Through a Scottish Prism...

The Big Gamble.

I am struggling to find a positive reason for Scotland to back the English People’s Vote. Perhaps some of you who bother to read this can enlighten me. Here is how I view it, the only justification for backing the notion is that the SNP strategists are almost 100% sure that Westminster will never agree Read more about The Big Gamble.[…]

On Your Marks…..

There was a great deal of excitement generated last night with rumours all over social media that a new independence poll had some great news for the Yes Movement. I got pretty excited myself and when the “news” broke that a Survation Poll for CH4 England Brexit debate suggested support for independence now stood at Read more about On Your Marks…..[…]

Through A Scottish Prism

it was an absolute pleasure to be joined this week by two giants of the New Media Blogging world. Peter A Bell and James  Kelly are two of the most popular bloggers on all matters appertaining to the Independence Movement. We had a great discussion on all the week’s big events, The Budget, Brexit and Read more about Through A Scottish Prism[…]

The Best Laid Plans…

I am in the autumn of my days, my entire adult life I have believed in Self-Determination for my country of birth. I have done my little bit along the way to help make Scottish Independence a reality. In the 70s, 80s and 90s I believed in it as strongly as I do to this Read more about The Best Laid Plans…[…]

Loyalty Is A Two Way Thing

In these blogs I have always made it a point to never ‘attack’ The SNP, fellow independence bloggers or supporters. I have even stayed silent when some of the so called new media behaved more like Britnat mouthpieces than the voice of the unrepresented Independence Supporters. The reason that so many new media outlets support Read more about Loyalty Is A Two Way Thing[…]

False History

We in the YES Movement/ SNP are constantly being accused of anti- Englishness. It is a false accusation and in reality it is what psychologists refer to as Psychological projection by our English neighbours and our British Nationalist opponents. Our Little Englander neighbours have all sorts of nicknames for those not ‘fortunate’ enough to have Read more about False History[…]

Time to Go

The closer Scotland gets to leaving the confines of the British Union the more desperate and vile  our opponents become even on matters of who is entitled to have children and which members of society are not allowed to have kids. Many have already written, posted, tweeted their disgust at the appalling Ms Ballantyne’s disgraceful Read more about Time to Go[…]