Promised Update

I have had some information shared with me as I alluded to earlier.

I am not sure what information is being relayed by the UK Propaganda Ministries posing as News outlets in the UK.

However here is as accurately as I can tell with my very slight inside knowledge the current state of play.

What I am saying here is information given to me by an individual and is in no way an official statement or declared position .

I had a meeting with a friend who is involved in the Independence Movement.

It is a person who has attended the SNP Conference,is familiar with our situation he has asked me to express his personal thanks for the support you all give towards their struggle.

It transpires that the Basque President ,Lehendakari had offered his services as a mediator between Barcelona and Madrid.

The gist of a proposed agreement being that in return for not making the declaration of Independence and calling a Catalan General Election to give a decisive outcome,and another confirmation of the will of the people.

Madrid would withdraw the threat of the Draconian Article 155.

Today ,what seemed indecisiveness from Puigdemont was in fact the Catalan Government waiting for Madrid to confirm the agreement.

That agreement never arrived and consequently the Catalan Parliament is now discussing its next move.

The refusal by Madrid to this compromise seems that their entrenched position remains.

That being impossible for the Catalan Movement to accept,it is total capitulation ,nothing less.

To put it into context it would be like London saying to the Indy Movement , now is not the time ,tomorrow is not the time ,and to be frank there never will be a time.

Just close down the Indy Movement , SNP must give up very wanting Independence ,Westminster will take back full control of Scottish Government and appoint their own people .

This situation leaves The Catalonian Government with only three options ,the capitulation ,wait and see what happens ,or Declaring Independence.

My opinion with no indication from anyone is that the last option is the only option left to the Catalans.

Whatever the outcome I have told my Catalan friends I will do whatever I can to help .

I am not a religious man myself ,however if I was I would be saying a big prayer for these brave and lovely people tonight.

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