Reunification of Ireland is the Solution.

I am sure to incur the wrath of more than a few Britnats with this blog, especially those that enjoy dragging their knuckles along the ground behind them.

That doesn’t worry me, it tells me I must be doing something right.

Today at PMQ Labour and Corbyn do what they do best, hypocrisy and whining.

Whether in Westminster, Holyrood or Cardiff, Labour love to whine and blame, yet never offer an alternative view or policy.

They enjoy PMQs because it means they don’t have to abstain or vote, their preference as we know is abstaining, however at this weekly embarrassment to democracy they can just shout and point and behave like schoolchildren in a food fight, minus the short trousers and food.

They can bray like the real Tory donkeys and be part of that exclusive London Club called The House of Commons.

Whoever is on their feet at the Dispatch Box the ones picked out to be ‘on camera’ dutifully nod and mouth agreement to the other side.

It’s like the Billy Connolly joke ‘he’s right you know!”

Corbyn had the audacity to berate the Tories about Brexit, even though his Party’s Policy is virtually identical to that of the Tories.

Last night he whipped his MPs to go through the lobbies hand in hand with their Tory buddies and effectively take us out of the Single Market and Customs Union.

This action in itself is a guarantee that the Scottish Independence Referendum will happen, in my opinion by September of next year, so for that perhaps we should be grateful.

His big set piece today was to accuse the Tories of having had 17 months to come up with a solution to the Irish Border dilemma and thus far having not a Scooby.

He of course didn’t then go on to say, ” well here is Labour’s big plan” he didn’t of course for just like the Tories the only plan Labour has is to get out of EU by any means, hard or soft Brexit no matter.

If the Irish or Ulster people suffer, who cares, not the ruling elite for sure.

The only thing that matters to the Metropolitan Elite is the Metropolitan Elite.

We know that there are 58 impact studies covering every single sector from fishing to manufacturing and all stops in between, only 4 ‘sectors’ do not require an impact study, mainly because Brexit will not impact on their ‘sectors’.

There is talk of up to a 1 million people losing their jobs in the UK, 80,000 of them in Scotland alone.

The sectors that will not lose a single ‘job’ are Royal Family Inc., MPs, Lords, London Bubble MSM and Broadcasters.

They are guaranteed to be unaffected by the turmoil that Brexit is certain to bring upon the rest of the population.

They will carry on as usual, same standard of living, same perks, same job security, same pensions, same sense of entitlement.

They will not lose their homes, indeed our unelected Head of State is about to get a £369million refurbishment of one of her gaffes at the bottom of The Mall, all 720 rooms.

The Palace of Westminster is to get an £8 billion refurbishment and upgrade.

We are going to pay £69 million to fix a clock FFS.

They will continue to tell us to take our belts in another notch and live within our means, all the time the tax payer gives each MP £160 a week, to buy groceries.

They really could not care a jot about the suffering in the real world outwith the Westminster bubble they live comfortably inside.

Therefore it should come as no surprise there was no plan in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Nor should we be surprised there has been no urgency to formulate a plan ever since.

It is all off the cuff stuff at the negotiations with the EU.

No matter what happens the elite will be just dandy, it is called ‘I’m alright Jack Syndrome’

We have watched as our negotiators have stumbled from one screw up to the next with remarkable ease.

With each new UK proposal the EU just rejects and goes back to their plan, the cost of the ‘divorce’ the rights of EU Citizens in UK and UK subjects of the crown in the EU.

The third one is, of course the border in Ireland that all the London Bubble chattering class say is intractable.

The Little Englanders just expected the Independent, Republic of Ireland to do their bidding and fall into line with whatever was needed to suit Greater England.

Some Little Englanders are even suggesting Ireland should also leave the EU and rejoin the British Union, such is their pomposity and sense of superiority and entitlement.

It also highlights their complete ignorance of Irish, English history, their lack of awareness of the appalling treatment over many centuries the people of Ireland suffered at the hands of Little Englanders and latterly Little Brits.

Ireland will not of course bow or bend to the will of London, it seems more likely they could scupper any trade talks if London doesn’t start taking seriously the question of the border.

I have a solution that to me seems practical and workable if people can just open their eyes and ears.

Let us create a Federal Ireland and have an autonomous 6 Counties with joint sovereignty between London and Dublin.

Have a new constitution drawn up protecting the rights of both communities, respecting their differences but acknowledging that all are Irish and those that wish can have dual citizenship already, this merely takes things to the next level.

That way the problem of the border is gone and RUK can take back control of the mainland, for now, somehow I get the feeling the next border question might be at The River Tweed.

If you have any other solutions or ideas feel free to share them with the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “Reunification of Ireland is the Solution.

  • As soon as I heard that Gerry Adams was stepping down it was obvious that Sinn Fein can smell unification on the wind, and know that Mr Adams isn’t the face to carry the day on this issue. Similarly Arlene Foster telling the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to back off over the border issue shows she can see what is coming. Brexit really is throwing everything in the air in the British isles, in ways that the Brexiteers never envisaged.

  • Be careful what you wish for on reunification. The West Germans ended up resenting the East Germans when push came to shove and they had to pick up the tab for a people they were culturally alienated from. The Ross O’Carroll Kelly’s of our island abhor the idea of a nation once again. And without drink on them whilst they sing Ra songs so do a lot of people in the south.

    • Where you and I differ to agree I can see all terrorist organizations as wrong. No Gov has committed more atrocities against its own people than the British,and in particular on the island of Ireland. Those terrorist sympathizers of a British ilk are the most venomous of all.

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