No one likes us .

I was reflecting over the weekend on the fact that being a Rangers fan and a supporter of Independence puts me into the two most hated,yet most popular categories in Scottish society.

I read an excellent blog last night it is all about a neutral (Jambo) fan who has begun a journey to visit every ground in the country,his first ground in this odyssey,Ibrox.

Spectating with the Enemy

In his account he cites some really interesting facts about Rangers,Ibrox,and the fans that for those that have a black and white view of all things Rangers,you may be surprised and somewhat disappointed with his conclusions.

The one that caught my eye was for their last 110 away games Rangers have sold out their entire ticket allocation from the 520 at Dumbarton up to and including the 14,104 for last weeks game at Murrayfield.

No other club comes close to that and if you look at each Scottish club’s record home crowd throughout time,invariably it is when they have played The Rangers.

Knowing the nature of the beast,every last single Celtic fan in the world has already started hitting Google looking for a loophole.

There are other numbers I could include for European games that would prove the point further,the team with the largest support is the team in blue,the numbers don’t lie.

I expect lots of comments,so to save you some bother,yes I know you have larger ground capacity,yes we all know about the recent fans award,congratulations,however all irrelevant to the factual point.I won’t publish any comments like that,however if it is cathartic for you,go on fill your boots,send me your comments.

When I am not blogging about Independence I am spending my time like any normal football fan reading up on my team’s injuries,possible signings,new manager etc.

I want to once again stress the ‘normal fan’ bit.

What as a Rangers fan is noticeable when you get to the BTL it becomes bizarre,just like BTL in any story appertaining to SNP/ Scot Gov/Independence,the obsessed and deranged descend like a pack of wolves finding a lone deer.

The bile and blind hatred spews out,not laser precision critique,more like shotgun discharge in a crowded arena.

This week when Celtic were preparing for what can only be described as their biggest match of the season against Bayern Munich there were several articles in the papers all without comment.

In the same paper an article about Rangers search for a new manager managed to attract 54 comments at last count 45+ of them from non Rangers fans,this is not banter it is pure unadulterated hatred and contempt.

The usual stuff,Sevco,your clubs dead,your clubs skint,your clubs going bust again,bladebla debladebla……….

Any article on Rangers same suspects same comments it really can be quite draining,and so pathetic,such blind hatred,such stereotyping of an entire huge fan base.

It is all so pointless,not one Rangers fan will switch allegiance,it won’t gain an extra goal,or point for anyone.

It seems such a waste of time and effort however it must give the posters some weird kick,or adrenaline rush.

I have lost count of the times I have reproduced the famous Wings over Scotland/Panelbase poll that shows nearly 40% of Rangers fans are SNP/Indy and that almost 1/3 of Celtic fans are British Unionists.

This does not stop many in our own movement constantly promoting the nonsense that all Rangers fans vote for the Union.

It is the exact same with the SNP/Indy Movement we attract the largest crowds for any of our events.

When it comes to Party Conferences all three of the Unionist Parties could hold their meetings on the same day in the same location and combined they could not get close to the SNP Conference Numbers.

Jeremy Corbyn and Corbynmania recently came to Edinburgh when you stripped out the huge London Media Bubble The Local Party apparatchiks you would be lucky if 30 members of the public turned up.

He also recently had a £20 a head gig in Edinburgh which even managed to get a plug from Nick Eardley of the BBC this was again as well attended as a flag day in the Aberdeen town centre.

Compare this to when Nicola did her tour after becoming the Party Leader,she had filled out the Perth Caird Halls a few days previously a capacity 2,300.

She then came to Glasgow Hydro and as mentioned at the time she sold out quicker than Beyoncé had managed with 12,000 in attendance,yet our opponents and their cohorts in the foreign owned media would have you believe both Ruth Davidson and Jeremy Corbyn are more popular in Scotland.

Whenever an article on SNP/Scottish Government appears in any of the newspapers that allow BTL the same reaction,the nutters,misfits and twisted appear with their bile and crass stupidity.

Like so many nowadays I won’t go near any Scotsman,Express,Mail,Telegraph article the bile in the piece is always surpassed by the venom in the BTL,it is just too sick and pointless.

Those that write this crap must get some freaky pleasure from typing in the dark in their underpants.

There is not an ounce of a sensible critique that will gain them a single vote,or put off a single voter from following their conscience.

The die hard unionists hate the SNP and choose to vote for a British Union that actually despises them.

That is something I cannot reconcile how Scots born men and women can be on the same side as English/British people that hate Scotland,their country of birth,and loathe the Party that does more to protect them than any British Party has ,or ever will do.

At the age of 16,I decided the SNP was for me I took at that time what I believed to be an informed choice,one that I have never regretted,how I took that decision,could,and just might fill another blog one day.

I have no regrets and cannot envisage ever switching allegiance at least not this side of Independence.

They would have to give up on Independence and or agree that WMD weren’t such a bad thing after all.

We do not get to choose our football teams with informed thinking, that is something we tend to inherit from our dads,uncles,brothers,I am no different.

I wish I could be as categoric about my football allegiance,alas I cannot in all honesty say that, at times I find it very difficult when listening to some of the bile that emanates from large sections of our support.

I have on occasions,especially in European away games been thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed by some of my fellow supporters behaviour,language and choice of songs.

I was taken to my first Rangers game as a child of 4 ,the decision of which team I would support was taken for me,there was no choice,once you have a team that’s it,there is no changing allegiance,I won’t change mine.

I did however make a choice long before I moved to Catalonia I decided attending games was no longer something I chose to do.

I am strictly an armchair fan now and never miss a game,it is not the same,especially watching it alone,however my desire to see my team win and prosper is undiminished.

I remember hearing a phrase that I now fully understand and agree with “you can love someone but not really like them”

Now as an adult given all I know, and it was now time to choose a football team to follow ,would I change my team?

I probably would choose the team with the best strip in all of these British Isles ,the team with the most cultured of fans ,the fans that prefer muesli,to a pie and bovril.

Come on ye Jags.

6 thoughts on “No one likes us .

  • Excellent article, rang so many bells for me, 60 years a Rangers supporter and season ticket holder for some years up till this season. The constant pro union / monarchy finally proved too much for me. As a passionate pro independence supporter and SNP member the generalisation of RFC supporters as unionists is not just irritating it is deeply hurtful and depressing. I have much more I’d like to get off my chest but have taken up enough space here.
    Thanks for your article anyhow, will continue to follow on Twitter 🙂

  • This could become a haven for politically like minded Rangers fans.
    God knows we need somewhere.
    Lambasted by our own “fellow” fans if you dare to speak out in the wrong company.
    Blocked from Wings twitter for daring to call out His Holiness Mr Campbell when he went through a spell of blending his excellent political observations with the “your club’s deid” comments and financial revue that would make Phil MacSickBag proud….
    Our 40% can often find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place – sad really.

    • There are plenty of us,on my twitter timeline I have loads,we need more and more bluenoses to”come out” and marginalize the Unionists that dominate our club,and control the narrative.

  • And also to help break down the common misconception among Pro-Independence supporters that all Rangers supporters are by definition Unionists / Bigots / Monarchists etc.

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