Our Cause v The British Union

Just like another 100,000+ people on Saturday I had the great pleasure of walking down the Royal Mile into Holyrood Park to exact my democratic right and to show my desire for an Independence Referendum for my country.

Although many have tried to relay the intensity and sheer joy of the entire day I think it is impossible for anyone that writes to truly express all the emotions, colours and joy of the Saturday afternoon stroll in the capital, as they say “ you really needed to be there.”

The crowd was as diverse as our entire Scottish nation, old Scots, new Scots, tall Scots, small Scots children, pensioners, grand children ,mums, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, straights, LGBTs, white skins, brown skins, coffee skins, black skins, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Humanists, you name it they were there all with one common aim, to back their country of birth/choice in its quest for self-determination.

We walked, talked, laughed and waved back at the people lining the streets, tourists and people who just wanted to watch and not walk, it was joyous.

People were singing and ringing bells and blowing whistles and enjoying the entire happy event, then about 45 minutes into the march we arrived at the tiny group of hate filled shouty unionists, it wasn’t hard to collate their numbers,17 brave but somewhat pathetic souls all wearing scowls and waving union flags all the while looking as if they had all been force fed a couple of angry wasps to chew on to get their faces contorted enough before the nasty nats arrived.

The holocaust denier was doing his best to whip the loyal 17 into a frenzy, unfortunately 3 of them had forgotten their hearing aids so couldn’t hear a word he was screaming, one had remembered but her batteries had run out, six of them didn’t know if it was New Year or New York and six of them truly believed that they were taking part in a Danny Boyle documentary about care in the community.

The march held a great deal of significance for me it was my first AUOB however that was not my main motivation.

I had made a promise to a group of Yes supporting Rangers fans sometime ago that if they made a banner supporting independence I would proudly march down the street holding the banner aloft.

I have to admit that as the day arrived I was a little apprehensive and a little unsure if my bravado of a few months ago was something that might come back and bite me on the bum.

I wasn’t bothered about the threats of violence I received all the previous week from Britnat House Jocks on Twitter that had seen my tweet of the said banner and they had assured me I might start the march but I would never finish it, or that I should bring my banner to Ibrox on the Sunday so they could administer a damn good British thrashing to one for being such a recalcitrant.

Many of those that threatened and attempted to intimidate me had convinced themselves I must be some Celtic supporter that was doing this just to annoy them much in the same way as Ruth Davidson has convinced herself that there is no appetite for independence.

(Note to Ruthie.. Independinistas 100,000+ Unionists 17.)

All of that I laughed off, I was more concerned about the reaction we would receive from the other marchers on the day.

I need not have worried the reaction was actually quite overwhelming so many taking pictures of the banner even before the march began, then the entire way down the Royal Mile and beyond many more taking photographs, giving us the thumbs up smiles, waving showing their appreciation of the gesture.

Most pleasing to us carrying the banner was the amount of fellow Rangers fans that came up and said “I thought I was the only one” if we heard that once we heard it several hundred times.

The amount of fellow fans, and fans of other clubs that wanted a pic of the banner when we stopped  in the park was quite incredible .

I am sure many of you have now seen loads of those pictures, however the most important thing in all this is it has started a debate between the Britnat Rangers followers and the Indy Rangers fans.

This gesture has emboldened the ones that like me support both the team and independence however up until now they had failed to come out openly and tell the naysayers they are wrong to assume and portray our support as rock solid Brit Loyalists.

I have noticed some saying they wish we hadn’t brought football into the movement, the funny thing is that the majority of those saying that are the Britnat  Rangers supporters because they are scared that if this is seen and becomes a feature it just might encourage others in the Rangers support to realise it is fine to support the team as well as support self-determination for their country of birth.

Just as it is with unionists like Ruth Davidson, Richard Leonard that want no SNP discussion on independence while they bang on about it all day every day.

You see it is not the talk of independence they want stopped it is the positive talk about independence they want stopped.

Likewise the Rangers fans that don’t want ‘politics’ brought into the Rangers family actually mean they want to keep banging on everyday and in every way about being loyal Brit voting loyalists and how the entire support actually hate the SNP and Independence that is perfectly ok they just do not want anyone talking about being loyal to Scotland, Rangers and voting SNP.

They, like the unionist politicians have Cognitive Dissonance when it comes to Scotland and reality, the things all Unionists have in common are double standards and hypocrisy.

To those in the Yes side that perhaps feel a little uncomfortable with this let me just try to explain how important football is in the physce of many Scots.

“Scots have both the largest attendances and watch more football than any other European nation proportionally to their population. The city of Glasgow itself, which has a smaller population than Leeds, yet it has three stadiums which can hold more than 50,000 people. Celtic and Rangers enjoy fantastic support, as do the Scottish national team. Both at club and international level, Scotland are not currently the force they once were, but the Scottish people’s love of the game is undying”

7 Countries Most Passionate About Football

This demographic is important and if the actions of myself and my fellow Rangers supporters on Saturday makes a difference then it was an action worth taking.

The British Union is teetering on the brink of self-destruction an independent Scotland and a United Ireland are about to become a reality and all the Union has to offer is 17 sad souls and a load of keyboard warriors led by two rather pathetic Unionist politicians and a demented bus driver from Fife.

Keep the faith and maintain your patience my fellow Scots the day of deliverance is very close now.

16 thoughts on “Our Cause v The British Union

  • As someone who has not the slightest bit of interest in football, I am glad to see football banners and supporters taking part. Football is an important part of Scotland and of many people’s lives and, (even although I do not follow it), I think that it is great to see it involved.

  • Hello, and many thanks for your interesting article. I’m a keen follower of rugby, unlike my big brother, who’s actually a Rangers fan and an independence supporter! I’m sure that many people will agree with your outlook/thoughts, such as: “You see it is not the talk of independence they want stopped it is the positive talk about independence they want stopped.”

    Many thanks, Ewen

  • I am a lifelong Rangers supporter who wants his country back. Having lived for 69+ years of abuse from the English Government. The Shipbuilding/Aviation/Steel industries have been destroyed AFTER diverting the remaining contracts south of the border. I was an apprentice on the Clydeside until Harland & Wolf was shut down.

    Give us our Country Back, no lies, no 3 Amigos just justice!

  • You can be sure that those who moan about bringing politics into the debate are always on the status quo side of the argument. Not considering their behaviour or attitudes to be political in any way. This is a problem for many supposedly prou-🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scottish organisations and institutions. Most of whom are far less obviously entrammelled with th trappings of Britishness than are Rangers. Who seem to have adopted outward trappings of Britishness i.e. wrapping themselves up in the Union flag and constantly promoting the British Army in recent years in inverse proportion to their infield success and to divert any examination of their financess. My father is a Rangers supporter and I can never recall him being anti-Scottish ever.
    His British ‘mindedness’ was I’d imagine as much to do with his generation and army service as it had anything to do with being a Rangers supporter?

  • I see a letter in the National today (Tuesday) by a Mr Martin Geraghty criticising the use of Football affiliations on the AUOB march. And particularly The Ranger’s fans for yes poster. Personally I take little interest in the game although I will occasionally watch an international match and enjoyed watching the World cup. It’s kind of fascinating how people become so passionate about ‘their’ football team. The process of supporting it defining their very existence. Perhaps it can be looked upon as a colourful part of Scottish life, as it is in many other countries. We non-football fanatics can only accept this, shrug our shoulders, and move on.

    • Yes I engaged for a short time on Twitter with Mr Gerhaghty however he seemed more interested in writing to the National for exposure than having any kind of meaningful debate.
      I am also heartened to see that every last comment to his letter disagreed with his nonsense just as had been the case on Twitter.
      I think his intervention highlighted more Mr Gerhaghty’s prejudices than the rights or wrongs of the Rangers Banner on Saturday,the clue for Mr Gerhaghty is the AUOB, All Under One Banner.

  • I think the banner is class. I am also a Rangers fan ( season ticket holder ) and an independence supporter and I know plenty more as much as I know Celtic fans that would vote no (again) I think we are in a bit of a vacuum at times a bit sheepish about admitting it in certain social situations. I hope pictures of the banner encourage more Rangers fans to be true to their selves. Some think the two can’t go together but myself and my mates were never raised as bigots and being mad football nuts when young boys gave our hearts to the club before growing up and learning all about the crap of sectarianism even when we did we never allowed ourselves to be burdened with such hate and always had a mixed group of friends. If anyone is ever interested, the book 1872 about Rangers formation explains as a football team it was never about being a good loyal Prod that was something that came after. Anyway thanks for carrying the banner. Just need the SNP to get the finger out now!!!

    • Kenny thank you for your wonderful and articulate comment it is words like this that make many of us believe we are on the right track. The lads from the FB Page Rangers Are a Scottish Club need to be congratulated for this initiative.

  • Hi Roddy, I applaud this and I spoke to you in Holyrood Park (I talked about the intro to your podcast and how I really like it, as the strains of Highland Cathedral drift in, as the listener is assured the show is unashmedly pro-Scottish independence and anti-Westminster).

    It takes bravery to stick the head above the parapet, but you’ve clearly made an impact with this action.

    Power to you!

    • Thank you very much and yes I remember you and our chat,after Conference I have good news for you I have managed to get lots of new and exciting guests for the weekly podcast.
      Keep listening in and let me know your thoughts or any topic you would like covered or any guest you think might be of interest.

  • I didn’t manage to see the banner but it was a pleasure to share the same space with you, all along the Royal Mile. I’m not really into the Fitba’, but my son is a wee blue nose independence supporter.

  • Well done! A very brave move, but highly effective, based on the numbers of Gers fans coming out. More of the same please! I would love to see more folk wearing their favourite team shirts (including Rangers and Hearts) marching together at an AUOB event – “Scottish Football Fans for Independence!”. The Brit nats would go apoplectic of course – a sign of effectiveness. Divide and conquer is the imperial way. By declaring support for Rangers AND Independence, you are very effectively telling the BritNats that we are not having any of that nonsense. AUOB as they say!

  • Well done you are a true patriot, I listen to all your podcasts and I hope you get the credit you deserve once our country re-establishes itself as a sovereign nation once again

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