Loyalty Is A Two Way Thing

In these blogs I have always made it a point to never ‘attack’ The SNP, fellow independence bloggers or supporters.

I have even stayed silent when some of the so called new media behaved more like Britnat mouthpieces than the voice of the unrepresented Independence Supporters.

The reason that so many new media outlets support Scottish Independence and the SNP is because of the lack of a voice from the 4th Estate for 50% or more of the population.

The rational amongst us also find it commercial idiocy that 99% of the available ‘media’ would be happy to chase only 50% of the available market and leave the other 50% with a single commercial alternative.

I have never hidden my contempt for the paucity of decent journalism and journalists in Scotland.

I, like so many Independence supporters still mourn the passing of Ian Bell of the Herald, a rare journalist amongst so many cut and paste collaborators.

Again like many of you I never buy, read or link any of the MSM, in fact on my twitter account I have blocked all newspapers in Scotland with exception of the National and that is a very reluctant action keeping that one off of my blocked list.

I have blocked most of the reporters in Scotland I will not sully the name of journalist on them, they are not worthy of that exalted title.

IMHO there are very few real journalists left in Scotland, David Pratt and Iain (last chance)Macwhirter, Lesley Riddoch, Joyce MacMillan but to name a very few.

I have never been slow to point out that what we are offered in Scotland is almost entirely a foreign owned media with loyalty not to Scotland but a political construct headquartered in London.

In the main they are a disgrace and bring shame on the word Journalism.

My famous reference to them is, they are not a 4th Estate they are more like a 5th Column.

It is no surprise that UK media is one of the least trusted in the democratic world down in 43rd. place at last count.

In the UK less than half of the entire population trust their own media which in itself tells a tale.

UK news media least trusted among eight European nations to ‘get the facts right’ and ‘cover important stories of the day’, report shows

Into this vacuum bloggers like myself, Grouse Beater, WOS, Peter A Bell, and many others arrived to give voice to the 50% abandoned by the foreign owned and run Media in Scotland.

Till the new media arrived all Scotland had was McPravda and Lord Haw Haw TV and Radio.

We are the ones that pick up the lies of the foreign media and destroy their dishonesty.

Stu Campbell is hated by the amature reporters of the 5th Column because no one is better at forensically unpicking their lies.

They have tried so many ways and so many times to silence him, to turn Independence folk against him.

Some on our side have taken the bait offered to them by the collaborators I disagree with them however I defend their right to read and express whatever view they wish.

That is not something the 5th Column or the Britnat collaborators believe.

They only accept your right to believe in what they think is right and will constantly attack your independence beliefs.

When the SNP or their elected officials, policies or speeches are misrepresented by the 5th Column and their Britnat nutters we,The New Media defend them.

We form a defensive ring of words around the Party, it’s representatives and the movement.

It was the New Media that were the most outspoken in defence of Michelle Thomson, Chris Law, Alex Salmond.

When the racists and homophobic Brits attack Humza or Mhairi it is the new media writers that are the first to the defence of them.

We feel honoured and proud to do that.

These are the same people that speak up for us, they carry our hopes and dreams so of course we will defend them with every fibre in our body and every word in our lexicon.

I certainly never expect to be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize but I write as best I can expressing my views for the betterment of my country of birth.

Unlike our opponents none of us do this for money or fame.

We do it because we believe in the cause, the right of Scotland to be a normal nation.

We back the SNP as the best vehicle to achieve our dreams and aspirations when it is attacked in the press, in Holyrood or Westminster we all take the attack as an attack upon us and our country.

We never question the commitment of the Party or its representatives we turn out in huge numbers when called upon.

Our loyalty has been unwavering we have shown patience as our nation has been humiliated day after day by Britnat right wing ideologues and cowardly Labour Better Together bedfellows.

We have held our nerve while waiting on the Party calling the referendum.

Our loyalty to the SNP and the YES Movement is not in question.

This attack by the 5th Column on Grousebeater is an attack on us all, every blogger, ever SNP member, voter, supporter.

The action or perhaps I should say over reaction by the Party puts your loyalty into question.

We defend you at every turn it is time for you to return that loyalty, immediately reinstate Grousebeater’s membership and get on the attack.

Stop allowing the Britnats and their collaborators to set the narrative, it is time you put yourself and Our Party on the front foot.

Stop playing by their rules we will never win  playing it their way they have been playing that game for centuries.

Divide and rule is their classic tactic and with your action against Grousebeater you allowed divide and rule to win.

It pains me to have to write this blog today however I think you need reminding that the Labour Party once took its support for granted, it too thought it was far too important to listen to the rank and file.

Scotland’s destiny lies in your hands you are merely custodians do not squander our independence by trying to out Brit the Brits it won’t work.

Do what is right by your members,supporters and voters, right this wrong!







8 thoughts on “Loyalty Is A Two Way Thing

  • Grousebeater’s essay was to the point and his analysis may be correct… but..but..but I think it is always wise to steer clear of certain references. So it ain’t so much what he said but how he said it. Goodwin’s Law should be a warning.
    – The theory that as an online discussion progresses, it becomes inevitable that someone or something will eventually be compared to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, regardless of the original topic –
    Such comparisons always raise a red flag that is fairly or (usually) unfairly jumped on by critics. Make your point passionately but be canny how you frame it. Not enough reason to be ostrasized though.

    • You are probably right in your summation however having read it many times I fail to see any anti- semitism in the piece.I am the last person to pass comment on the merits or otherwise of any blogs I am not exactly Sir Walter Scott.
      The Britnats are always looking for something to be offended by
      They do of course turn a hypocritical blind eye to the Britnat indiscretions, Prof Scott Arthur’s islamaphobic attack on Humza as one example of that behaviour.
      I also accept we have to hold ourselves to higher standards than the Britnats,however I feel the Party is far too quick at throwing people under the bus.

      • I don’t know if you caught the original blog before he edited/softened it (due to complaints). In either case though, he seemed well researched into the politics and vaulting ambition of Ms Wolfson. Even the most cursory google of her presents 9 out of 10 articles being about her Jewishness or her campaigns against anti-semitism. It was therefore pretty obvious that citing Hitler and the Nazi’s in any article focusing on her was going to generate howls of foul play. It was initially not the MSM that jumped on it but her labour colleagues smelling blood in the water and an open door. Of course, the gutter press were then going to rub their hands with glee and use it at a hammer to pound the SNP. I completely understand the commentators who dissect the article and word for word see the points being made and complain about the throwing under the bus, but equally I see one of our own who has written something that has handed the opposition a free shot, put the leadership in a position of either being pounded for some considerable time into the future or having to upset the movement by taking action, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The article could have been just as powerful without the controversial references, whilst upholding the ideal of free speech I’d also say that just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should.

  • Wasn’t the Gillian Martin episode quite similar recently where something she wrote years ago was taken completely out of context and use against her I don’t remember her getting much support from the party there either

    I agree we have to set a higher standard but lets face it that’s not difficult, but if we don’t defend our own against the lying dirty smear campaign tactics of the unionists we’re condoning them and that not only makes us no better than them it makes us as bad as them.

    I think one of our priorities after independence should be to clean up politics in this country and anyone found attempting to deliberately misconstrue what people say or write for some political advantage should be treated in the harshest possible way it is a form of deceit and lying, it is nasty and it can destroy careers and it can destroy lives and doesn’t belong in a fair society

    • I notice another Labour loyalist having a go at Peter Bell today for supporting Grousebeater.
      Obviously they haven’t seen this blog yet or maybe they are saving me for a later attack.

  • Your blogg is so sad, I could weep. I have nothing to add. Since yesterday, I have asked the SNP ,who decided Grouse Beater had made a boo boo, and suspended his membership. So far ,no reply. I.m giving them till bedtime to reply. The SNP claim, open government. I’m a fully paid up member of the SNP, surely I deserve an answer? They speak, and act in my name after all.
    Don’t read many of your blogs, but enjoy your comments on twitter. Will continue to follow. I case I forget. Thank you for your work.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☮️

    • Thank you for your kind words,watch out for my next Through A Scottish Prism I am joined by two prominent SNP Bloggers who will be joining me in discussing all of this and the fall out.

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