September 19th 2014 the hurt is still there

No ,not a mistake ,or mistype,it was the day that I decided to leave my beloved homeland and live elsewhere, for a while at least.

I couldn’t bear to live in Scotland when it had shown such stupidity and cowardice.

I knew and so did 1.6 million others that the best solution for our country was to resume our ancient place as a free and sovereign nation of the world

Unfortunately over 2. Million votes stacked up for No.

The academics and anoraks have pontificated ever since over the numbers,demographics and reasons .

We had The Vow,the EU scare,the currency ,Frigates for the Clyde, and HMRC jobs, indeed the full might of the Little Englander Establishment was deployed against us.

We had foreign governments being asked to come out against us ,even POTUS Obama chipped in to rubbish our Indy.

How ironic that the leader of the First Nation to throw off the shackles of London was here defending Non Independence for our country.

Normally foreign governments stay silent ,it seems Scotland was different and indeed it was actually encouraged by corrupt London.

Another “norm” cast aside was the neutrality of the Civil Service, for the first time ever in British political history the UK Civil Service was enlisted to help keep,Scotland in the Union.

Long after the Referendum a group of British MPs openly admitted the actions by British Civil Service was wrong and against all normal practices.

Now as we sit and watch all the lies and scare stories getting exposed ,there still is no majority in Scotland for Independence.

The latest Opinion Poll ,though encouraging does not show a majority in favour.

The vow lies in tatters ,we are being dragged out of the EU , EVEL, Shipyards not getting promised frigate orders ,HMRC jobs gone .

The powers being repatriated from EU going to Westminster not Holyrood ,indeed it is estimated Westminster will steal 111 powers from Holyrood effectively neutering the Parliament.

We were accused of scaremongering when we dared to suggest that London and the Tories would use Brexit as a way of clawing back powers from our Parliament.

Now today our SOS Mundell openly admits in the press that indeed is the case.

The farmers that in the main voted No , then voted for Brexit not being content with shooting themselves in the foot, fired a shot at their brains and Voted Tory at the GE.

Their reward? They are going to lose £2Billion in funding after Brexit.

We do not have an impartial,press or broadcasters in Scotland.

They are all foreign owned ,indeed some of them are run from outwith even the U.K.

More importantly none of them show a shred of loyalty to,or for Scotland.

That is understandable ,they are foreign owned ,however nothing but contempt should be afforded to the Uncle Jocko Journos that spew their bile for these purveyors of propaganda and lies.

Perhaps they mistakenly believe that one day they will be accepted into the grateful embrace of that Little Englander ruling elite.

Yet even without an even handed media ,surely the lies and corruption are too great to remain hidden forever ?

You have to ask yourself what will it take for the penny to drop ?

The London rulers ,especially of the Labour variety have been given chance after chance by the Scottish Electorate,when will the worm turn?

Last week with the Great Repeal Bill the last pretense of British Democracy was cast aside.

The last time such tactics had been deployed by a supposed democrat government was 1933 and we know how that worked out.

I ask again ,what will it take for our people to say enough ,is enough?

Time is running out we need to act,and we need to act fast.

1 thought on “September 19th 2014 the hurt is still there

  • I think its already to late as our country is being assimilated into greater england by countless thousands of southern immigrants. Who’s only allegiance will always be to their motherland.

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