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From the outset let me make it perfectly clear,every last word,opinion and comment is my own,no spin doctor from the SNP,Greens,SSP are involved in my blog.

No Christmas box of spun propaganda for me,it may not be Pulitzer Prize stuff,however it is all my own efforts.

The only person living overseas with influence in what gets printed in this blog is again yours truly.

That out of the way time to get to today’s offering, by now you are all aware of my allegiances and viewpoints on many things.

I do not hide my Independinista leanings,nor my Socialism,Republicanism or my soft spot for the Glasgow Rangers.

Though it might not seem like it to many of you,we are living in the last days of the UK.

The writing is on the wall and as we stumble from one cock-up to the next,the days of London Rule are nearing an end.

It is only right we now start to look to the future and think of how we hope our Independent Scotland will look.

Like the vast majority of sensible people in our movement I have put aside my own preferences and will continue to do so till that fateful day when the Union Flag is lowered for the final time and the Saltire flies high and proud above every public building in Scotland.

There are some things that we automatically know will happen,others we can only hope in the fullness of time come to being.

Personally to me one of the most nauseating things in the UK is the patronage and privilege of the few, for the few,by the few.

The more sought after the British bauble handed out,the more corrupt you have to be,the bigger the betrayal of your principles,country or in true British crudity the bigger your donation the bigger the bauble.

From time to time a Lollipop Man or Dinner Lady gets a minor bauble just to con the public into thinking it is a decent thing open to all,in the main it is for the Spivs,Party donors and failed MPs that get the big ones,especially the ermine robes.

Talking of ermine,Shame on you Corbyn,Shame on you, Socialist?? My arse!

Some wag once pointed out that if you looked at The Honours List and The Sex Offenders Register you would see a lot of similar names and titles, he wasn’t wrong.

The Honours System all emanates downwards from our unelected Head of State, Mrs Windsor,née Mrs Saxe-Coburg -Gotha.

I have made it quite clear,the day after independence and only then I will begin campaigning for a Scottish Republic.

I do not want a Queen Elizabeth I ,a King Charlie,and sorry to disappoint a lot of my fellow Rangers fans but no King Billy either.

The day she ‘purred’ down the phone to Cameron was her ‘let them eat cake moment.’

I accept though that there has to be some kind of system in Scotland to reward special achievement and I would like to offer my suggestions for it, and its first two recipients.

The OSS ,or to give it the full title The Order of The Square Sliced.

This should be awarded to only those that have made a huge contribution to the well being of Scotland.

It should not be in the gift of our ELECTED Head of State,nor our First Minister.

It will be by public nomination and by public vote,you the people of Scotland will decide who is worthy of recognition,not politicians of any Party,my own included.

We are often accused by our opponents of hating the English,we all know that is a complete nonsense ,one of the many lies that unionists need to spread to protect their union.

I don’t actually ‘hate’ anyone,in fact I admire and respect every English MP that stands up for England and puts England first at all times they have been very successful at that for 311 years.

In all that time there has probably never been a decision,or at least very,very few taken that ever went against the will of the English nation,what a pity the same cannot be said for Scotland,Wales or Ireland.

The ones I feel not hate for but contempt are the ‘Scottish’ MPs in the British Parties that always put England’s needs and wants before those of Scotland.

They get me close to hating with their sycophantic betrayal of their own country,every time they vote or collude against our best interests and well being I feel the rage exploding inside me.

The recent exposés of Scotland In Union via Stu Campbell and the Christmas Box scandal by Derek Bateman while not exactly Bernstein & Woodward I believe will be pivotal in our march to freedom.

Watching the propagandists from our foreign owned media openly attacking Derek for enlightening the public to the ‘arrangement’ the British Parties have with the MSM whereby over an extended holiday period the Unionist Parties will supply material that attacks our government,these attack pieces have been written months previously, and they are then printed verbatim,without so much as a second glance for veracity.

This allows our lazy ‘journos’ to have extended paid holidays while actually doing no real work to receive their 30 pieces of silver from their off shore tax avoiding press baron bosses.

The piece that Stu Campbell published regarding SIU,the extreme right wing group solely funded by the English nobility, Hedge Fund Bosses,Tory Party donors and rich absentee landlords exposed once and for all why the Brits hang on to Scotland so tightly, you know what they say ” follow the money”

The most telling thing for me in the SIU stuff was the people that had signed up to it’s aims and charter.

The name that stood out from them all for me was that of our Holyrood Presiding Officer, Ken Mackintosh.

In my opinion his position is now untenable ,how can you have a Presiding Officer that believes in the supremacy of another parliament over the one he is meant to be adjudicating over in a fair and balanced manner.

From reading my social media timelines I see I am not alone in my contempt for these practices.

It seems this could just be the final straw for many, let us hope so.

These two stalwarts of the new media family therefore are my nominations for the first two OSS awards.

Feel free to send me your nominations and we will hold our first ever Scottish only Awards Vote.

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