The Glasgow Rangers were not to blame.

I like to think of myself as a fair person when it comes to football and in particular in relation to my own team The famous Glasgow Rangers.

Those of you that follow me on twitter will know I have often criticised an element within our own support for what is best referred to as extreme views.

That said I will say now that on Saturday 21st May 2016, the Rangers were wrongly maligned by many .

There are a large amount of people in Scotland that no matter the facts ,or reality, truly hate Rangers and everything about it including their, or should I say especially their fans, every result ,every seat in the ground, the lady that sells the pies and Bovril at half time.

Nothing I ,or anything I ,or anyone else says ,or does will alter that, just as no matter what I say to some of our fans about behaviour ,songs add ons etc. will make a jot of difference.

However on the said day when Hibs should have basked in the glory of a magnificent comeback ,an injury time goal by their Captain Courageous their 114 year hoodoo finally broken their fans let them down.

The moment the first ,then the next ,then a dozen then thousands of fans invaded the Hampden turf,they blew it.

They lost the moral high ground ,they detracted from what was a magnificent performance and victory, and to put the cherry on top it was against the universally hated Great Satans.

It didn’t matter that their Chairman Rod Petrie referred to it as “over exuberance” it was thuggery unleashed.

Players attacked ,mayhem ,then opposing fans on the pitch , fist fights ,nothing can justify what those first fans did and the subsequent disorder is 100% in Hibs Court.

The media, and all The Rangers haters tried to blame the Rangers fans indeed that “newspaper”affectionately known by Rangers fans as the Daily Rebel, the same ones the second biggest club in Glasgow fans call The Daily Ranger ,printed a ridiculous story of Rangers fans stopping police coming into restore order by blocking the roads and entrances to Hampden with their children and spitting at police and kicking vans and cars.

Sometime later after a complaint and an IPSO enquiry the Daily Record had to print a retraction and proffer a sort of apology.

We all know how newspapers and broadcasters go about their apologizing when caught out misleading the public.


Instead for days and days the papers could get down and dirty and talk of Scotland’s shame .

They went into details of those caught those about to be caught ,and the actual game and result was relegated to little importance

Nothing anyone says can alter the fact Hibs greatest victory was marred by idiots and hooligans.

What should have been days and days of stories of the great victory were instead all about hooliganism.

I am sure many will already have skipped past the main part of this blog and are frantically typing away and wiping the spittle from their screen as the whataboutery is penned.

Let me save you time it won’t see the light of day anyone who sends something like that in ,it won’t be approved the comment will not be seen so save your breath and spittle

I merely use the above story to get to my main point, the appalling events that unfolded in Catalonia yesterday and the lies and false excuses used by the Spanish ,BBC ,our own Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the sickos that are still embedded in Labour Party in Scotland ,and their best buddies The Scottish Tories.

Yesterday should have been about Western Democracy in action ,the day Spain finally said goodbye to the memory of fascist Franco, the birth of a new nation.

Instead the headlines will be about something completely different ,there will be one set of headlines in the MSM and on UK Television which is strictly sticking to the UK Government line of illegal Referendum ,bad separatists,nothing to see here.

Then there are bloggers like me who will talk about the truth ,the hooliganism ,the fascism the brutality that unfolded yesterday in what should have been Spain’s greatest day ever,a day that should have showcased Spain’s Democracy instead of having the world applauding it for its tolerance ,its democracy its good humor., the rest of the civilized world is appalled and dismayed.

The Dep Prime Minister of Spain Soraya Saenz de Santamaria had a bit of a Rod Petrie moment , he said “ the police acted with professionalism and in a proportionate way”

Well if you call throwing pensioners down flights of stairs ,or baton charging a group of people applying CPR to man that had just had a heart attack proportionate ,then either you or me does not understand the meaning of that word.

How can you justify ,let alone call proportionate when Police are baton charging fellow Emergency Services “colleagues” the Firemen and women and local police force ?

Can anyone else ever recall at any other time, in any other country ,or age where this horrific behaviour has occurred?

Think of the reverence the firemen and policemen of especially New York ,but every town and city in the world are viewed .

This is universal in all countries I know of ,however yesterday in Spain a brutal band of uniformed thugs and fascists were attacking firemen and women who were only doing their duty protecting their fellow citizens from being brutalized by these hooligans with uniforms.

The PM of Spain a Senor Rajoy said “ yesterday’s Referendum is a mockery of democracy”

No Senior Rajoy the mockery of democracy was you sending in your paramilitaries to brutalize the people and the the local emergency services personnel .

You made a mockery of democracy when your masked special forces personnel rushed into Polling stations with baton wielding goons and stole the ballot boxes and votes.

You made a mockery when your fascist Paramilitary people dragged a woman down the stairs by her hair and broke her fingers one by one .

You made a mockery of democracy with every Polling station you managed to close ,every vote you confiscated and every time one of your citizens was clubbed by your goons.

I live in Catalonia so I feel this maybe a little more than most, however anyone that values democracy cannot help but having been nauseated watching the action plan of Madrid yesterday that literally was beating its own citizens into submission.

It is like an unhappy woman saying to her husband I think I might want a divorce ,so to convince her to stay and give it another go he kicks the living shit out of her and then says “see what you made me do, now get in there and make my dinner,and we will say no more about it”

Rajoy says he has “full support of the EU and the International Community” if he has then I might just have to rethink my desire to see Scotland remain in the EU.

Even at this late stage long after it will do nothing to stop the savagery we all witnessed yesterday I am hoping for the EU to live up to its own rhetoric.

Throughout Brexit talks one of its red lines has been the rights of EU Citizens in UK ,and UK Citizens in EU.

Protecting them and their rights is allegedly a red line for them and the Trade Deal the Little Englanders are only interested in is not even up for discussion till this and two other red lines are concluded.

I hope to see the EU come out and condemn the actions of the Spanish Government yesterday,and then to suspend Spain’s Membership ,or some other appropriate sanction for breaching Article7 of The European Union Treaty.

“Suspension of any member state that uses military force on its own population.”

I am not a legal eagle however it seems quite cut and dried to me that yesterday the Spanish Government did indeed use military force on their own population,therefore if the EU is to mean anything it must suspend ,or at least sanction Spain.

Should it fail to do so,it loses credibility ,respect and is seen to side with the fascist behaviour we witnessed yesterday.

It adds to the drip ,drip of negative views that started with the treatment of Greece and the Greek people.

Worst of all it plays into the hands of the rabid right wingers in UK both in government and in the Media.

Which neatly brings me to the British Press and broadcasters,all day yesterday Sky News kept referring to the illegal Referendum and indeed seemed to justify the violence on this legal ,illegality question.

BBC similar referring to separatists and illegal Referendum, they also kept repeating the phrase “violence occurred in clashes” suggesting two were as bad as each other which is patently untrue.

At least today on BBC website the Catalonia story gets some prominence.

not so with SKY they have 23 lead stories on their front page ,none of them refer to what was arguably the global story yesterday.

The insular rabid UK Press is not much better as you would expect the Red Tops ignore it completely no tits or drugs or gossip so irrelevant,there is a story about a benefit scrounger some ginger haired guy , Harry from The Mall ,London and some American bint apparently they might be getting engaged and soon give us more babies to pay benefits too.

For readers of the Red tops this is so much more interesting the the birth of a new nation.

The Telegraph and Guardian do have it on front page again using words like illegal and the worst use of our language by the papers and broadcasters is again referring to the brutality visited upon the voters as “clashes with demonstrators”

The old British media trick of they are both just as bad as each other, no not true there was only one protagonist and that was The Spanish State v the people, the voters.

We have to mention Ruthie who found a willing camera crew to let her speak ,but not dare ask any awkward questions about racist Councillors MPs MSPs being sanctioned etc,nosiree just the new Ruthie thing she speaks they film no questions asked goodnight.

It was as you would expect slight condemnation of violence however all the fault of that Nicola as those horrible SNP people no Indy Ref2.

The other major embarrassment yesterday was the view of our own UK Gov and especially the words accredited to our esteemed Foreign Minister Boris the Boor.

“The Referendum is a matter for the Spanish Government and people.We want to see Spanish law and the Spanish Constitution respected and the rule of law upheld.Spain is a close ally and a good friend ,whose strength and unity matter to us”

Well we know from history Tories are great at appeasing right wingers ,however even for the Tories this is a disgrace.

Cut out the “diplomatic language” the UK makes not a single reference to the brutality meted out to the people of Catalonia by the fascist goons sent in by Madrid.

It condones it in fact, and their support is twofold they might need Spain’s help with Brexit and they desperately need to hang on to Scotland’s resources.

They might want to use some strong arm stuff themselves so quid pro quo if the time comes.

What of our leaders well,as you would expect Big Tessa was AWOL ,hiding as usual ,nothing to say,as men women and children,old and young able bodied and disabled were being beaten by brutes with clubs, and thrown down stairs.

Our strong and stable PM had nothing to say in response to the violence all over Catalonia yesterday.

What of the new messiah the blessed Jeremy I hear you say,well with about an hour of voting left he was finally pressed into saying something, as Paul Daniels might have said “not a lot”.

Two tweets one said “Police Violence is shocking The Spanish Government must act to end it now”

I am not being pedantic however that tweet makes it sound as if the Police were acting off their own bat , that they had lost control and that is why they were behaving like fascist thugs.

The truth was they hadn’t lost control, they were carrying out the Spanish Government’s instructions to the letter.

What happened yesterday was a pre planned military style operation that kicked of just on the stroke of 9am as the polls opened and only ended when the polls closed .

Jeremy didn’t have the guts ,or the guile to condemn the Spanish Government, it doesn’t matter which it was ,either shows he is not fit for high office.

I cannot write this without giving a mention to our very own Little Brit placemen and women.

I cannot find anything that the interim leaderAlex Rowley said ,perhaps he did and I just missed it, however a couple of his resident fuds managed to make fools of themselves yet again, step forward Duncan Hothersall ,and Plastic Socialist ,Neil Findlay both of whom managed a mild rebuke of the Spanish but a big SNP Bad, all the fault of the horrid Nicola into their comments which of course completely negated the worthiness of their condemnation.

Even on a day where the very heart of democracy is being attacked our parochial Labourites had be Party political partisan.

However we have a new champion for Fud of the Day award step forward Sean Duffy

He hadn’t seen a brutal act ,it was an upholding of the law ,Nationalists even Catalonian ones breed division.

That is what you call blind hatred,these Colonial Socialists are so full of hate towards the SNP everything they say ,every action they take ,every moment breathing is about thinking of negative things to say and do about the SNP.

That is why they have forgotten that the Tories are the enemy of the Scottish people not the SNP.

That is why they are a fringe party and will continue to be so until such times as they realise that their hatred is unhealthy for them as individuals and certainly for their Party.

Then there was Wee Willie Rennie ,and frankly who gives a toss about anything him ,or his party have to say?

The final words and thoughts must go to Senor Carles Puigdemont President of Catalonia, late last night ,or maybe early this morning I can’t quite remember he informed us “with this day of hope and suffering the citizens of Catalonia have won the right to an Independent State in the form of a Republic”

Even with a huge force of paramilitary fascists disrupting ,beating ,firing Plastic bullets,stealing ballot boxes closing or preventing large polling stations even opening, 42.3% of the population managed to cast their vote, of that number a massive 90% voted Yes to Independence.

He went on to say “ The EU could no longer continue to look the other way ,the people have spoken”

In the next few days the mechanics will be put in place and possibly as early as Tuesday the Catalan Parliament will issue a UDI

Unilateral Declaration of Independence, at the same time 40 Trade Unions have declared there will be a General Strike in Catalonia against “the grave violation of rights and freedoms of the Catalan people”

It would be magnificent if our Trade Unions and our alleged Internationalists in The Labour Party in Scotland came out in sympathy ,or at least made a gesture of solidarity with these fine people in Catalonia, however it is more likely they will come out in sympathy with the Tories to condemn the good folk of Catalonia.

Over the coming days expect to hear more and more about the illegality of the referendum and less and less about the horrific violence, as the ruling elites close ranks to defend each other.

None of us today know how this is going to play out, will Madrid after decades of just ignoring or saying No , No,No and No again (sound familiar?) finally sit down and talk .

The other outcome is more scary ,will they escalate the violence and intimidation,will the army be deployed will they start arresting and imprisoning politicians.

Should that happen will the EU at last find it’s conscience and voice?

Whatever happens,whoever forgets them and moves on to the next story I implore you do not ignore or forget our Catalan friends their struggle is our struggle ,if they lose ,we lose if they win ,we win.

Millions of these brave people went out to vote many were prevented by intimidation and violence, 763 were seriously injured.

Still they persevered their courage should be a beacon to every democrat in the world.

Their bravery in the face of vicious brutality should be an example to any people’s seeking self determination.

I hope the Scottish people were watching and learning.

Vive Cataluyna.

2 thoughts on “The Glasgow Rangers were not to blame.

  • I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank You for what you’ve said, especially in relation to the Catalan Referendum. I watched, read and followed the Catalan Struggle through Twitter & Facebook seeing the event unfolding. I was emotionally affected seeing Peaceful People being struck by batons, but extremely humbled by their continued restrained in not retaliating. I blogged my support for them and how these attacks on People were in Breach to the EU & UN Human Rights. Under Spanish Law the vote was illegal, and the Spanish PM stated the result meant nothing. Well if that was truly the case then I question why did they use Brutal Violence against non aggressive citizens. Article 7 is triggered if Article 2 is broken, which is the breaching of Human Rights, et al !
    I’ve been an Independent Supporter for 50 years, I only joined the SNP last year, I’ve supported Aberdeen all my life, my only wobble has been the EU. I abhorred it when British Live Stock was imported into France and their protesting farmers set our lorries on fire, and other issues akin. The IndyRef 2014 turned me back and Brexit underlined it with the, perish the thought, concern that the Tories would rewrite the EU Convention on Human Rights for themselves. But now, the lack of EU intervention regarding the violence meted out on their own citizens has turned my stomach.
    Keep up the fight for justice, freedom and democracy.

    • Thank you for that Gavin I am glad you enjoy the blog. Like you I am now a little unsure on EU.I am really hoping they say something about the goings on yesterday. We will just have to wait and see.

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