Reform or Referendum?

All this week unionists throughout Scotland and beyond have been getting very agitated about the Growth Commission publication and the probability of a new independence referendum.

Ruth Davidson herself admitted the union had to change to survive, it is not often that girl gets anything right however on this occasion I tend to agree with her belief that the Union is in danger, her solution however is what you would expect from a single issue,one trick pony, amature politician.

In true Britnat fashion her ambition for Scotland is minimal, it stretches to a New Fisheries Dept based in Peterhead and a joint bid to host the Football World Cup in the UK.

In the unlikely event of this World Cup bid being a success it would no doubt be like the London English Olympics, everyone else pays for it and London gets the majority of games, stadia and infrastructure, meanwhile Hampden gets the North Korea v Iran match on the second Tuesday afternoon of the tournament.

Everybody is aware just how much I loathe the Tories and the British Union, however I thought I would like to help out Ruthie a bit, to be fair she really does not have a clue and while she believes this MSM Media hype about herself being pure dead brilliant, the reality is somewhat different.

Let us remember this is the same media that once gave Johann Lamont, the Debater of the Year Award.?????????

Here is my plan for Ruthie if she truly wants to save the Union I suggest she gets behind it, anything less will result in a Scottish independence referendum and Scotland seceding.

Theresa May keeps telling us that she respects Scotland and the Scottish Parliament, well it is high time she started showing it.

The first thing to do tomorrow is withdraw any court action against the Continuity Bill passed at Holyrood and issue an immediate apology.

Amend the WM European Withdrawal Bill removing articles 11 & 15, they are insulting, undemocratic and they do not honour the Devolution settlement or Scotland Bill of 1997.

It would also be in keeping with this new respect agenda to remove all the Tory MSPs like Annie Wells who openly admit they do not recognize the sovereignty of the Scottish people or the democratic will of our Parliament, either replace them with Tories that do or vacate these seats permanently.

Close down the Scotland Office and terminate the role of Secretary of State for Scotland forthwith.

Honour the Vow made in 2014 on the eve of the Referendum.

Immediately give Scotland the promise made by The Three Amigos “as near to Federalism as you can get”  the minimum acceptable is FFA with no strings attached overseen by financial advisors appointed by Holyrood.

This to include ALL Oil & Gas revenues, all excise duties, all VAT indeed all revenues and taxes emanating out of Scotland, including Crown Estates.

All Scottish exports to be credited to the Scottish exchequer, not the port of departure and then  allocated to English treasury.

Broadcasting and all other at present reserved matters including immigration to be in the competency of Holyrood, only exceptions defence and foreign affairs, there will be zero control on broadcasting or any of the new powers from London.

The license fee raised in Scotland will remain in Scotland and the two bodies BBC Scotland and BBC England can agree costs for any Network programs.

I believe at present for full access to all BBC programs and radio stations the ROI pays an annual fee of £26mil to BBC London so a figure south of that should be agreeable for Scotland to receive some services from London broadcaster.

Holyrood will be in full charge of all Scottish programming, staff and output, no input or interference from London permitted.

As a sign of your good faith immediately commence a study to relocate the UK Nuclear arsenal, submarines and personnel to a new base in England, preferably somewhere within a 30 mile radius of London.

Abolish the House of Lords and in its place let us jointly agree an elected second chamber that reflects the make up of this Union.

The House of Commons can remain as the English Parliament only now officially, instead of the unofficial capacity that has persisted since 1707.

This English Parliament like the other Parliaments in the Union will have to stand on its own two feet the Treasury will issue a yearly GERS Type report for all these Parliaments the English Parliament will have borrowing limits just like the Celtic Parliaments.

The second elected chamber will be responsible with Defence and Foreign Affairs as well as any other to be agreed national matters.

One of its first tasks will be to draw up a fresh written constitution part of the remit will be to remove the final vestiges of any Crown power whatsoever over the democratic houses, the monarchy should be solely ceremonial. Only the sovereign and immediate family will receive any monies from the state, all Crown Estates will immediately be given over to the respective parliaments.

The extended Windsor family will receive no tax payers money or privileges and will be the responsibility of the sovereign to cater for her own family just the same as every other family in this political union has to manage.

They will pay out of their own pocket for any security requirements, weddings, christenings or jubilee celebrations, etc.

Should they find that they are unable to pay for the upkeep of their very many Palaces throughout the UK they should do what other people in this situation do, sell up and downsize to something they can afford.

The State can offer to purchase these Palaces and then use them as tourist attractions the revenues raised used to offset Council tax bills throughout the UK and pay for any maintenance work required.

Part of the new constitution will be that all 4 parts of the Union must be in agreement with any acts of war or military intervention just as all 4 must agree on whether we wish to continue as a nuclear power or base our strategy around conventional weapons.

Each of the constituent parts of this Union will have a veto over any alliances or military treaties.

The second chamber will agree and set the budgets for defence and foreign diplomacy with each constituent part paying their numerical share of costs.

All elections throughout the union will be based on the same form of proportional voting agreed by all 4 Parliaments.

There will now be a Recall Bill for all elected representatives in the event of any wrongdoing.

The state will fund all election expenses and these costs will be tightly controlled there will be no private donations beyond membership fees these too will be subject to agreed charges again decided by all 4 Parliaments so that no Party can charge excessive membership fees to attempt getting round donation laws.

There will be strict spending limits on all elections and penalties for breaking these limits will be severe and mandatory.

Lobbying of any kind is forbidden and all MPs ,MSPs AMs cannot have outside interests while serving as elected members.

Any elected member found to be lobbying on behalf of their own business interest will be stripped of office, not just a front bench post or even the party whip.

There will for this offence be mandatory imprisonment, never again should people be able to use our democracy to further their own business interests.

Governing our nation’s Parliaments and people is a full time job which is highly rewarded we expect those honoured enough to be elected by the people to work full time for the people.

Anyone breaking this law will face mandatory imprisonment for taking tax payers money under false pretenses.

No single individual or company can own or control more than one newspaper title or radio station.

For too long now our media, politicians, financiers and bankers have been allowed to get away with some outrageous behaviour with little or no repercussions.

The Law has to be tightened so that those responsible for things like 2008 Banking crash, PPI schemes, phone hacking etc face jail time and no longer will the citizens feel there is one law for the ordinary folk and one for the elite.

I think these restrictions mentioned will find favour with the majority of ordinary voters.

I am sure the right wingers, newspaper moguls and MPs with numerous outside interests will find these suggestions draconian which tells me they must be worthy ideas.

Alternatively Ruthie you could face the reality, there will be an independence referendum, it has been democratically decided by the people of Scotland at the ballot box not just once but on three separate occasions where the SNP have won elections.


Saor Alba gu brath









2 thoughts on “Reform or Referendum?

  • Love it. It’s not unreasonable and what we should have already as a Country in our own right. Re defense and foreign policy, I’d want control, but then that would be full independence.

    Hey I know it’s Indy or nothing now as they had their chance and lied one time too many. Looking forward to all of the above.

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