Stupidity or Conspiracy?

I have now been back in my beloved Barrhead for 4 day’s and I have to apologise for my lack of communication with you all.

I have been busy catching up with friends and food that I have missed so much.

Checking on my flat, visiting the dentist, getting new glasses etc.

I see in my absence I have not missed much, different day , different country , same nonsense, Richard Leonard is proving to be either a complete cretin or the most devious twisted individual to ever be elected as the annual SLAB branch manager.

It was embarrassing enough when he attempted to gain the credit for BiFab for himself and the Labour Party while at the same time trying to blame Scottish Government for the problem in the first place.

He followed up that with his shouty, shouty FMQ debut where he came over as a 1960s Trade Union Shop Steward standing outside the gates of a factory hurling abuse at the bosses inside.

As if this wasn’t bad enough for Dick he decided to demand that the SNP Government do something about the poverty pensions currently being given to our aged population, myself included.

Again the new branch manager was caught out either not knowing that pensions are indeed reserved or he was deliberately trying to smear the Scottish Government with a serious of lies.

Now today he is at it again, berating the Scottish Government to take Scottish Water back into public ownership, an impossibility to do so when this is already in public hands and as we all know as long as the SNP remain our government there is absolutely no chance that this will ever change.

In just over a week Mr Leonard has shown himself to be either the thickest of the thick that SLAB have ever elevated to branch manager or the most evil dishonest twisted person to be given the poisoned chalice in Scotland.

There is now a pattern developing of Unionists, Labour and Tory, blatantly lying or being so stupid that they either have little or no grasp on what is reserved and what is devolved or there is a concerted vile piece of unionist chicanery afoot.

The most disgusting aspect in all this is that our 4th Estate is yet again behaving like a 5th Column allowing these assorted ragbag unionist liars and deniers to deceive the Scottish public with gross inaccuracies.

This dishonesty seems to be part of the fake news syndrome begun in the USA and gratefully taken up by our British Nationalists and their mouthpieces in the media.

The Labour Party in particular are becoming very adept at deceiving the public.

Their rhetoric says they oppose a hard Brexit yet their actions show them to be every bit as determined as the Tories to drag us all out of EU no matter the cost.

Every passing day the looming disaster gets closer, the UK Government now have less than two weeks to provide solutions to the first 3 negotiating points, the divorce bill, the rights of EU citizens in UK and of course the question of a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Nothing that is coming out of London indicates that the latter two issues have any chance of being resolved in time.

The establishment are well aware of this, therefore in age old fashioned they went nuclear they dropped the big one, there are two sure fired ways of taking the plebs minds off of looming disaster and as Prince Billy has already given us the news of another baby for the Windsor clan it was down to the other part of the double act to be deployed.

Step forward Harry Hewitt, this time to announce his engagement to an American divorcee, the last time the Windsors PLC used an American divorcée it ended in an abdication, followed a couple of years later by a world war.

Yesterday must have been a particularly conflicting day for that section of Britnats that worship the monarchy and are also rabid racists.

They wouldn’t know whether to put the bunting up or burn the house down in protest.

The Tories sure knew what to do, while Nicolas Witchell was being multi orgasmic and spewing his sycophancy over the airwaves the Tories were at work releasing the news that

‘The Government has confirmed it will be freezing benefits until 2020 costing a typical working family around £300 per year.’

In true sneaky Tory fashion this was released 28 minutes after the engagement was announced.

You have to hope that one day soon those that keep giving the Brits and their London based Parties undying loyalty will wise up and finally realize that these bar stewards are taking them for granted and treating them like compliant voting fodder.

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