The Dying Embers of the Union

This meme is here in case any SLABBER happens to be passing by, this you see is a real Labour man, a true socialist.

You might need to google that word for it is certain nobody left in your London run Party is a Socialist.

We have lots of their members kidding themselves and the voters that they are indeed socialists, their actions say otherwise.

This week certain events have highlighted how our present day Labour Party would rather collude with Tories than do the right thing for the people of the UK.

Plaid Cymru tabled a great amendment to The Great Repeal Bill that would have given the devolved legislatures an input into the final approval on the Brexit deal.

It was because it was tabled by Plaid that the Labour Party felt unable to support the motion , so they did what they do best, they abstained.

Willie Bain might be gone, however his ‘Principle’ remains intact, Labour would rather side with the Tories than support any amendment or Bill before Parliament that is placed by the Independence Parties of Wales and Scotland.

Anyone passing Nye Bevan’s grave in the Welsh valleys today would likely hear a loud wooshing noise emanating from underground.

I can with certainty say that no matter the circumstances a great man like Nye Bevan would have never tolerated such nonsense of colluding with Tories.

We live in strange times, you should be very excited and pleased, throughout the entire history of mankind Empires have come and gone very few living people get to witness this in person.

We of this generation have a front row seat to enjoy the ending of the ‘English/ British Empire.

The first nail in the coffin of this vile Empire was hammered in by the American colonists in the American War of Independence 1775.

We in Scotland get the pleasure of hammering the final nail into this particular imperial coffin.

When you look at the dying days of any empire or regime, the incumbents are at their most dangerous, most vicious and most vulnerable in the last days of their dominance.

In the days after Hitler’s suicide April 1945 the Nazi fanatics were still prowling the streets of Berlin summarily executing anyone they viewed as a traitor, or defeatist.

This was in spite of the fact that any sane person knew the war had been lost for years, even with the Russians already in the suburbs of Berlin the fanatics still believed in a final victory for the Third Reich.

The same is happening now before our very eyes here in Scotland, the fanatics of British Unionism are stalking our television screens and newspapers spouting nonsense about final victory against the evil eeessssnnnnppeeee.

The UK wagons are well and truly circled, The BBC has gone from ridiculous to sublime and are attacking the Supreme Court decision to reject the Scottish Whisky Associations vindictive ,self interest and has allowed the sensible minimum pricing bill to move into law.

The attack of course is more subtle than directly challenging a British Institution like the Supreme Court.

The BBC posted an article yesterday on their website suggesting that those buying the cheap stairheid dynamite rocket fuel were going to pull their vast resources and commence a huge enterprise of booze runs into England.

They would hire, steal, or acquire a large van fill this with the most expensive petroleum in Europe, drive hell for leather to Carlisle to the nearest offi ,load up with vast amounts of cheap cider and head back to cities and towns in Scotland to sell their wares.

Putting this into context, the cheap cider drinkers from Aberdeen would have a round trip of 466.2 miles .

I don’t know how many gallons of fuel that constitutes in a Transit van, however safe to say a lot, just how many bottles of Frosty Jacks do we need just to break even?

Not wishing to be outdone in the stupid foot shooting games Ross Thomson MP waded in with his size 9s to sink the boot right into the SNP and missed instead he managed to kick his own baws.

He announced to the world that at last Westminster were going to remove this anomaly of Scottish Fire and Police being the only Emergency services in the UK paying VAT to the British Treasury.

On no less than 32 occasions the SNP have raised this matter at Westminster only to be rebuffed, usually in the most discourteous manner by successive London based MPs of the Treasury.

The boy Thomson gleefully informed the world that this refusal had been purely Political our London overlords could not do what was right and be seen to capitulate to the dreaded SNP.

The Tory Government would now do what should have been done years ago and stop unfair costs of £35 million pa being wrongly levied on our Emergency Services, they will of course be spinning it as a Tory victory.

We should all of course be pleased this has at last happened, we should be equally enraged it took so long for this petty behaviour to be rectified.

We should ask ourselves this, how many lives were lost unnecessarily just so the Tory Party could ‘make a point?’

The foreign owned press in Scotland not wishing to be found wanting in the last stand of Britannia held their Yearly Political Awards farce.

The eventual winner not surprisingly was the darling of the foreign owned press, Rooth the Mooth Rape Clause Davidson.

The same Davidson that blatantly lied about her racist and bigoted Councillors receiving diversity training.

The same leader that backed part time MP Douglas Ross when he mouthed his deeply offensive racist remarks about travelers.

In any decent country such crass behaviour would not warrant an achievement award, however we are in a colonly and our foreign owned media act with impunity.

The ironic thing was in their token award to the hated SNP the recipient was the lovely Alison Thewliss for her dogged pursuit of the Tory Parties vile Rape Clause.

Only the London placemen and women of the foreign media here in Scotland could square that circle.

All I have highlighted here are a few of the desperate actions of the Imperial unionists in the last few days alone.

Take note and enjoy it, this is history in the making one day a film from an Independent Scottish film studio may make a movie about it, play your cards right and you might just see yourself being played by a famous actor or actress.

Get the popcorn ready folks this is going to be fun.

2 thoughts on “The Dying Embers of the Union

    • Thanks for your comments Jim, as to your question it is a bit like asking a Rangers fan his favorite Celtic goal against Rangers.
      Since the Attlee Gov very few spring to mind, a lot of the Scottish Labour MPs touted by our foreign owned media as big hitters etc were nothing more than self serving lobby fodder and ermine chasers.
      Dennis as you point out is one of the very few that deserve mention.

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