Not so much a 4th Estate more a 5th Column.

In the lifetime of any journalist only a few huge stories ,or causes come along for them to make their name and mark in their chosen profession.

In the last two weeks alone several absolutely huge local,and global,stories have surfaced,alas our Journalists in both the print and broadcast media have been found wanting.

There is an urban myth that states that the day after the sinking of the Titanic The P&J then known as the Aberdeen Daily Journal had the following headline.


It is not true , it is an untruth, although I am told that this was the headline a few days later when the story switched to the local angle,from there it grew into the myth.

It does however capture the parochial nature of our foreign owned newspapers and broadcasters in Scotland and that is why it is so believable.

The present day misconception has people referring to the “Scottish Media” , BBC Scotland , STV Scottish Daily Mail ,Express etc with the implication that these are Scottish companies with Scotland’s best interests at heart, in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

All of these organizations are either owned by foreign entities ,or have their owners living overseas,and certainly all editorial and management decisions are taken outwith Scotland or under very strict pro Union guidlines.

Much like our alleged ‘Scottish’ Political Parties Scottish Labour , Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Liberals ,all actually non Scottish,all London registered and loyal to England’s best interests not Scotlands.

The exact same with the news outlets all have Scottish in their public face ,however that is as about Scottish as they get.

They certainly all show their loyalty to the English/ British perspective, not to Scotland.

An example of this being Scottish Television has a cosy arrangement with the big boys in London to show ALL England football matches on the same nights as Scotland play their games.

I want you to just try and imagine STV being able to convince England’s ITV to show Scotland games nationally while England were playing elsewhere.

It would never happen,the English people rightly would not tolerate it,their news outlets and papers would scream blue bloody murder if Scots tried to impose their footy on them when Engurlund were available to watch .

You will have noted the complete silence on this matter from our “Scottish” media.

This being a “national agreement “ by ITV Companies it is worth pointing out it was England’s matches chosen to bid and buy not Scotland ,Northern Ireland or Wales,their games are of no relevance.

At best STV should have declined to broadcast the games and instead shown a movie or a good documentary,however like BBC ,and all our papers they bent to the will of what was best for England .

For here is the rub ,STV had to pay towards the cost of buying those England games whether or not these games were of relevance to the Scottish people.

The so called Scottish Media to his day remain quiet ,not outraged at this,they don’t rush to tell Scotland that BBC with all of the licence fee money of the entire UK paid the English Premier League £299 million for a 5 season contract to televise EPL games.

Meanwhile football in Scotland ,Wales and Northern Ireland gets pennies and very little coverage.

When I tell you of these things I truly want you to imagine a reversal of these ,imagine BBC Scotland giving SPFL the £299million contract using a load of English licence fee money, and giving EPL three bob and a balloon then showing Scottish games to English viewers on a Saturday night and again on a Sunday morning,with no coverage of the English football.

Likewise with our BBC and ITV “National “News where we get stories about English NHS, Education ,Transport , the Synod of the Anglican Church , cricket, these are all treated as National when indeed they are local and should be relayed to the English public on their version of Reporting Scotland ,or Scotland Tonight, instead everyone in his ‘Union of Equals’ gets some International News and English Local,News all viewed through the prism of London Media bubble,and best of all, YOU pay for that privilege.

This brings me to the huge stories I mentioned at the start of this piece,the first story below lasted all of one day in UK newspapers and didn’t even rate a mention on News Channels,or anything whatsoever on Scottish TV,or radio.

£490Billion wiped off in a day that is 25% of the UK’s GDP gone in a single day,nothing to see here move along.

In any other country you would expect huge outcries ,special pull outs in all the newspapers massive TV debates, financial experts being interviewed to get their perspective ,we got nothing like that because you see The establishment and the Union must be protected at all costs,and at all times, in all circumstances.

Note the difference when the price of a barrel of Oil drops, Douglas Fraser at BBC Scotland goes into his best doom and gloom voice to drive home to Scots just how Jackie Baillie poor we are and how this drives a coach and horses through the Independence argument SNP BAD.

Think of the outcry by the “Scottish Media” to the horrific prolifigate behaviour of Maureen Watt SNP and the £4.68 taxi ride.

Our Scottish Media were in meltdown ,the Scottish public had to know about the wastefulness by a Gnat MSP that could financially cripple Scotland.

Compare this to losing 25% of our GDP overnight and wiping out £490 billion from our balance sheet in Yookay,not so much talk of black holes now is there?

It cannot be mentioned because it was lost by London through its stupidity,and incompetence.

Story two is I think probably the most shameful for all the people in the UK that call themselves journalists, I refer of course to the removing of the cherished Freedom of the Press in Catalonia by the right wing Spanish Government ,the removal of the democratically elected Catalan Government and the imposition of Direct Rule from Madrid.

Compare that to the outpouring from our journalists when Lord Levenson suggested in his report that the UK Press needed tighter control as it was behaving in truly unacceptable ways, phone tapping,bribing police officers and other officials, the Milly Dower’s messages being hacked.

Our Media nearly went into meltdown at the very idea of any restrictions on their ‘freedoms” it would be an effrontery to democracy and good governance, it would be horrific if the people were denied a free press etc etc and the vile disgusting UK press got away with it,they hectored and bullied the politicians to make sure they were not regulated in any meaningful way.

Now note their complete silence and betrayal towards their peers in Catalonia, the UK Press are either backing the fascists in Madrid or staying completely silent about the total censorship now in place in Catalonia for journalists.

We have a situation where it is likely tomorrow will be the last session of the Catalan Parliament for sometime .

On Friday the Spanish Senate meets to rubber stamp and approve the ending of democracy and the imposition of dictatorship.

The probability is that President Puigdemont will take that last opportunity to declare the Republic of Catalonia ,he then literally has to flee for his life, his expected destination is Perpignon just across the French border.

How much of this you will be told and with what spin has yet to unfold.

However we already know that there is no longer any freedom of the press in Catalonia has your Scottish Daily ,or TV station or radio broadcaster informed you of this ,or told you just how wrong it is in a 21st Century Western Democracy that this should even be happening?

Not a peep ,nothing,zilch,hee haw ,the hypocrisy and shame of our journalists is palpable, they bring shame to the word journalist by their complicity or silence.

The last story involves our Fluffy I will certainly be interested to see how our “Scottish Media and Broadcasters spin,deflect or more likely ignore this one.

For those of you not aware yesterday at the Scottish Affairs Committee Fluffy Mundell ,along with two unelected Tory Lords faced questioning on effects of Brexit. .

The best is the killer question came from another British apologist, Christine Jardine MP.

The Committee were discussing Brexit and its likely implications for Scotland and its economy

Christine said to Mundell. “ you surely need to either reassure the people of Scotland or tell them the TRUTH”

Fluffy’s reply. “ what,and risk a second Referendum?”

Now if that is not the biggest story tomorrow in your newspapers, radio, and television none of us will be surprised because our 4th Estate have total disregard for their duty to inform and protect their readers/listeners against the corrupt and powerful elite.

Instead they are a 5th column protecting the British State and the interests of a foreign country over the interests of the Scottish people and nation.

If you buy,read ,link ,or click on those newspapers you are colluding.

If you pay the licence fee you are funding them to lie and deceive you, your children and grandchildren.

If you buy the products they advertise you are assisting their deceit.

The only way to bring Brits to heel is through the pocket ,money is,and always has been their motive for everything.

I have a few ideas on that maybe it needs a blog all of its own.

Saor Alba gu brath.

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