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The pursuit of Scottish Independence and Scottish football are my two great passions.

The football is about to have its official mid-season winter break.

The football fans amongst us will, like me be in a state of limbo waiting on the big push towards the major prizes in May.

There will be no games to be seen after 29th December till January 19th when the Scottish Cup re-opens the ‘hostilities.’

However as all football fans await the restart we are given the mouth watering January Transfer Window to keep us interested.

This is the time when we all hope our team brings in a new messiah to be that final piece of the jigsaw that will propel us to victory and joy.

While most sane people at this time of the year are hoping Santa brings them a nice new IPad.

We of a football bent only want a 25 goal striker a Lionel Messi midfielder and transfer knock backs for our rivals.

These transfers are extremely important to the physce of the team and just as importantly, to the physce of the fans.

The blocks put in place in January window not only show us our chosen teams commitment for the present season it is also a pointer to their intent going forward.

The team that spends the transfer window doing absolutely nothing except hoping their rivals buy badly and madly is storing up trouble.

When the season recommences with no change to the team, no new players, no new strategy on the pitch due to transfer inactivity this is a tragedy waiting to happen.

The first defeat then the blame game begins, first in line to get the wrath of the fans will be the existing players.

Next into the punters sights comes the Manager and the coaches for not forcing the board into opening the purse strings.

However, the greatest wrath is saved for the board and the Chairman in particular.

A wasted opportunity to make things better and doing nothing while your rivals spend money like a Tory MP in a fetish club causes huge resentment amongst the support.

There will be shouts for the board to go, threats of boycotts a huge drop in paying customers through the turnstiles.

Club regalia sales drop, season ticket renewals due in a very few months dip.

The fans figure if the board don’t care and won’t take the necessary steps why should they give their undying loyalty, support and hard earned cash to those charlatans.

The reverse is also true if the board open the coffers and allow the team to make a few new signings and they fall short the fans show patience and loyalty.

They know that the players, manager, coaches and board did everything they could to bring glory to the club.

The signings didn’t have the effect hoped for but there is always next season!

This brings me to my other big love, Scottish Independence, in a few short days both the Holyrood Parliament and the Whore of Parliaments in London close for Christmas.

There is no transfer window where we can sell off a few unionists and bring in a few more Independinistas instead.

There is though a big push after the MPs return on January 7th to the big day March 29th.

While you cannot bring in new players, you can bring in a complete new strategy.

Just sitting around waiting for your opponents to fail is not the strategy of winners.

Unsuccessful People wait for things to happen Successful People make things happen!

Waiting seems to be the go to tactic of the SNP nowadays.

They make some wonderful speeches and keep threatening that the British Union is on it’s final, final, final, last ever warning and if they don’t play nice then, well just you wait and see we are not bluffing, nosiree.

We the ‘fans’ are sitting watching everything unfold.

The daily insults to our elected representatives which in effect are insults directed towards each and every one of us.

The racism and imperialism demean us every single day.

We have watched helplessly as Fluffy Mundell recruited 2000 civil servants for his plush new Governor General residence in Leith.

We have seen our Scots Law swept aside by an English Supreme Court.

We have observed and noted the power grab.

We see, hear and read every day the lies of the British Colonial Propaganda Media machine.

We watch how the British Establishment view an illegal piece of £425,000 dark money funding by imposing a paltry £6,000 fine.

Most of all we sit and wait for our ‘side’ to react and what we get is some very nice though rudely interrupted speeches in the English Parliament Building by our SNP MPs.

We do not live in a democracy it is a sham the least democratic construct in the developed world.

Our ‘Board’ should be doing more to help our ‘players.’

We have a few special tactics that could have and still can be deployed.

Immediately inform the English Tory Government that If they do not  revoke Article 50 today we will be calling an independence Referendum in Scotland.

Tell them if they do not immediately row back on the power grab and give us a commitment in law we will be calling an Independence Referendum.

Tell them, do not ask, bullies only understand a good punch on the nose metaphorical or otherwise.

As a first step to show we mean business at the first sign of any prevarication from London withdraw our MPs from HOC till further notice.

The reality is by having them there and playing the ‘British game’ with the ‘British Rules’  we can never win.

I know I speak for a vast swathe of SNP Supporters and voters when I say Enough, is Enough!

Start the fightback today or watch as the stands empty and the turnstiles stop clicking.

We have been too docile in our response for too long.

Give us something to look forward to in the coming weeks, a pending referendum is the perfect recipe.

We all know they will reject all our demands, fair or otherwise.

They view us as a colony.

We also know that whatever the Brexit it will be bad for Scotland .

With Brexit,  the Continuity Bill in the Supreme Court and the Power Grab you have 3 Material changes.

One for each mandate we gave you, how about you use one of them?

This, dear readers is my final blog for the foreseeable future.

I will come back with a vengeance if there is something to come back for.

I will not come back and waste my efforts if it is just more of the same.

Waiting on the Tories making such a mess that we can then ‘justify’ our quest for independence doesn’t work for me.

Heres the thing it doesn’t need justified by the actions of the English Tory Party.

Scotland has had an inalienable right to choose independence since 1707 only circumstances prevented it happening already.

The circumstances are now perfect to grasp the opportunity.


Lastly let me wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, preferably as the newest nation in the EU.


Saor Alba gu brath.





5 thoughts on “The Last Post

  • As always an eloquent article which puts into words some of the feelings that we all have, in greater or lesser measure.
    You are absolutely spot on when you say that waiting is getting us nowhere. Winners seize the day (or some clever latin phrase or other espoused by he of the Hitler/monocoled general appearance. It is time that we in Scotland became winners.
    Haste ye back sir.

  • You had me close to tears there as your analogy is so close to the truth it’s cuts. I have totally lost faith in our SNP leaders and I 100% agree that being less h
    Bad than your opponent does not make you good
    Metaphorically speaking we need some balls

  • We all feel the same but in Nicola we trust. She has not worked, lived and breathed Independence for almost her whole life not to let this bruach pass without our opportunity to take a different path. Hold firm Roddy and be Aye Ready

  • Its what you and Peter have been saying for 2 years. While Sturgeon fiddles Rome burns.

    I have lost faith in Nicola. Not as a first minister, but as a leader and a strategist. She is today still banging on about a people’s vote. It has become more important than Indy ref 2.

    She forgets that Scotland had a people’s vote and it was 62% remain. Why should I even vote again if my first note was binned in the save the UK footnotes. I think she is going to let Brexit happen, even a no deal. She is then hoping that the UK chaos results in a push for independence.

    The truth is. If we leave in March Scotland will be gradually deconstructed. WM will take over Holyrood and by force if necessary. Every power we think we have will return to pre 1997 levels. In other words we will be a vassal of England.

    The SNP are not going to save Scotland. We need to do it ourselves. Indy ref 2 will not happen after March . The WM controllers will make sure of that.

    I am actually getting angry at every tweet and soundbite from Mike Russell and Nicola. Because I know it has no more power than my commentary.

  • Feel totally the same. I think we can see the new labour effect seeping in. I’m not a member but I vote SNP because of independence but as much as it would split the Indy vote if there was another party offering 1 manifesto commitment to withdraw immediately from the Union with a majority of Scottish seats at Westminster then I’d vote for them all day long. The walk out made waves, a proper withdrawal will really escalate the cause to another level. Pull the plug on this whole charade pronto

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