They think it’s all over, it is now!

I joined the SNP while still at school in the late 60s, I didn’t become really active in the Party till a decade later. I do not know in that time how many leaflets I have delivered, tens of thousands at least. Nor do I recall how many doors I have knocked, Branch Meetings, Constituency Read more about They think it’s all over, it is now![…]

#Dissolve The Union

I have never openly criticized the SNP, other YES Bloggers, or supporters of the YES Movement. I am not going to start now however I feel I need to express my belief on what should have happened over the past four years and what I personally think needs to happen next. Over the weekend there Read more about #Dissolve The Union[…]

Sunday Interviews

The Sunday Interviews are interviews with prominent politicians and people with an interest in politics. Broadcast at midday every Sunday on Interviewees so far – Tommy Sheridan – Peter A Bell – Kirsten Oswald – Mark Hirst – Mike Dailly – Julie Hepburn – Chris McEleny – Doug Daniel – Jason Michael McCann – James Dornan – Read more about Sunday Interviews[…]

Battle Stations for Friday’s Unionist Nonsense.

With four days to go until the publication of the SNP Growth Commission Report the Unionists are already in meltdown and decrying it’s findings. They are so panicked by the very thought of Independence that they are willing to lose what little credibility they still have to get themselves down to the Lord Haw-Haw Studios Read more about Battle Stations for Friday’s Unionist Nonsense.[…]