens all 170,000 being allowed to participate in any plebiscite.

Westminster will have given itself the right, just like Madrid, to refuse any independence referendum ever again.

Those of you waiting on the ‘optimum time’ this is it, those of you concerned that we don’t know the terms of Brexit remember this, our mandate for a referendum was not on exit terms but on any material change.

The very outcome of the Brexit vote was enough to trigger that condition.

We need to call the referendum for the autumn of this year and the only way to make that happen is for every stakeholder in Scotland’s future to make their voice heard.

Saor Alba gu brath.

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