Scotland’s Apocalypse.

I have an unwritten rule with my grandchildren”the answer is yes, now what is the question?”

Westminster has the polar opposite rule when it comes to Scotland it is always, no you can’t, no you won’t, it is the one constant from London’s ruling elite.

We are hurtling towards the Brexit rocks and the only thing left in the control of the shysters in London is the UK, its resources and its governance.

That is why they are now trying to neuter Holyrood and take all the meaningful powers back to the centre at Westminster.

Northern Ireland and Wales are already safely back in the bosom of Mother England and the Tory vice like grip, only Scotland stands in the way of Westminster completely dismantling the Devolution Settlement and putting the spivs back in total control of the entire UK.

The things hated most by the right wing neo-cons are Democracy, the NHS and the Welfare State these must be destroyed and the ruling elite never challenged, never questioned, everyone must know their place in the ideal right wing Tory utopian world.

The EU are in total command of the Brexit negotiations and the right wingers are incensed that Johnny Foreigner won’t do as he is damn well told.

Our corrupt media and broadcasters,of course, are spewing out the elite lies that the feisty underdog the stoic Little Englanders have those horrible Europeans on the ropes and with their superior Oxbridge brains and negotiating skills and will soon have the EU on the run.

The reality, of course, is completely different, the EU will decide what kind of Brexit there will be, not the British Politicians who could not negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag.

The rest of the world is either ignoring or laughing at the clowns that are in charge of the UK.

What everyone has to understand, irrespective of how bad Brexit is for 99% of us, the 1% will make huge profits and not suffer in the least.

They are like a pride of lions that have just come across a huge buffalo with a broken leg, abandoned by the rest of the herd.

They will circle and circle then decide between them a plan of attack, kill the buffalo and eat all the prime meat leaving only the scraps for the vultures and scavengers.

Hard Brexit they will make huge profits, Soft Brexit they will make huge profits, if the £ collapses they will make huge profits, if the £ rises they will make huge profits.

Should interests rate rise they will make huge profits, the people might start losing their homes however the elite can then buy up the properties cheaply and then make huge profits from huge rents or resale values when the economy shows some recovery.

That could take decades however no worry to them they have enough capital and assets to play the long game when needs be.

As prices rise so too will profits that way they will make huge profits from their businesses or investments, should companies find themselves in difficulties and fail the elite will swoop and buy them up cheap, asset strip them and again make huge profits.

The two biggest costs to government are pensions and the NHS so the solution is simple, kill one off and sell the other to private interests both will lead to profits for the elite.

As the old die because they cannot afford to heat and eat this means less in pension payments and will reduce government spending to enable more tax cuts for the very wealthy, again they benefit on the small proportion of assets they keep in view of the Treasury.

Selling off the NHS is underway in England already, although the real big one off money is yet to come when the actual service throughout the UK is sold to the American Pharma giants.

Should things get so dire, and life becomes unbearable in the UK that the elite feel threatened or uncomfortable, or they can no longer suck any profits out of the dead corpse that is the UK they will merely take their wealth and relocate to some other country where they can rinse and repeat.

Mega-Wealth means you never have Windrush residency problems!

Alas, that is not an option for the vast majority of those in the UK that have been sold the biggest load of lies ever by the London elite.

Here is the thing the elite know all this, they have always known this will be harmful to the majority of people in the UK, they just don’t care, they have no conscience, no moral rectitude.

They see themselves as these magnificent lions that have stumbled upon the wounded buffalo, they will gorge and the vultures and scavengers are the banks, finance houses, pay day money lenders.

The right wing neo-con spivs truly believe in the adage of survival of the fittest.

The poor have been suffering the most since 2008 Crash, next up will be the “just getting by” they will realise too late that their loyalty to the British State and the British Political Parties was a huge mistake.

The middle classes that think they have made it and therefore must back the status quo because only those less affluent or socially inferior than them support this independence nonsense will be the next target for the spivs and profiteers.

The poor eventually will have nothing left that the elite can steal, who else do you think they are going to go after to feed their habit?

They are like junkies that always need a fix no amount of ££££s or assets is ever enough for these people, they will go after them, too late this section of society will realise their mistake in thinking for a second that they were actually part of the elite.

The pensioners will be on their way to the Coop Funeral Parlour before they realise their loyalty to Britannia was the biggest mistake in their lives and that their selfishness has condemned their children and grandchildren to penury and the mercy of corporate UK.

This is not the cheeriest, happiest blog I have ever written, however I would suggest it is an honest assessment of what awaits us if we do not grab the opportunity of Independence and distance ourselves from the London spivs.


14 thoughts on “Scotland’s Apocalypse.

    • If you want to be a pedant you might be better advised to check what you have typed before you post. I also find it hard to believe that the paragraphs were what you took away from reading this blog entry.

  • Excellent post. I’m sure that’s exactly what the so-called elite expect to happen. I wouldn’t trust them further than I could throw them and I throw like a granny!!
    Like you, I will always vote in the best interests of my children and grandchildren and that’s for them to live in an independent Scotland.

  • You paint a picture of dystopia. What I can’t understand is; when the people have no money to spend how can anyone make a profit? Serious question, please send me a reply.

    • Surely you mean when some people have no money to spend?
      As I say those that at present view themselves as middle class and above that have no worries or conception of penury or of affording basic items still have money that our spivs and elite will want.
      That is the entire point of my blog, who will be next and the answer is those that least expect it and that believe they are actually part of the elite.
      Theirs will be the greatest shock.

    • Simple, when the poor have no money to grab, they move up the food chain. Even when they reach the top, they will start to feed on each other until there is one top dog. He will be the world president and will have absolute power. Democracy will have been left behind long before that happens though as people vote to lose their vote. That bit is happen already over Brexit.

        • I see your point now and it is one I agree with. Indeed, I have been making the point, for some time, that the cosy middle class are not as safe as they think they are.
          However, I still can’t work out how rank capitalists would destroy the market for goods and services to such an alarming degree. Unless, of course, we’re looking at a return to a kind of feudal system or, dare I say a slave economy?
          Thanks to both of you for your replies.

  • I read an interesting article in a Psychology mag a while back about billionaires being addicted to making money. It postulated that the addiction made them unreliable and untrustworthy, the inference being they could no more be trusted with political power than you could trust a heroine addict to manage your household finances. Like most things human behaviour related it is only a theory and cannot be proven. If you accept the premise however then a certain horror comes to the fore when you look at who is pulling not just the UKs strings.

    Add to that an apathetic electorate and as you have suggested we’re ripe for being picked off in stages. The folk I know in the, ‘view themselves as middle class category’, just don’t believe things can possibly get that bad. Their sense of faith and security is almost unshakeable, either that or it’s serious ostrich time. The mistaken belief that we still live in a democracy is strong in them and it’s outwith their terms of reference that the system would ever work to their detriment. They of course get all their news from the MSM and in the main trust what they hear, while freely admitting to not being very interested in politics and therefore not that up on current events.

    I don’t know if it’s my poor powers of persuasion but I cant convince any of them of the danger while I personally am bricking it.

    I’ve always favoured independence but now instead of a necessary and righteous change for the better, separation from the rUK has become our only means of escape from this lunacy.

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