March or Starve?

I have mentioned in my podcasts and blogs that it is my belief there is a huge shock coming to the people of the United Kingdom.

Irrespective of anyone’s politics, location, colour or creed the Brexit fall out will have huge ramifications for practically everybody in the political construct known as the United Kingdom.

The exception being of course the ruling elite, the City of London Spivs, the landed gentry and those embedded in the establishment by quirk of birth or marriage.

The rest of us will need to do what we have always done when these idiots in Westminster screw up, tighten our belts one more notch and pay for their mistakes.

I think it is safe to say that when the UK Gov appoint a Minister for Food there is a realisation that disaster looms.

No surprise that the ever loyal establishment 4th Estate in the UK is not allowing much reality of the true UK situation to filter through to the general populace, indeed if you were to watch UK TV or read their newspapers you would believe that everything is just hunky dory and our stoic Little Englanders have Johnny Foreigner in the EU just where they want and that it is only a matter of time before British Bulldog WWII grit wins the day, and we start out on our nirvana away from the accursed EU.

We are constantly told by the British Politicians and Media that it has been because of the EU and their Nationals that our life’s are so shit, it is not because successive UK Governments have been incompetent and created policies that benefited only the establishment and their cronies at the expense of everybody else, now apparently it is purely down to immigrants from the European Union and when that lie is exposed it will be the turn of the brown and black skinned non-EU immigrants to be the scapegoats.

The British elite and their allies in the corrupt media have spent the last 30 years programming the population to believe that all the problems of the UK are down to non-WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) coming in and stealing our jobs, our women, our pensions, our healthcare, our welfare state, our affordable house building, ‘swamping’ our schools, our hospitals, our inner cities.

The truth, of course, is the wealthy tax avoiders have stolen all of those things, not the poor, not the immigrants or the disabled and certainly not the EU.

The wealthy are never content with just being wealthy, they need to be obscenely rich and even then they are not satisfied, just like junkies they need constant fixes and that means more and more of the wealth of the nation needs to be given to them to sate their greed for wealth and power.

When this results in hardship, food banks, unemployment, lack of affordable houses or decent schools or hospitals they do not accept responsibility instead they blame those that they have stolen from, the poorest in our society, those that they starve or make homeless they also make guilty of their greed and love of money.

When any information does filter through it is not very encouraging, within two weeks of Brexit they are suggesting that medicines will begin to run out, supermarket shelves will be empty even quicker some suggest within days, airlines will be grounded, exports and imports will grind to a virtual halt.

While Scotland is a net exporter of food, cereals, seafood, livestock the UK actually imports around 50% of what it needs to eat.

You have to ask yourself this, do you think that the London Government will leave the food we Scots need to meet our daily needs and only take the excess or do you think they will remove most of it to feed the most populous area in the south-east of England?

What better way to control the most rebellious part of the UK towards the imperial London government than to starve Scotland into submission, let us remember Westminster has some form in this kind of behaviour.

During the Potato Famine in Ireland which killed over 1 million Irish people and another 1.5 million emigrated, Westminster was literally taking the food from the mouths of the starving Irish citizens and filling the warehouses of England with Irish crops and meat.

In Ireland Before and After the Famine  Cormac O’Grada documents that in 1845, a famine year in Ireland, 3,251,907 quarters (8 bushels = 1 quarter)) of corn were exported from Ireland to Britain. That same year 257,257 sheep were exported to Britain. In 1846, another famine year, 480,827 swine and 186,483 oxen were exported to Britain.

We are also told that imports of raw materials vital to our businesses and industries will be in short supply due to customs problems.

Again I would ask you, if widgets are in short supply and a business in Kent and a business in Caithness both need a widget to stay operational which enterprise do you think will be given the priority and the widget?

Today we the produce all of ‘UK’s’ Oil, yet we pay more for our petroleum than someone in the M25 area.

Scotland actually exports electricity to England, yet we pay more for our electricity than those in England, why is that?

 Scotland exported a record high 29 per cent of generated electricity to other countries in the UK, with virtually all of these net exports going to England.

This and so much more that cannot be covered in a short blog will befall our nation of Scotland when the Brexit Tsunami hits and that time is only 6 months hence.

This tsunami will not recede in hours or days, the fall out from Brexit will last for generations even hardcore Brexiteers like Jacob Rees-Mogg are suggesting it could take 50 years before we see any improvement.

Rees-Mogg: “The overwhelming opportunity for Brexit is over the next 50 years.”

The tragedy in all this is that the poor people of England and Wales have no escape from the madness of Brexit, their fate is sealed.

The people of Scotland do however have a choice they can choose to leave the British Union and be in the European Union, or the European Free Trade Association, perhaps even the European Economic Area.

These are definite choices if we rid ourselves of the millstone round our neck and to do that we need to do several things it won’t happen without some effort on everyone’s part.

We need to convince our own Scottish Government we have had enough of the London misrule and that we are ready to fight for our deliverance from these incompetent crooks and liars.

What better way to send a message to our own government and the London Government than us all marching through the streets of Scotland’s Capital City this coming Saturday October 6th?

I have no idea what you have planned for next Saturday, catching up on housework, tidying up the garden, going to the footy, window shopping, visiting Ikea?

No matter what you have planned nothing is more important than telling the world we are ready to rejoin the nations of the world and rid ourselves of this corrupt, incompetent, undemocratic, criminal state called the UK and contrary to Tessa May’s recent statement, Now definitley is the time Teresa, and we Scots are going our own way, you in RUK enjoy your isolation, enjoy being back in control we in Scotland have other plans, and they do not include being tied to you as you jump of the Brexit cliff.

Ciao Britannia!

3 thoughts on “March or Starve?

  • The elites craving more and more money, more than they cpuld ever need is more about control than money. In the 21st century we are all still born into slavery, instead of chains, capital is the method by which we are being controlled. Hence the constant “too poor” narrative, it plays to a fear created over many decades of conservative governments, including those lead by Blair & Brown. Whilst in chains, slaves searched desperately for a key which would afford them freedom. In todays society our key is acceptance that success should not be measured by how much wealth we can accumulate, but how the wealth that we have is used for the betterment of our society and communities. Stop thinking “i’ll be alright”, rather think “what do WE need to do”.

  • Back in control,,,,,,,,,,,,,, like shit ,,,they were never in control in the first place , but only flying by wire,, lets take our control and be a nation,,,,,,,,,,,again

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