The HMS UK has hit the Brexit Rocks

It is only Tuesday and it is already looking like this could be one of the most defining weeks in the history of the British Isles.

I am not talking about the election of Richard (Dick) Leonard as the latest patsy to inherit the SLAB branch managers poisoned chalice.

The whole EU Brexit debacle is starting to unravel, firstly we had the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announcing it will be relocating itself to Amsterdam .

The EMA coordinates the evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of treatments by national agencies before they can be used across the EU.

They employ 900 people directly in the Agency, these jobs will of course, transfer with them to Holland.

This is such a prestigious agency 19 cities had bid for the economic boost and prestige of the EMA’s relocation, which will also likely bring offices of major pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists with it.

These companies and lobbyists are as you would imagine also located in and around London, this will all be lost now to Amsterdam.

This is a huge blow to the local London economy however it wasn’t the only disaster to be announced.

The UK then also needs to set up a specific UK Agency, experts are suggesting even if we started that process today it will take at least 4 years to complete and be ready to operate.

Meantime no new drugs, or treatments will be available in UK unlike within the EU.

The European Banking Agency also announced it would move its London base to Paris.

Again it is not just the 159 jobs that move, there are many other related companies and interested parties that will now also have no choice but to move to Paris.

It also further undermines the status of The City of London as the premier financial hub of Europe.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said in April that London could keep the two EU agencies after it left the bloc, but of course he turned out to be wrong yet again, at least he is consistent.

Such is the Little Englander arrogance that they truly believed that Johnny Foreigner wouldn’t dare leave London and relocate in deepest darkest Europe.

Last Tuesday Davis was telling everyone ‘The City of London will be granted a special travel regime once Britain leaves the European Union, which will allow bankers and other financiers to move freely around the continent.’

However by Monday of this week, the reality as opposed to the London Brexiteer rhetoric was revealed.

British banks will lose “passporting rights” to do business in the European Union after Brexit, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has said.

Speaking in Brussels on Monday, Michel Barnier said that “Brexit means Brexit” – and that there could be no opt-ins to parts of the single market for certain industries.

“On financial services, UK voices suggest that Brexit does not mean Brexit, be assured Brexit means Brexit, everywhere,” Mr Barnier said in a major speech to a think-tank.

You would think the news of this would bring some sense of the pending self harm of continuing down the Brexit path.

Unfortunately not, this is the UK and the arrogance and pomposity of our Little Englander Government cannot and will not face the reality of UK’s weakness and lack of leverage in negotiations.

Yesterday the Government aided and abetted by a Whipped Labour Party forced through an amendment effectively taking UK out of the Single Market and the Customs Union.

That ladies and gentlemen takes us beyond the point of no return.

The exodus of companies to mainland Europe will now pick up pace, business only has loyalty to profits and shareholders.

The taking back control EmpireII rhetoric of the Little Englanders will fall on deaf ears in boardrooms up and down the country.

Farmers and Fishermen that have been given assurances by the same idiots that assured us about the Agencies remaining and passporting for bankers will be left disappointed and bankrupted.

Those in Manufacturing will now have to decide if moving their brass plate to EU is enough or perhaps manufacturing in Poznan is preferable to Preston.

The 58 impact studies done on the different industries still remain under Tory lock and key so that nobody gets a sniff of just how horrific this is all going to be.

Those that have blindly voted Unionist believing that somehow or other the UK is as superior to Johnny Foreigner as the Little Englanders would have us believe are in for a huge shock.

For some it won’t come to pass until perhaps their 2019 Summer holiday where instead of being waved through at Malaga Airport they stand in a 2 hour queue with fellow Brits as our EU friends get on the suncream and enjoy their holiday.

Perhaps when they go to the ATM and find that the Great British Pound they told us in 2014 we couldn’t share is then worth 50 euro cents the reality might kick in.

Others will taste the reality long before then it has been estimated that up to 80,000 Scottish jobs are at risk, that literally means we all know someone that will soon be unemployed.

We know nowadays being unemployed, sick, disabled, poor in the UK is in a lot of cases a recipe for hunger, sanctions, homelessness, even death.

The only ‘business’ likely to see an increase in this post Brexit age will be foodbanks, Sheriff Officers, liquidation accountants and funeral directors.

Unlike our friends in England, we have an alternative, we can vote to leave this omnishambles called the UK and live in the Independent Sovereign Nation of Scotland inside the EU or EFTA.

Nicola has consistently said (not verbatim) whenever we know the terms of Brexit we reserve the right to hold an Independence Referendum at a time of our choosing.

Scotland needs to remain inside the Single Market and Customs Union.

None of us know what definitive facts Nicola needs to make the call, however now that it is confirmed we are out of the Single Market and Customs Union I would respectfully suggest we don’t need much more information to make a valued decision on what is best for Scotland and those that have chosen there as home.

The date of the Referendum draws closer with each passing day and disaster emanating from Westminster.

My money is still on September next year, when we actually call it is down to tactics.

For anyone that missed last nights Podcast

1 thought on “The HMS UK has hit the Brexit Rocks

  • Until the economic disaster is actually on top of us , we won’t get the movement towards Indy that we need. Even then there will still be union Jacks amongst us trying to rekindle the Dunkirk spirit with the help of the media. The judgement of when to go for Indy will be critical and cool heads will be required. They will not let us go without a fight and it will be much dirtier next time , we have to be prepared for Spanish practices I’m afraid. That they are prepared to sacrifice their precious City and London’s status shows how far they will go.

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