The Independence Referendum will be on 20/09/18

The year rushes in I can hardly believe that the clocks went back on Saturday.

Before you know it the Christmas decorations will be coming down from the loft and the bells will be ringing out for 2018.

If you are an Independinista and want to make sure you are available for the Scottish Independence Referendum get your holiday requests in early next year put in for the second and third weeks in September.

That IMHO this is when the referendum will be held, all the political stars are aligning and the reading says Thursday 20th September 2018.

Four years on from the first referendum and a perfect time of the year to be campaigning.

You might want to know why I sound so certain of this date it is simple,by that time our opponents will be at their weakest and we will be at our strongest.

We need immediately to get rid of a few Unionist urban myths,the first one being “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP will not call another referendum until the polls are averaging 60% in favour.”

Nowhere and at no time has Nicola ever said anything remotely like that ,some member of the foreign owned press decided this arbitrary number, printed it and the rest of the 5th Column joined in with the lie.

The Goebbels mantra of repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted and the bigger the lie the better.

Which brings me neatly to Ruth Davidson and the two Tory Parties in Scotland Blue and Red.

They chose to fight the Holyrood, Council ,and General Elections on No to an Independence Referendum.

They lost all of those elections and by some margin too however,the foreign owned media then convinced themselves and the Unionist lemmings that they won the latter two elections.

Again a lie of Goebbels proportion that all the unionists have since run with, the narrative being Rooth the Mooth Party won the General Election in Scotland and there will be no referendum.

Wrong Ruthie, oh so wrong!

The other huge lie doing the rounds is the one about the Corbyn bounce,if anything this is an even bigger piece of faeces.

When you actually look at the numbers and all the data the bounce amounted to a whopping 1% increase in the SLAB Vote.

The only thing in Scotland that the unionists have in their favour is a complicit dishonest and corrupt media that will allow huge lies like these to go unchallenged,not a chance of our 4th Estate ever holding these British liars to account.

The upside for us is their arrogance and pomposity we can use this British dishonesty to our advantage,from here on every single election WE should deem an Independence election ,remember we only need to win once they need to win every time.

We didn’t lose votes to the unionists at the General Election our vote stayed at home they were not motivated enough to come out and vote.

The SNP made a huge mistake,they failed to understand the reason we went from 25,000 members to 115,000 and 6 MPs to 56 MPs it was not because of their good “management” at Holyrood it was Independence ,that is what floats the boat of our members ,our workers and our voters.

Now for each and every election give them a reason to turn out.

We do that, and it kills another Unionist narrative “Nicola is scared to call a referendum in case she loses for if she does Independence is off the table for a lifetime.”

Well, no it is not if we make every single election about independence it is never off the table everything else should, and must be secondary.

Simple actions like these give us the narrative put us in charge and leaves the unionists gasping for a point of attack.

This is all in the future in the meantime we need to prepare and be ready .

Today there are only two political happenings and they are Catalonia and Brexit, both have huge implications for our future as a nation.

The biggest of those is the Brexit fiasco which day after day reveals yet another disaster facing the UK as it stumbles towards leaving the EU in March 2019.

The negotiations as we all know are not going well at worst the UK leaves with no deal and has to revert to WTO for all world trading.

You do not have to be an expert in world trade or economics to understand what that would do to UK trade and also to the price of goods in the shops.

The currency has already lost around 16% of its pre Referendum value and for a country like UK that imports so much this is a disaster.

The entire argument of the Brexiteers falls at the very first hurdle, the one of “if we break free from the shackles of EU we can trade with the world”

Trade in what exactly, thanks to Thatcher we in the UK make very little she turned us into a service economy reliant on the city.

Scotland is a net exporter on these islands however inside UK we will see little benefit as RUK continues to suck in expensive imports.

The RUK has arms and Financial Services,and not much else, financial services will wither and die after Brexit the likelihood being Frankfurt,Paris or Dublin will become the European hub for those financial services.

Edinburgh could actually beat all of them for that position, however firstly we must get rid of the millstone of RUK from around our neck.

One of the big lies deployed against us in 2014 was the famous UK Global clout, that was a fallacy then and now is just laughable.

Any clout the UK had was because it was in the EU not because it was the UK.

Exiting EU removes that to nil, only the Little Englanders actually believe anyone takes the slightest notice of what UK thinks in global terms.

When there are conflicts or disputes in the world nations look to the US, Russia, the UN the EU .

In my lifetime no country has ever invited UK to be the honest broker, mainly because it is impossible to put honest and UK in the same sentence and be taken seriously.

Within our own construct of a country the offices of the POTUS and EU were required to bring the troubles in NI to an end.

These are merely a few highlights of the self- harm Brexit means to us in UK, there is nothing I can see that is in any way a positive to be gained by UK exiting the EU.

Only Little Englanders with a false sense of importance and ideas of grandeur way above their ability will have any satisfaction when the reality of exiting becomes evident.

The news this week that UK Government is hiding the impact studies on EU withdrawal with Mundell being quoted as saying he would neither reveal or tell the truth as it would result in a second Referendum speaks volumes for the contents of these studies,and the folly of Brexit.

Catalonia is an ongoing tragedy in several acts ,the first two have been played out, the poll on October1st, the declaration and Spain invoking Article 155.

The purges have begun already with Josep Lluís Trapero the head of Mossos d’Esquadara being removed from post by Madrid the reason being he was not violent as Guardia Civil against pensioners and unarmed civilian voters.

The Director General of the Catalan Police Pere Soler has also been purged, unlike Trapero he does not face charges of sedition, yet.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Spain has been appointed the Governor of Catalonia and the entire democratically elected Government of Catalonia deposed.

Today at 9am this all looks rather ominous for Catalonia, however do not despair quite yet.

As Harold Wilson famously said “a week is a long time in politics” so far only Gambia has recognised the Republic of Catalonia, rumours abound that several South American countries including Argentina along with Finland, Slovenia and possibly Kosovo and The Baltic States might move quite quickly to recognize the new nation.

The countries in the EU are coming under considerable pressure not to take this course of action, however it is still hoped some, or all of these countries find the courage to do what is right.

I, like so many others am deeply annoyed at the language and actions of the EU in all of this.

I do understand they cannot recognise Catalonia as a nation and that Spain is a member state, however dignified silence would have served them better if they had to say anything it should have been

along the lines of “we will not get involved in the internal matters of a member state ,however we deplore any acts of violence against the civilian population, or imprisoning of political prisoners we would plead with all parties to reach a negotiated agreement”

If they had used words like this they would have enhanced their own reputation and probably have forced Rajoy and his stormtroopers to negotiate.

One thing is for sure Catalonia will be an Independent Republic, Spain can delay it, what it cannot do is prevent it happening.

London should take note of this ,because Scotland will become an independent nation very soon Sept2018 by my reckoning,we can either do it the nice way or the hard way.

You are going to be short of friends post Brexit best not to annoy us you never know when you might need a bail out.

All we need now is for Nicola to fire the starting pistol,and my guesstimate is 20/9/18 be ready and be prepared.

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  • Yassss, I’ve been saying 2018 since I don’t know when & folk have told me it’s too close, too short notice, not enough time tae get organised blah blah blah ? ScotRef 2018, independent 2020, cheerio BritNats, sook it up Brexit bunnies, hello brave & socially just new world ? You’ve made ma night ?

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