Square go time!

Coming from Glasgow, it was ingrained into me never to allow myself to be bullied.

I am sure many of you were taught the same lesson, never back down to bullies.

It is not always easy to muster up the necessary courage to stand up to intimidation.

What my old man told me was always to remember that bullies are cowards that is why they behave in the manner that they do.

They always look for the ones most likely to crumble to their threats or violence.

From 1707 till 1939 the Westminster bully used the lure of the empire and reward and title to keep the home colonies in cowed obedience.

From 1945 till 2007 they had “Scottish” Labour, Liberal and Tory placemen and women they could bully into submission knowing these collaborators would only implement policies and initiatives that would never threaten or damage Mother England.

This all changed of course when the SNP assumed government in 2007 and started to implement policies based on common weal.

What we are seeing now under the guise of Brexit is the bullies last throw of the dice to stop the ‘natives’ from upsetting the cosy London overlordship.

The British ruling elite need to neuter Holyrood so they can impose their one nation Tory Greater England project.

They want to sell off our Water, and our NHS, sell fracking licenses, build nuclear power stations, dump nuclear waste in remote beauty spots, allow American Big Pharma to run our health service and make huge profits they can gorge upon.

In short they want to treat Scotland as a colony that they can use and abuse in any manner they see fit.

It is merely a profit centre for the spivs and shysters of the South East.

I was taught the only way to stop a bully is to hit them as hard as you can, I am speaking metaphorically in this instance because that is exactly what we need to do with Westminster.

My solution is quite simple, we tell Theresa May today, withdraw your legal challenge from The Supreme Court.

Amend the European Withdrawal Bill removing articles 11 & 15 and agree to repatriate all the devolved EU matters directly to Holyrood.

Refuse to do this, and we will immediately call an independence referendum as is the right of the Scottish people and reaffirmed in the Claim of Right.

Then the Scottish people will have a straight choice between independence and all the possibilities that brings or Brexit Britain and isolation.

Trust me, the bully will back down quicker than you can say Dark Money.

8 thoughts on “Square go time!

  • Couldn’t agree more, I keep relating to a programme called ‘Human’s on TV the government is so terrified of letting these synth become legal that they’ll go to any lengths to crush them, but as we all know that way leads to the downfall. So it is with Westminster, they are so terrified of Scotland getting independence that they will, and do say anything as they’re scared of what will happen to them when it happens, AND IT WILL HAPPEN. They should trying to form an alliance and helping make the transition smooth so at least they’ll have something to build upon. They won’t of course but that’s the thing with bullies they’re inherently stupid.

  • I think that their sense of entitlement would stop them agreeing. They still think the same way their predecessors did in the age of the empire. Hopefully, that will be the cause of their thoroughly deserved downfall.
    This time Scots will not back down. There’s too much at stake.

  • “hitting back hard” doesn’t mean violence.
    it means identifying the bully’s weak point – and attacking there.
    Takes thought and planning and maybe calling upon an ally or two!

  • “Trust me, the bully will back down quicker than you can say Dark Money.”

    If you’re correct about that, then it removes the basis you set out for calling an IndyRef. Bad strategy. Nothing less than independence will now do. It doesn’t matter whether Brexit is ‘hard’, ‘soft’ or cancelled altogether – Scotland must break free of rule from an English Parliament at Westminster (with 533 of 650 seats representing England that is what it is and has always been). So they could offer Scotland as many repatriated EU powers as they like, and back off from the Supreme Court (which after the Claim of Right vote last week they would lose anyway). But still only independence would do.

    • In the short term protecting the Devolution Settlement does not in the least delay or deviate from Scotland becoming an independent nation.
      I would in fact suggest showing the Scottish people that the bully that is Westminster can be stopped and is not the ultimate power of sovereignty would increase confidence amongst those a little nervous of the final step.

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