Scottish Prism – GrouseBeater & Peter.A.Bell

Scottish Prism – GrouseBeater & Peter.A.Bell – 19th Nov 2018

3 thoughts on “Scottish Prism – GrouseBeater & Peter.A.Bell

  • I keep asking the result of the investigation ref suspension of membership of snp for Grouse Beater. No reply so far from obvious sources. Read the blog found no problem. To be sure gave it to family member who’s in law. Could find no fault. Have no contact with GB. Would be pleased to have reply. It’s important, to me.

  • That was a first for me. You covered many subjects. Will listen again. Your preamble re your so called advancing years.😊your at the height of your reasoning powers, don’t waste them. Take care of your health, and don’t let your brain go to sleep.😊 do you have opinion on Blockchain? This seems to be of primary importance, before our next election. I and husband have postal votes. We’ve taken to photo coping papers before we send them off, by post,or to local polling booth, by hand. A sorry state of affairs. Look forward to your next blogg.

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