Psst! The Referendum Campaign has begun.

All over England today the voters are going to the polls, as a political anorak I suppose I should be interested, in truth I just can’t be arsed, I have no interest.

The three main protagonists are all Londoncentric Parties with virtually the same ideology and viewpoint as each other, they have policies and sound bites that almost mirror one another, none of them care a jot about my country, indeed all they have ever done for centuries is use and abuse my nation.

England now feels as alien to me as Canada, Australia, New Zealand France or Germany.

We have some things in common like language, we are neighbours, but it looks and feels a very different country to Scotland, politically,socially and globally.

Like any break up it is hard to point your finger at the exact moment it all started to go wrong.

Some would say September 1st.1939 the day the Nazis rolled into Poland and all that followed ensured that we would be exactly where we are today, on the verge of an acrimonious divorce.

That finally set in motion all the elements that resulted in the complete collapse of the British Empire which would itself give cause to this present situation where we no longer have anything in common.

Just as in a marriage, after the Empire ended it was same as kids going off to get married or go to university they were the glue that had kept the family together.

When it just became us in the house alone all the cracks in the abusive relationship began to appear and be amplified.

We had never been in ‘love’. It was a marriage of convenience, a business transaction made in 1707.

Mr England wanted our assets and compliance and made a deal with our then ‘Guardian’ the Nobility of Scotland.

The Nobility had lost all its money in the Darien fiasco and needed funds.

Scotland’s Dowry was his salvation and the start of Scotland’s nightmare.

You could say the assassination of Archduke Frank Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, which occurred on 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo when he was mortally wounded by Gavrilo Princip was the catalyst that had led to the inevitable end of the United Kingdom.

The Great War drained the UK and it’s Empire of it’s wealth, manpower, influence and strength.

The Russian Revolution in 1917 like the Arab Spring in modern times had repercussions throughout the globe and the British Empire was affected by revolts throughout the vast area under its control post 1918 as the occupied nations demanded self-rule and the end of British dominance.

Entering the First World War was a monumental cock up by the then spivs that ran Westminster.

The insanity of it all is that it was completely avoidable however the moneymen made sure our young men died in their thousands.

The UK and it’s Empire could have stayed out of the conflict, however the elite of the day were scared that whoever won this latest European conflict might get certain commercial advantages that could possibly affect their already great wealth and that of the cash cow, the Empire.

They decided that to be sure they were involved when it came to dividing up the spoils they should send in our young men to protect their wealth, plus ça change, plus c’est la meme.

It was a costly slaughter that drained the Empire of men, material and resources, yet within just 20 years there was to be an equally costly conflict which when looked at now was just an extension of the first war that merely had a temporary cease fire on 11/11/18.

Post 1945 as the entire world reviewed and renewed its democracies only the UK and USA decided as victors they had no need to change a damn thing.

I would suggest that if the reforming Attlee Government had managed another term and abolished the HOL, given us a written constitution, a fair voting system, cut back the monarchs powers to merely ceremonial the UK might have fared much better and the SNP would always have remained a fringe party.

The problem is and always has been the English Nationalism bred in places like Eton, Harrow and in the English public school hegemony  they never would, or will ever believe in any kind of reform that reduces their privileges and status.

They have been brought up and educated in a false premise, taught false history and made to believe that somehow they are supremacists and that their destiny is to rule the UK unquestioned.

Since the war years Westminster have taken certain actions that have led to its own demise.

They have ignored every single sign that would have allowed them to maintain the stability and integrity of the Union.

Today they are making their final huge mistake in trying to roll back the Devolution Settlement this I believe will be an even bigger mistake for Unionism than the Brexit clusterf@@@.

The people of Scotland are no longer prepared to be dictated to by an upper class ruling elite.

The Internet has brought knowledge to the masses and the powers to be cannot control it the way they control the message in the MSM and Broadcast mediums.

No date has been set for the Independence Referendum however the YES Army is on the move they are not waiting for the politicians of either side telling them it is time, they are telling the politicians It is time and we are starting without you, if you don’t believe us come to Glasgow this weekend when the biggest March and rally for Independence that has ever been seen will be on the streets of that wonderful city.

The clock is ticking, and we will not be denied.

Saor Alba gu brath.

3 thoughts on “Psst! The Referendum Campaign has begun.

  • Saor Alba gu Brath, we will be with u in spirit, unfortunately cannot make it,please keep strong and calm, plenty of pics please, thanks ????????

  • Gutted I can’t be there on Saturday. Was such a brilliant day last year and will only get better and bigger.

  • Very well put, and the results of the English council elections today show that we are continuing to pull apart. Any remaining staunch Scottish Labour or LibDem supporters must surely now be aware that staying in this Union condemns Scotland to penury and a future of right-wing governments chosen by England.

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