That Was The Week That Was.

When I was a young lad there was a very popular but short lived political satirical television comedy programme on BBC Television in 1962 and 1963.

It was devised, produced and directed by Ned Sherrin and presented by David Frost.

Others that starred and would become household British names, Lance Percival, Roy Kinnear, Millicent Martin, Willie Rushton but to name a few.

The great John Cleese was a script writer for all 37 episodes.

It was pulled just before the 1964 General Election because the establishment thought it could possibly effect the outcome of the two-horse Westminster race.

Even more than now the elite controlled the message to the public.

There was only BBC and ITV right up until April 1964 when BBC2 was launched.

The newspapers then were as corrupt and as biased as now, unfortunately then we had no internet to expose their lies and disinformation.

The propaganda output was tightly controlled and maybe it  is why the zealots born on the right at that time hanker back to those halcyon days of two TV channels and where the smelly unwashed remained in the dark and in their place.

Today we have the vast majority of our media in the hands of a few offshore tax avoiding right-wing demagogues.

The BBC has been polluted in the higher echelons with Tory toadies that are more right wing  than a Klu Klux Klan Rally in Tennessee.

ITV similarly never appoint anyone to run their operations who could be termed of the left.

This explains why all your news, current affairs and even your drama and adverts play to the middle England, middle class audience.

All our drama villains and heroes are the stereotypes that the middle England folk can relate to easily.

This is why you get cretins like Liz Truss ‘ warning’ Scots that earn £50,000 per annum or more that the big bad SNP will tax them more.

She has no idea of salaries median or otherwise in Scotland.


It was of course immediately denounced and trashed by those on social media.

It made me wonder if anyone has ever explained to our ruling elite about internet and the information therein contained.

Then I realised, yes they know and these types of ridiculous tweets are to give their own rabid right wing mob sticks to beat the SNP and Independence.

They have no regard to the veracity or accuracy safe in the knowledge that the MSM nor the broadcasters will ever expose their mendacity.

Not content with controlling the MSM and Broadcasters the British elite want to try and shut down any criticism of the establishment on the World Wide Web.

Believe me if they thought they could get away with it no ordinary citizen would be allowed access to the internet.

The exception being under strict supervision at their place of work and only for the purposes of making money for the elite.

That is why the powerful has founded companies like Cambridge Analytica, even reformed the famous Chindits 77th Brigade to use these soldiers as paid trolls for the state.

Modelled on the Chindits, a specialist unit which fought in Burma during the Second World War, the 77th Brigade was set up in 2015 comprising soldiers with propaganda, political activism and social media skills.

We have #darkmoney that is not investigated slopping about amongst different far-right politicians  parties and ‘think tanks’.

Nobody on the right is ever held accountable and of course the British media stay silent.

A recent survey showed that 40% of the entire British population think that a Brexit No Deal will result in the status quo.

Another 35% think that once the Withdrawal Bill goes through Westminster that Brexit is done and dusted.

The people are completely confused and that is down to the UK media who should be ashamed of themselves for failing in their duty to inform their readers, listeners, viewers.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter @scotpol1314 will know of the many occasions I have linked Brexit articles from The Irish Times.

These articles invariably reveal information not being given to the British public as regards the looming Armageddon of March 29th.

We are being fed the lies that it is the EU and Johnny Foreigner who is being difficult to plucky resilient Tessa May and the British people.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is the UK Government wants the impossible from the EU.

They truly want their cake to eat with whipped cream, cherries and a slice of melon on the side.

The problem has been for centuries the Anglo-Brits have been able to always get their own way.

This was usually achieved through the barrel of a naval gun a soldiers musket or both.

Inside the British Union the Anglo Brits have always just bullied their way to whatever suited the establishment elite.

It has never mattered a jot that the Celtic Fringes have suffered because of those selfish Anglocentric decisions.

The Celtic resources, wealth, sons, daughters are seen as belonging to the imperialists in the establishment.

That goes some way to explain the incredulity amongst a certain faction of Anglo Brit MPs and commentators at the Irish Government standing up to them and for once preventing England forcing its will upon the island of Ireland.

It is also why they take the very idea of Scottish Self-Determination as an affront to them personally.

They justify this selfishness to themselves by accusing anyone wanting independence as an English hater.

They have given baubles and titles to easily bought Celts throughout the ages to ensure they had a bulwark against the proletariat.

The internet might have made that less effective however they still have a strong grip on the narrative.

The Continuity Bill decision at the Supreme Court In London this week exposed the corruption at the heart of the UK.

The retrospective law used to strike down a legal Scottish Bill achieved by means of a “Scottish” Presiding Officer colluding with others to slow down the Royal assent.

This gave the Anglo Brits just enough time to commit a power grab against Holyrood.

I have to say, Brexit is one thing however this to me is the biggest material change of all by the crime syndicate at Westminster.

To the SNP I say, stop trying to save England and Wales from their own stupidity.

You did what you promised it matters not a jot when you call the Independence referendum the collaborators and their Anglo Brit 5th Column Media will attack you anyway.

We have had that material change which we gave you a mandate for, make the call, many of us are tired of waiting.

Make your move before they close down Holyrood just before a General Election as they did with TWTWTW.

Scottish Independence is a far greater threat to them than the TV show ever was, do not hesitate or the time may just pass us by.


Saor Alba gu brath.






3 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was.

  • ‘power grab against Holyrood’, ‘this to me is the biggest material change of all by the crime syndicate at Westminster’

    Totally agree – I replied to a tweet by Nicola Sturgeon who was highlighting the Sky News show, 9am on Sunday, asking why she made absolutely no comment on the Continuity Bill – are they still deciding what to do? what can they do? (other than Indyref of course)

  • Great news today.
    Ian Blackford, in his speach in the HoC
    warned the chamber that the Scottish people are sovereign and if dragged out of the EU against their will, would exercise their sovereignty, leaving them free to then rejoin the EU.

    Otherwise listening to hours of selfserving drek from those lying basterts would dae enybodies heed in:

    Oddly. the ‘official record’ Hansard leaves out most of the timing information, making the resulting ‘wall of text’ less easy to reference without scanning through it all. 🙁

    Must have been some sort of exceptional oversight there for a change to usual practice.

    Brendan O’Hara (Argyll and Bute) (SNP)
    “… does my right hon. Friend agree that Scotland’s future lies squarely as an independent country and an equal partner within the European Union?”

    Ian Blackford

    “Just a few months ago, this House voted to accept the claim of right for Scotland. If the Scottish Parliament comes forward with a request for a section 30 authority, this House must allow the people of Scotland to determine their own future.”
    “We have made it clear that we wish to stay in the European Union but, when we get to the end of the process, if there is an economic threat to jobs and prosperity in Scotland, among other things, it is clear that the Scottish Parliament has a mandate to call an independence referendum. There is a majority in the Scottish Parliament to hold such a referendum.”

    and later
    “We will work constructively in the House, but our first priority as the Scottish National party is to stand up for Scotland. It is becoming ever clearer that Scotland is being hampered by its continuance in the United Kingdom. We do not co-exist in a partnership of equals. With every day that passes, the Government are making the case for Scottish independence. The UK Government’s behaviour over the continuity Bill, exposed this week by the UK Supreme Court, shows the utter contempt with which they are treating Scotland. With the UK Government’s approach to Brexit in complete and utter chaos, it is no wonder the Scottish Parliament does not trust Westminster to prepare our laws for life after Brexit. Of course, when there was the outrageous power grab of the powers of the Scottish Parliament, not one Scottish Tory MP stood up to defend the rights of our Parliament, for which the people of Scotland voted in 1997. They voted against Scotland’s interests: history repeating itself once again.”

    Later Tommy Shepherd warned that Scotland is sovereign and has a life boat and will use it to rescue itself from the sinking ship of Brexit.

    4.19 pm Tommy Sheppard (Edinburgh East) (SNP)
    (after 2 interventions)

    “But know this: we will not go down with the ship if it does not change direction. We will use our right of self-determination as a lifeboat to escape from this catastrophe. And when the time comes, if this process unfurls the way the Government want it to, you will be the greatest champions of Scottish independence, because the people of Scotland will take their opportunity to chart a different course and become a proper European nation at the heart of Europe.”

  • The whole political establishment seems to be in a state of flux yet the important phrase here is ‘seems to be’ . The show we’re watching in and around the house of commons is a pantomime. The real goverment thinkers in Whitehall are cold and calculating and making their moves. From what I hear the sabotaging of the continuity bill has left the Scottish Parliament exposed and vulnerable: how secure is it? The whole devolution-self-government project now looks in real jeopardy. To use Peter Bell’s analogy that distant white light is now moving further and further from our grasp. If WM emasculate, or even suspend, the SP (very likely) then our ability to constitutionaly seperate from the rUK will be gone. What then? I hope there are wise heads on SNP shoulders, there needs to be.

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