The Hypocrisy of the UK Journalists

The same journalists today screaming from the rooftops about government control and Putin interference in RTV are the same journalists that call anyone that accuses BBC or UK media of bias as conspiracy theorists,and nutters.

These are the same journalists and London media luvvies that remained silent as 5 Catalan TV Stations and all Press freedoms in Catalonia were removed by the Spanish Government.

These same UK journos remain silent as the Catalan language is forbidden to be used in Catalan Government Departments, soon they will ban the teaching of Catalan language,or history in Catalan schools .

They were silent when the Guardia Civil attacked innocent voters that were only trying to voice their democratic choice at a referendum..

They remained silent as the two Jordi’s were imprisoned in Madrid,their crime,campaigning for Independence in Catalonia.

They remained silent when Spain imprisoned eight democratically elected politicians, their crime, they carried out the mandate given to them by the Catalan people in a free and democratic election.

They remained silent when the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament was arrested and jailed for allowing a democratic debate on Independence to be held in the Catalan Parliament.

They remained silent when Pablo Hasel the rapper was jailed for singing a song critical of the Spanish King.

They remained silent when Catalan teachers were charged with sedition for allowing discussions in the classrooms on events around the Catalan Referendum of Oct 1st.

They remain silent as Spanish Government threatens heroic Catalan Firemen for siding with their friends and neighbours against the brutality of Spanish police.

However when RTV gives Alex Salmond a platform to host his Scottish Produced scripted,and Scottish themed political chat show they suddenly feel the need to speak out,not because they have suddenly found a conscience or worry about a threat to democracy, it is because they only like freedom of speech, democracy or press freedoms when it comes to their very own narrow Little Englander viewpoint.

They are outraged at the very thought of the Scottish people getting any kind of voice.

They hate that The National Newspaper supports Scottish Independence ,they think this is one paper too many.

One hour out of 168 hours in the week devoted to Scotland and the Scottish viewpoint on a cable TV Platform offends our Little Brits idea of democracy.

The hypocrisy of the British knows no bounds, just when you think they cannot disgust you any further they plumb to new depths of hypocrisy


6 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of the UK Journalists

  • Not only are the Journalists shameful in their ignorance of denying democracy by the Spanish Government, we also have our very own Scottish Tory politicians decrying the fact that Alex Salmond is bold enough to air his views on a cable TV station. The very station, which is licenced by the Tory Government under broadcasting legislation and which dozens of Tory MPs have appeared on. So many, in fact, that they outnumber Labour MPs who have been on it by two to one. Now, if they must shout about another state broadcaster airing Alex Salmond’s programme, which he produced and sold to them, they should also decry those unionist ministers who also have used the same broadcaster! I will not hold my breath waiting for that one to happen!

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