The Dam is about to burst .

I have said before it will not be a single event that will cause the dam to burst and bring No voters over to the side of reason.

In one of my very first blogs I referred to the Berlin Wall coming down,as something that just didn’t happen ,it was a succession of events that led to the actual collapse of the Soviet Empire.

Now’s the day,and now’s the hour

I believe it will be the same with our own Scottish Independence.

It is fair to say we have had many small steps along the way,starting with Winnie Ewing winning the Hamilton By- Election in Nov 1967.

The 11 MPs from the 1974 General Election with 30% of the Scottish Vote.

The big break through came of course in May 2007, it was then as a lifelong SNP Voter and Independence supporter I knew that now it was guaranteed, Scottish Self Determination was now firmly in view ,it was a question of when,not if it would happen.

We have had the high of 56 MPs in 2015 to the ‘disappointment’ of this years General Election

when we lost 21 of Scotland’s finest to a plethora of Britnat chancers and lobbydossers.

Every single one of these Britnats has quickly blended into the London Parliament with the obscurity noted by their predecessors that have represented the British Parties since 1707.

On every occasion since June when asked to choose between Scotland’s interests and that of England’s interests they have been consistent ,England gets their loyalty every time.

I don’t need to remind you that Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU,England& Wales voted to leave.

When it came to the vote at Westminster our Scottish Britnat MPs overwhelmingly voted for the English interest not the desire ,or interests of their own constituents.

During the Brexit Campaign the branch managers of the 3 London run Parties based in Scotland warned of the dire consequences to Scotland if we left the EU Single Market & Customs Union, with estimates of upwards of 80,000 Scottish jobs at risk.

All including the SNP were in agreement ,voting to leave the EU would be detrimental to Scotland’s best interests.

Knowing this ,the Scottish Britnats still voted against Scotland’s interest,and instead voted for what their London masters and England wanted.

The people of Scotland have elected people that have acted against their best interests and thus far,no voter backlash is apparent.

We have some of this new intake that are so lacking in intelligence they literally do not know which powers are reserved and which powers are Devolved.

We have had 1 Tory turning up to an England only debate ,Kristine Hair the MP for Angus posting an idiotic meme demanding SNP roll out 5G broadband totally oblivious that this too is a reserved matter.

Previously she admitted to not voting at Brexit Referendum because it was “just too difficult”,however she found it easy to march through the leave lobby when her London masters ordered her to do so,again ignoring the overwhelming view of her constituents where 55,3% voted Remain.

We know that Ruth the Mooth is more interested in baking cakes for Britannia than actually holding Constituency surgeries.

We have the full time linesman and part time MP for Moray noted more for his racist views regarding gypsies,and skipping important debates ,whereas his predecessor was renowned for holding the Tory Government to account better than the fraudster that leads HM Loyal Opposition.

We have had lots of little steps since June ,however this week two huge strides have made themselves known, firstly the case of the missing £490 Billion and the media blackout that ensued.

What other country on the planet when faced with a £1/2 Trillion reversal in its finances would its media stay silent?

Then yesterday we had the latest lie of the Indy Referendum exposed the Frigates promised to the Clyde Shipyards are now going to Liverpool to be built.

There will of course be the usual Unionist spin on this outrage and lots of Scottish Britnats will join in the lie against their country of birth to protect London and the Union.

The foreign owned media and broadcasters in Scotland will not expose the dishonesty and betrayal by the British Parliament,or the lies of 2014 by complicit Scots to the shipyard workers.

However I firmly believe that this constant drip ,drip of lies stupidity ,financial incompetence deceit and betrayal will ultimately lead to the ending of this corrupt outdated farce of a Union.

We are not quite on the ramparts of our very own ‘Berlin Wall’, however I believe the assault ladders are being readied.

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