Mon the Hoops !

Any of you that read these blogs or follow me on Twitter will know my other big passion in life after politics is the footy.

I am glad to say over the years I have become more circumspect about it and now do not take to a darkened room should my team or the national team lose a game.

Unfortunately for many in Scotland, football is the only passion in their life, for many their team is actually their lifestyle, their entire world, it guides their every breathing moment.

It forms their politics, their beliefs, their prejudices, their world view, it is their lover, their other significant half, nothing you or I say will alter these beliefs, it has been ingrained over decades so that now to certain people it is their life, everything else is secondary.

That is a situation the ruling elite love for if the Blues hate the Greens and the Greens hate the Blues and this is replicated throughout the land nobody is watching the elite stealing all the wealth and letting the plebeians blame the other side for all the skullduggery.

The ruling elite quickly realized that football was the opium of the masses and they made themselves the dealer of that addictive drug.

On both sides of the border, it is used to keep the masses occupied and not paying attention to the shenanigans and machinations of the elite who daily are picking your pockets and stealing your kids and grandkids future.

It is the greatest form of divide and rule that the propagandists of the state have ever known.

While the papers, the broadcasters and social media obsess on the latest game and the gloating is in full flow the elite are rubbing their hands and counting their ill gotten gains.

You see all the while this match was playing another game is afoot this one however is not about putting a spherical object into a net.

This is about taking a democracy and kicking it into the long grass, best of it is although most of us are in this game till now we have not even been aware of it or been doing anything about it.

Unlike football matches the elite do not want anybody watch them play their game,it is best done away from sight or knowledge.

This is our chance to change all of that and get right into the middle of this particular game.

Should we do the usual and sit back while we wait on others to do everything on our behalf then it will mean the rest of our lives and that of our kids and grandkids will be very bleak indeed.

You see the headline of this blog is one of those misleading ones to suck you in,to get your attention.

Now that I have done that I want to tell you about HOOP.


This will be the biggest demonstration against Brexit that Scotland has seen, it will be at the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood on Friday, March 23 starting at 10.30am.

A human chain will extend around the building as part of the Hands Off Our Parliament demonstration.

There will be a magnificent entry by the Yes Bikers, a car convoy, guest speakers a show of Saltire Shields to signify protecting our democracy.

There is a very impressive list of guest speakers. It is only a few hours out of your busy life however it can make a huge difference to the future of our country,and that means a huge difference for your kids and grandkids.

The Tories as we all know are planning a power grab of Scottish Devolved Powers they want to neuter our Parliament before finally closing it and taking all the powers back to Westminster.

This Demo is to ensure we send the message to the Tories and the British Elite and tell them HANDS OFF OUR PARLIAMENT !(HOOP)

Make a note in your diary now, Friday 23rd March 10.30am till 5 pm, Edinburgh. and if you can get to Edinburgh please be there and support this magnificent demonstration.

The truth is if we do not care enough about our democracy to make a stand we could lose it, it is essential that as many as possible go to the Capital and make our voice heard all the way to London .

The one thing that scares politicians is an electorate that is informed, invigorated, angry and active.

They want to bore you into submission so that they can go about their dirty business unhindered.

You see this ruling elite do not have to worry about Brexit, lack of democracy, health care, university education, prescription charges, free care for the elderly, paying taxes.

The reason being the apathetic public will take care of all of that for them and theirs by giving up their rights to have the same.

Meantime the corrupt foreign owned media and broadcasting 5th Column will tell you it is all good,Brexit is great and Holyrood is bad, Scottish NHS is bad, Scottish Education is woeful, Police Scotland inefficient, Scottish Transport horrific and it is the fault those nasty SNP types and their army of vile cybernats it is all so bad it is for the best if we take everything back to London where they are much more efficient at running your lives.

Just you sit there and watch Match of the Day, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders, Coronation Street,everything is fine.

They want you in a stupor of footy ,brain dead tv and apathy.

We need activism, and we need it now more than ever, a lot of ordinary folk have taken a lot of their valuable time to organize this entire thing, all you have to do is turn up with your flag and join the throng, enjoy the day.

This is open to people of all Political Parties and none, you only need to like democracy to be eligible .

Then in years to come when your grandchild asks ‘ What did you do in the struggle for our independence?” You can say I was there the day we locked our arms together to protect our Parliament and we all shouted at once, ENOUGH! and the Tories like all bullies took fright and ran away never to be seen in Scotland again.”

Just to make that even more enjoyable, hopefully your grandkid asks the supplementary question, “what’s a Tory grandpa?”

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