Nicola Sturgeon and the Beijing Mini Bar Scandal.

Over the past week or so social media has been awash with Yes supporters demanding that the SNP do something about the foreign owned media and broadcaster’s constant lies.

These outpourings have ranged from employing a “Rebuttal & Press Team” to SNP Ministers, MSPs and MPs refusing to be interviewed or appear on British TV.

Neither of these options are practical or feasible, the former because no matter how good your rebuttal team the 5th Column that pose as a media are not interested in any rebuttals, or good news stories that emanate from the Independence camp.

The latter would only allow them to tell even greater lies against the movement and receive no challenges to their British propaganda whatsoever.

A few days ago while on the very first day of her trip to China The Herald decided to print a lie to detract from The First Minister’s task of bringing new jobs and investment to Scotland.

She was accused of “trampling over local democracy”  after intervening in a controversial planning application backed by the Chinese government.

The Scottish Government “called in” plans related to the Inch Cape Offshore (ICO) wind farm on Monday, the same day the First Minister began a trade visit to China.

This of course was just a blatant lie by The Herald and the propagandist that penned it.

The following day The Herald had to publish a snivelling apology, not of course on the front page with a huge headline but inside the paper with no full page spread or massive banner strapline.

Apology given no financial penalty, no outcry from the public and mission accomplished for the foreign owned and Uber loyal to Britannia Herald.

They got their untrue smear out there to the target audience they wanted to hit and with no real penalty they are free to lie again at will, this will happen often and there is not a single thing we can do to prevent it happening time and again.

Like on this occasion the FM can complain and get a less than satisfactory apology that is the best outcome possible.

The foreign owned media and broadcasters are loyal to another country once we all accept that it makes things a lot easier for us to react.

This is not the first time, the Brits and their placemen and press have tried to scupper relations between Scotland and China, we all remember the £10 billion investment that was cancelled after the British Media and their pygmies in Holyrood decided to stir up trouble.

How they congratulated themselves when this huge investment collapsed, these are the same people who always say, ‘‘I am a proud Scot, BUT…………. “

The reality is simply this, even if our First Minister achieved investments worth £100 billion per annum for Scotland and got agreement on direct flights into Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen to and from every Chinese city the 5th column would not be interested, this is good news and our 5th Column only want bad Scotland stories.

They would rather print a dishonest headline like “First Minister charged a coke from her mini bar to the tax payers of Scotland” rather than tell the people of Scotland  our “First Minister secured investment of over £100 billion” and apologise a few days later in Page7, Column 5.

That is the nature of the beast we face, if you want to fight back then, don’t read it, don’t link it, don’t buy it.

Find a legal way to stop paying the TV Tax, indeed if you become BBC free you might like many others before you feel a liberation from the constant bombardment of British propaganda and lies.

Instead of sitting back demanding the SNP do something about it, you do something about it.

Subscribe to the alternative media, go to your local YES Group, SNP Branch and offer your services to deliver leaflets, stuff envelopes, learn to become a canvasser.

Next time you see an YES /SNP Street stall offer to help, even if it is just to let one of the volunteers go for a break and a coffee you can stand in and do your bit.

Instead of finding an excuse not to do something or attend a rally and march do the opposite find an excuse to go and participate.

You cannot look forward without looking back and when you do you will see how every single one of the countries that prised themselves away from the British had to use every means at their disposal to throw off the shackles of London dominance and corruption.

They too faced wall to wall propaganda from a London controlled media, they too were told they could not survive without the London spivs running their country.

They too had fellow countrymen that were daily betraying their country of birth in exchange for British bribes and baubles this is not a new phenomenon.

The Brits are experts at divide and rule politics and propaganda.

Many nations had to take to the bomb and the gun to rid themselves of the Brits.

We do not need to do that, we just need to convince 5% of our fellow Scots/New Scots to switch their vote from No to Yes and we too can cast off the vile hand of London Rule.

We are faced by some of the most corrupt propagandists on the planet the press baron owners mainly live off shore dodging UK taxes while instructing their papers to demonize the poor,the immigrants and label them and the unemployed, the sick, and the vulnerable as scroungers and parasites.

These are the people, the most vulnerable in our society that have to take the blame for the corruption and greed of the 1%.

They have an army of on-line bullies and intimidators that will never be scrutinized or vilified by this same compliant media that will stick a photo lens camera through your window if you type the word Quisling on any of your social media accounts.

That is the reality and we have to accept it, not whine about it and we must use our strengths and that is our grassroots.

Believe me when I tell you, they are scared shitless of you, that is why they attack us at every turn.

They know they are living in the last days of Empire.

They know what many of you have not yet realized.

We are strong, they are weak!

Saor Alba gu brath.





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