Russian Roulette.

The only thing more nauseating than Tory MPs, MSPs, Councillors, Journos and cheerleaders are English sport pundits.

I watched my local team Barcelona dismantle the English Premier League reigning champions last night, it was achieved easily and in a most comprehensive manner.

Prior to the game the pundits were of course telling themselves and the viewers just how Chelsea would operate to ensure victory for the English team.

I didn’t watch the post-match discussion though I expect I could accurately guess if not the actual words used, the gist of that discussion.

Barcelona didn’t actually win because they are superior in every department, it was Chelsea that had an off night if they had been playing like true English Champions these Johnny Foreigner types would not have been victorious.

This, of course, ignores the fact that the Chelsea team is owned by a Russian, managed by an Italian and the entire team fielded last night comes from countries outside of England.

The same misplaced superiority nonsense prevails in every single sport that has English participation.

I sent out a tweet the day before the Six Nations Rugby Tournament began, it went along the lines of :-

“Breaking News, It has just been confirmed by BBC Sport that there really are 6 Nations competing for this title however it should be understood the other five are of course playing for second spot.”

After Scotland’s recent success in the Calcutta Cup Match the pre match bravado had been all about how many points would England win by to set them up for a Grand Slam in the final match against Ireland.

Post-match the only question that was discussed was how England lost this match, you see in every sporting occasion they only lose because of some dodgy thing, weather, bad referee, wrong type of grass, cheating by the other side of course, the manager who before the game was a god is now a numpty and it was his tactics that caused the demise for these wonderful boys in white jerseys, even better if the manager is not actually English, then it’s, if only we had an English manager that understood….bla bla bla

There can be no sports pundits anywhere else on the planet that so crave that reflected glory from their sportsmen and women than in England.

They are so bad I sometimes feel myself wanting Andy Murray to lose just to stop their nauseating drivel.

Since the end of WWII and the demise of the Empire, the English nation has desperately been seeking a role that matches their over inflated opinion of themselves and their place in the world.

Throughout the country, not only in England, we have been taught false history which has resulted in a great many people in this political construct called the UK believing huge lies. The biggest lie told is that the British Empire was benign and much loved by its conquered and enslaved imperial subjects.

Another lie/myth is that the rest of the world revere England and the English language and that they view the English Queen as their surrogate Queen and that the entire entourage of royals are loved in every corner of the world.

The reality, of course, is completely different as is being found out first hand by our politicians as they seek a trade deal anywhere in the world which thus far has proved unsuccessful.

The private schools that feed the Tory, Liberal and Labour Party their MPs, Lords, and advisors are some of the worst at pushing the false myth of an English superiority that has filled young minds with false facts that they have taken into their adult life.

They encourage these children of the privileged to believe that English language, law, sport, military, police, civil service, banking, medicine, indeed absolutely everything that is done in England is the best and the envy of the world.

They teach them so well that they actually believe it and that is one of the biggest reasons we are where we are today.

This arrogance that these damn Europeans in the EU thought they were the equal of an Englishman, how very dare they, the English were born to rule not to share sovereignty, not to act like an equal partner.

How could the Germans or French possibly think they could advise us on improving anything?

No we are better off in the world on our own.

There was, and probably still exists an idiotic belief as shown by the humiliation of Dr Liam Fox that those ex Empire nation’s in the Commonwealth would want London to come back and exploit them once more, it of course ended in a quick, “thanks,but no thanks.”

This has met with the same incredulity that accompanies a sporting defeat by an English team.

They cannot fathom out why these ex Empire countries won’t allow Mother England to once again control their trade and business.

They cannot use gunboat diplomacy anymore and threaten countries into submission and trade deals and this is resulting in defeat after defeat .

Which brings us nicely along to the whole point of this blog, Theresa May and the entire embarrassing and scary story surrounding Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Like a sporting pundit the English/British MPs and armchair warriors like nothing better than a bit of bravado before an event, some good old Land of Hope and Glory rhetoric.

It takes so many of them back to those halcyon days at Eton or Harrow, those lazy days at Oxford while studying for a shitty History Degree and counting down the days till the safe shire seat becomes available in the Mother of Parliaments no less.

They have the music of Elgar resounding in their tiny pea brains as big Tessa May talks tough to the Russian Bear.

Some of the headlines were so jingoistic and ridiculous at the same time they were absolutely cringeworthy to all sensible people that live in the real world,to the right wingers it was like music

The Spectator began with this, it wasn’t the worst, however I refuse to post links to the Mail, Telegraph, Express or any other right wing piece of shit.

“Theresa May has given Russia until Wednesday to explain why a nerve agent that it has developed was used in the Salisbury attack”

Meanwhile Russia’s President Putin on hearing that mighty UK was giving him till Wednesday had this reaction.

Talking tougher and tougher while all the while remembering her heroes Thatcher and Churchill their words and daring do rumbling about in that vapid Theresa May empty brain.

The spine that is missing most days made a brief entrance as she was roared on by the private school twats.

She would jolly well tell that Putin a thing or two how dare he not take the fall for this very dubious attack.

It is sad, however since Iraq anyone that actually thinks for themselves on hearing anything about WMD,mysterious death, Chemical weapons coming out of a British Politicians mouth it makes one immediately suspicious.

Fool me once ………..

It is advisable to go to other sources for truth, sad as it is to admit however the UK Media and Broadcasters have been found wanting when it comes to truth, we all know it we experience their lies every day.

The vast majority of media and journalists in UK have told so many lies, distorted so many truths, however omission is probably their biggest crime.

There are so many newsworthy things we should have been told however our 4th Estate forgot their noble beginnings and now act as nothing more than propagandists for the British state.

I am linking to pieces on the Skripal case none from the mainstream UK lie factory, one written by the excellent blogger Craig Murray and another link I shared last night on Social Media from the excellent Irish Times.

It says much about our 4th Estate when you have to go to bloggers and foreign newspapers to get anything resembling the truth or balanced researched journalism.

Both of these links cast serious doubt on whether or not Russia is behind this serious incident in Salisbury.

At worst it tells us to be suspicious of UK so quickly rushing to blame Russia, in a Scots Court the likely verdict would be not proven, the chances are also very high that on looking at the facts so far presented the Procurator Fiscal might have decided not enough evidence to proceed.

This IMHO looks and feels like a false flag operation and why not,this government is staggering from one disaster to another ever other day.

Brexit is the biggest disaster and self harm ever perpetrated by any government anywhere in the world.

Anything to get the narrative away from Brexit, the power grabs, the rejection after rejection from ever country approached for a trade deal.

There is nothing quite like a big bad foreign guy threatening the fair maiden that is Mother England to distract the gullible away from the reality of government failure.

The danger is in poking a bear with a stick if angered too much these big beasts can retaliate.

The two links show Russia may very well have nothing to do with this incident and that would just heap insult on top of injury.

The biggest hypocrisy in all this the Tory Government is sending home 23 Russian Diplomats, however the Tory Party will be keeping the £800,000 it has received in donations from Russians that will not be sent back.

Tories are full of principles till it comes to cash in their back pockets then all bets are off.

We really ,really need to get out of this corrupt cesspit called the UK.

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