The Closer It Gets.

There is a special atmosphere at any big sporting event just before the teams take to the field. The crowd although they don’t know the exact second the teams will appear out the tunnel sense the moment is close. A certain song belting out the huge speakers the flag holders at the end of the Read more about The Closer It Gets.[…]

Know Your Foe!

The featured picture accompanying this story goes a long way to explain the mindset of Britnats. I am like the vast majority of our movement, to the left of centre on the political spectrum. I term myself as a socialist and if there are different shades I am certainly not the blood red species. I Read more about Know Your Foe![…]

Bannockburn to Brexit!

During the Scottish Wars of Independence in 13/14 th Centuries many times the invaders from the south made strategic miscalculations. Even with Scottish collaborators assisting and advising they never quite understood the Scottish Psyche. They thought after they had captured Sir William Wallace in 1305, had their show trial then murdered him their troubles in Scotland Read more about Bannockburn to Brexit![…]


The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland only came into being in 1922. It now seems very unlikely this latest construct of English imperialism will celebrate its centenary. A hegemony that began in 1066 when William and the Normans successfully invaded and conquered England is coming to a rather ignominious end. Should it Read more about Finished![…]


Be excited, be proud you are not just living through the end of an evil empire you are instrumental in its final destructio.

Be excited, be proud you are not just living through the end of an evil empire you are instrumental in its final destruction.


The Last Post

  The pursuit of Scottish Independence and Scottish football are my two great passions. The football is about to have its official mid-season winter break. The football fans amongst us will, like me be in a state of limbo waiting on the big push towards the major prizes in May. There will be no games to Read more about The Last Post[…]

That Was The Week That Was.

When I was a young lad there was a very popular but short lived political satirical television comedy programme on BBC Television in 1962 and 1963. It was devised, produced and directed by Ned Sherrin and presented by David Frost. Others that starred and would become household British names, Lance Percival, Roy Kinnear, Millicent Martin, Willie Read more about That Was The Week That Was.[…]

Scotland’s Move.

The past couple of weeks have been some of the most tumultuous in the history of these islands. Tiny Republic of Ireland for the first time in 800 years has seen its best interests trump the selfishness and needs of its English neighbour. The last vestiges of influence and global respect for the UK have Read more about Scotland’s Move.[…]


It is the start of another week of Brexit madness where the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum. The paths of Scottish Independence and English Brexit are drawing to an inexorable conclusion. I know many of the purists in our movement hate the linking of Brexit and Scottish Independence. These feelings while understandable are Read more about Fate[…]

Here We Go.

  We are witnessing the imploding of the English Empire that began in 1066. There are no cities burning, no wall coming down, no guns, bombs or bullets. All we have is just an archaic system of patronage and corruption that is imploding. Historians will write books, plays and films about these times that we Read more about Here We Go.[…]