The BBC Reminding Catalonia & Scotland just how inferior they are.

Viewers of BBC “news” coverage over last couple of days might be thinking to themselves “Have I heard this “news” before?”

Because last night the same tired oft used cliches and sound bites that were used in 2013/14 by same BBC hacks about the Scottish Independence Referendum were rolled out and given a fresh airing last night, just substituting words Scotland,Scots ,London and UK for Catalonia,Catalans, Madrid ,Spain.

Let us be very clear here, the reports you are getting are not to inform you of what is actually happening in Catalonia.

What you are getting is a British Union Political Broadcast on behalf the ruling British elite.

This is all about keeping the natives in North Britain in check.

They sent over the same dogged Anglocentric hacks that were dispatched to,Scotland in 2014 to show the amatures Campbell, Taylor, Bird,Ponsonby etc just how the big boys do politics.

No way would the Scots be allowed to offer a Scottish prism to inform the RUK about the actual nuances of a Scottish Referendum.

The prism always has to be a Londoncentric one ,not even an English prism.

Last night it was no different, we had all the old favorites :-

Catalonia will be kicked out of EU

Catalonia will need to get to the back of the queue to rejoin EU.

It will take a very long time, and may never happen ,Italy and Belgium might block because of Indy movements in their respective countries.

Only way to stay in EU is to stay inside Spain

Catalonia has no defense capability.

Other countries will never recognize Catalonia as a nation.

Catalan language not a recognised language

Catalonia will need “permission” to use €

Catalonia needs to set up its own bank and currency

Business and banks leaving in huge numbers because of uncertainty,other companies sure to follow.

The Catalans have huge debts therefore would need to borrow at very high rates,of course inference is nobody would lend them any money anyway.

Catalans behaving like they do not know what they are doing

Referendum illegal

Low turnout

Majority opposed to Independence as previous days demonstrations on streets of Spain show.

Independence inferred as unusual, Union as norm.

Unionists inferred as in right and the sole expert in all matters, viewer told to believe Catalonia “assumes” everything .

Catalans behaving like spoiled children, Madrid a benevolent parental type that has to show Catalans the error of their ways.

Little or no comment on the brutality, no mention of the stolen ballots ,or confiscated ballot boxes,just repeating again and again low turnout ,which we know is a lie.

The inference always that Madrid and Central,Government knows best, and Catalans winging it.

Now go back and substitute the Catalan, Catalonia, Madrid Spain and insert Scots, Scotland, London ,UK and see how BBC managed to turn yet another story to make it all about them.

The world starts and finishes inside that little elitist parochial London Political, and Media Bubble.

They are using in a very clumsy way the events unfolding in Catalonia and trying to use them to protect their very own little English Colonial world.

They are projecting the Little Englander view on anyone,or anything that tries to change their world view.

They gave little or no background into the history of Catalonia ,nor that Madrid has consistently refused talks that could have prevented Catalonia going down this road.

They failed to inform the viewers that Catalonia had reached an agreement some years back that satisfied their needs only for the right wing government to renege on the deal and then to refuse time after time to even hold discussions,19 requests in last 2 years alone.

Just like you can be assured when Indy Ref 2 comes along the same hacks will not mention the breaking of the Vow , the 100+ Amendments to the Scotland Bill that were all rejected.

The disgusting treatment our elected representatives receive in Houses of Parliament every single day.

The complete contempt and derision that even the words Scotland or Scots receive when used in HOC.

Nor will they mention that the excellent Brexit Plan our Scottish Government sent to London was ever read and immediately thrown in a bin.

Nor will they mention that London has not even given The Scottish Government the courtesy of a reply to the request for a Section 30.

They will roll out the same tired cliches too poor,too weak,too stupid .

SNP Bad ,Nicola evil, London great and benevolent, Independence very bad Dependence very good.

Oil running out ,no defense capability,no friends, no trade, no money,huge debt,nothing unless you submit completely to Mother England.

I have this message for BBC,ITV,STV,SKY ,London hacks and all their complicit little helpers.

This time we will be ready ,this time we will set the narrative,most importantly the Scottish electorate through Indy Ref and Brexit now know you are liars and deniers.

Here is to Scotland and Catalonia .

3 thoughts on “The BBC Reminding Catalonia & Scotland just how inferior they are.

  • Thank for this article. As usual the MSM give no historical views on Cataluña. The similarities with Scotlands struggle are many dating back to 1715. At the same time as the first Jacobite rebellion England Holland and Portugal abandoned their Catalan allies opposing Madrid. We must spread the word that Catalans only seek a peaceful self determination like many Scots

  • Elitist argument is the same on the continent as here, the difference is that the Catalans have their own media – so the people are better informed. As for the BBC reporting of it, they have no plan B – this is it. There is a format and they will follow it, despite more and more people being aware of the aims of the reports. Does anybody still believe BBC reports News? There is an agenda, there job is to support and promote it – end of!

  • The Old Boy’s Club as usual protecting their interests. They are running scared of the threat to their dominance and refuse to allow it because it means that their cosy existence will cease to exist. Unfortunately their bully boy actions have proved very successful in the past. It’s time we stood up to them and called their bluff

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