Now’s the day,and now’s the hour

After several weeks of civil unrest, the East German government announced on 9 November 1989 that all GDR citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin. Crowds of East Germans crossed and climbed onto the Wall, joined by West Germans on the other side in a celebratory atmosphere.

The rest of the world looked on in amazement as the Germans danced and hugged and smiled while sitting astride the hated Berlin Wall.

I wasn’t there ,but at some point an individual broke off a small piece of the wall then his neighbour liking this, did the same.

Before any border guards or anyone else could react suddenly thousands of ordinary Germans were dismantling that wall.

The democratic world that was watching on TVs they all cheered wildly as more and more of the wall was ripped asunder.

The Berlin Wall finally came down to cheers, tears and applause.

It was not any Politician saying or doing anything that finally brought down the wall it was direct action by ordinary German folk.

The democratic politicians in Germany were waiting for that “perfect moment”

The ordinary folk decided not to wait on the perfect moment ,instead they grabbed the initiative.

The historians will tell you that the wall came down on November 9th 1989, the reality being the wall had been doomed long before then.

We cannot point to an exact action it was certainly before Mikhail Gorbachev assumed power in Moscow in 1985,however he was certainly a factor in the final demise of the Soviet Empire.

In 1978 Pope John Paul became Pontiff and immediately began agitating for greater freedoms for the church and the people of Poland.

Lech Walesa finding the courage to become an activist ,Trade Unionist and challenge the Communist Authorities in Poland and allying with the Pope helped .

In 1981 when Ronald Regan became the 40 th President of USA and a man that loathed Communism

All of these individual events and thousands of other less well reported occurrences throughout the Warsaw Pact led to that famous night in Berlin.

Likewise Scottish Independence like the collapsing of Communism and the Berlin Wall coming down is inevitable.

When the historians come to write about this they will perhaps point to a specific date .

I wish I could give you that date now ,like you and the rest of the world I don’t know when it will be ,I just know it will be.

Maybe someone will write a blog and point to 7th April 1934 when National Party of Scotland and the Scottish Party became the SNP.

Winnie Ewing winning Hamilton 2/11/1967, or when in 22/9/90 Alec Salmond became leader of SNP for the first time.

Another crucial link to Scottish Independence was Tony Blair becoming leader of Labour Party in 1994.

Let us be clear when British Labour Party agreed to Scottish Devolution it had nothing ,zero ,zilch to do with giving Scotland better governance or improving the lot of the average Scot.

It was nothing more than a cynical move by London Labour and their “scottish’ lackeys to break the SNP and Independence Movement.

In 1997 two years prior to Devolution, George Robertson admitted to BBC Pravda that Devolution was not about governance but was a weapon to “kill the SNP stone dead”,how is that working out Georgie Porgie?

Many will point to the Minority SNP Gov of 2007-2011, or the Majority 2011 Gov as the catalyst.

We of course have had other steps along the way Sept2014, May 2015 the night of the Sgian Dubh.

Then we have that cataclysmic Political event of all time Brexit.

All of the above ,and many more not even mentioned are the ingredients for Scottish Independence.

Figuratively speaking we Scots are on top of the British Wall it just needs one person to break one piece of that wall and it will come crumbling down.

This British Wall just like the Berlin one on first look seems everlasting ,strong , impregnable.

What will be the action to remove that first piece of British Wall?

Will it be you Nicola? ,or will it have to be one of the ordinary folk that says “enough is enough let’s tear down this Wall”

In Westminster the last tissues of democracy were callously thrown away by what can only now be called a Tory Regime.

The committee for overseeing the Great Repeal Bill can grab any power ,make any law do whatever it likes without the need for democratic things like a majority vote in the Parliament.

Our MPs are as always virtually ignored ,jeered and heckled when they speak, questions ignored when asked.

When the Scottish Bill went through WM we had 56 out of 59 Scottish MPs over 100 Amendments were offered all were rejected.

When we rejected Ian Duncan at the ballot box the English Gov said no matter we will just make him a Lord.

Racist Councillors and MPs that don’t even know the basics of what is reserved and what is Devolved.

Do we have to wait till they neuter Holyrood and bring in a Law that says It is illegal to hold a secession referendum ever ?

The time to act is now , I personally believe we should withdraw our MPs from Westminster until such times as full democracy is restored.

We should make representations to EU citing this removal of our basic democracy pointing out that Scottish EU citizens,which is all of us ,have no voice at the Little Englander table but that of 5 th columnists guising as Scottish MPs .

Remind EU we voted 68% to remain and that these 5 th columnists MPs have sided with Brexiteers against the democratic wishes of the Scottish voters.

Appeal to the foreign media ,particularly EU media that our own media is corrupt and controlled from a foreign land to get the message out to the world the U.K. is not a democracy but a autocracy.

That IMHO is how we start to dismantle the British Wall our political leaders it seems want to keep playing the Westminster game and rules,a game we can never win.

Just when it looks like we might win ,they change the rules ,Scottish Affairs Committee anyone?

There is a time to keep your powder dry and there is a time to fire volleys.

13 thoughts on “Now’s the day,and now’s the hour

  • The time to act is now , I personally believe we should withdraw our MPs from Westminster until such times as full democracy is restored.

    in theory, i’m not against this option, or indeed UDI, but they are nuclear options which can only be used once. before going down this route, i want to see

    1. the result of the catalonian referendum
    2. the result of this repeal bill
    3. the reply of the eu to westminster concerning sufficient progress on brexit to start the transitory trade negotiations
    4. the uk’s response to the eu, (walk out?)

    these thinks will all happen in the next 8 weeks,

    bear in mind, nicola firsts needs to put indyref2 back on the table and then announce a date for indyref2
    i think she will be guided by the polls, as brexit bites, i expect to see support for yes to climb.

    we are very very close now,

  • Very well written and composed , surely ordinary Scottish people cannot be so subjugated and disbelieving of their own and Scotland’s worth that we MUST put up with this never ending assault on our mental wellbeing
    The SNP SG have to ACT on the 62% of people who voted to remain within the EU by TELLING May and her cohorts in no uncertain terms that SCOTLAND WILL NOT BE EXITING THE EU and as you say IMMEDIATELY interact with EU ministers to confirm that situation

  • Great article, I’ll happily smash the wall given a chance.

    I do feel, strongly, that this is the time for action not words. It’s clear as you point out that our voice means nothing and will change nothing.

    I would also say this extends to opposition south of the border also, with any dissent or critical comments about brexit being equated to treason. The tories aim is clear, to force through the most extreme version of brexit imaginable. They have demonstrated incompetence bordering on contempt for NHS, public services,disasters such as grenfell, Irma and the crisis of living standards in UK. No such incompetence exists when strategising how to get round the fact they are a minority government. In fact had they put the same level of planing into negotiating a good brexit deal as they have subverting parliament, then perhaps it may not have been the looming disaster which it certainly is.

    It’s clear that Labour lack the political will to effectively scupper the process. The Lib dems are an irrelevance thanks to Clegg. This leaves SNP to say the right things, knowing they count for nothing. This is allowing the tories away with murder.

    Whilst I like your analogy with the Berlin wall, I am left thinking that a campaign that started under Thatcher makes a similar event here impossible. Thatcher used a variety of tools to weaken unions and to disengage people from politics – such as lad and ladette culture. Many readers of lads mags have no idea that they were conceived as a tool to disengage people from politics. It became uncool to care about things which deeply effect people’s life’s.

    The hangover from this extends to today where people are unwilling through fear to stand up for themselves. Wether it be a bad boss or a government seizing ultimate power, the masses are too scared to do anything. People think about this week’s wage, rather than the big picture.

    I honestly believe that the current generation is the least rebellious, most monitored and most controlled generation ever to live in UK. Someday dispute this, it’s an argument for another day.

    If the tories had pulled the Hendry VIII trick at any point in the centuries since then, the reaction would have been instantaneous. Unions would have called strikes, people across country would have been enraged and the country would have ground to a halt. People would have stood up and done what was necessary, like in Berlin.

    Perhaps there may be a delayed reaction. Perhaps some may find the courage to take a stand. Perhaps Unison will eventually call a strike over this and the many other assaults on living standards. Perhaps people will take part in civil disobedience such as blocking motorways. Perhaps it could all end in one huge nationwide riot. But I fear that people will continue doing polite pre approved marches, which the tories will just ignore and the UK will sink without trace.

    I do hope that another independabce referendum will follow this mess. However it seems that the SNP have been spooked by the tories success as a single issue anti Indy campaign. A campaign that deserves police attention given I got more than TWENTY letters in run up to election.

    The time is ticking for Sturgeon to call one, as all political parties follow political cycles and they soon will be blamed for the cuts imposed by Westminster, something Scottish Tory voters seen to overlook. Along with contempt for Scots and our national interests. Not to mention racism and bigotry.

    These are dark days but only action can turn on the lights.

    Ps sorry – in rant mode today!

  • Excellent piece Barrhead boy, I hope your fellow Bearsden don’t see it or you could be in trouble.

    We almost beat you guys last night, we’ll get you on Tuesday.?

    Once again, a great piece.

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