Know Your Foe!

The featured picture accompanying this story goes a long way to explain the mindset of Britnats.

I am like the vast majority of our movement, to the left of centre on the political spectrum.

I term myself as a socialist and if there are different shades I am certainly not the blood red species.

I believe that we need a mixed economy while others believe that absolutely everything should be in the hands of the proletariat.

I suppose you could say I am on the same side as the Chinese and their economy isn’t doing too badly is it?

I also think it is fair to suggest that our opponents tend to be those of the right and far right.

I view Tories and DUP as far right and the majority of the Blairites and Brownites in the Labour Party and the entire Liberal Party as of the right.

The Blairites are still in the majority within Labour and in Scottish terms excluding the SNP & Greens the rest of the chamber is far or extreme right.

Considering the amount of Tory Governments that we have foisted on us in Scotland because of votes in England tells its own story.

I include the 13 years of ‘New Labour’ in those right-wing years.

Before Parliamentary democracy it is also fair to suggest that England has always been of the right.

From the moment William the Conquerer arrived in England in 1066 all the right-wing traits began.

William I, usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first Norman King of England, reigning from 1066 until his death in 1087.

Those traits being aggression and clamorous behaviour towards neighbours.

Bullying others by way of scapegoating and a viscous cruelty to those weaker people.

There is also this huge need to make everyone else bend to their will and to never ever compromise.

Compromising in the eyes of the right is a sign of weakness.

Also an inability to ever accept responsibility or blame for anything even when the evidence is overwhelming.

Again admission to making a mistake is viewed as weakness.

Huge arrogance is required to steer you through life where you can only ever be right and never wrong.

This causes the biggest right wing trait of all, indeed it is ingrained into their very core.

If you are perfect, if your ideology, strategy and economic plan are perfect then something or someone else must be to blame if it fails.

The modern day right winger in England has retained all of these traits and added a few more besides.

In the early days the decent way to enrich yourself was hard work and trade.

This method did not appeal to the early right wingers.

That way was too slow and not nearly rewarding enough for the early Anglo right wingers.

Much better to enlist the poor as soldiers to help you invade other countries and steal wealth and lands.

Why work when you could sacrifice other people’s lives without much risk to your own so that you became wealthy.

There was the added bonus that as a victor you got to write your own version of your ‘victories’

Providing you paid tribute to the right people you got title and land you could keep and pass on for centuries to come.

Then simply take the wealth seized by force of arms back home while leaving some minions to raise you taxes and keep the natives downtrodden.

They would then move on to the next weakest opponent.

This all rolled over eventually into the most ruthless, cruelest empire the world has ever seen.

The murders of those enslaved by the British makes the Nazis look like Quakers.

To give just one example from one state in India, Bengal where in two British induced famines 14 million Bengalis starved to death.

We rightly hold in revulsion the holocaust and slaughter of 6 million innocent Jews in Nazi gas chambers.

Yet nobody anywhere ever talks about the mass genocides and global slaughter by the British.

Granted they didn’t just pick out one religion they were multi-cultural and agnostic in who they murdered.

Famine had been a recurrent feature of life the Indian sub-continental countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, most notoriously during British rule. Famines in India resulted in more than 60 million deaths over the course of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.”



Does anyone believe it is just a coincidence that the famines began when the British arrived in India and stopped after they left in 1947?

It is also fair to point out that since the British left the ROI they too have not suffered a famine.

Nowadays, fortunately, the English Empire is down to a few small nations and enclaves.

I anticipate that long before this century is over England will for the first time since 1066 be entirely on its own.

This will come as a shock to many in England especially the Little Englanders.

Because for the first time in almost 1,000 years the English will actually have to stand on their own two feet and fend for themselves.

This is why today they hang on to super-rich Scotland so tightly.

The ‘Scottish’ far right we face in our struggle for independence are beyond redemption.

The hardcore Britnats in Scotland would rather give their first born into servitude than to admit that self-determination is better than Westminster subjugation.

Cognitive Dissonance is so endemic in British Nationalists that the World Health Organization should be called in to help treat them.

This inability to admit that perhaps they have made a mistake is what makes them prepared to see their families suffer extreme deprivation and the country turned into a third world backwater.

When Brexit explodes all over the UK there is not a chance that the right wingers that brought this to you will accept a scintilla of blame for the outcome.

This is why even now when the disaster awaits us is known by everyone they refuse to accept the truth.

To acknowledge they got the entire Brexit fandango wrong goes against all the right-wing ideology.

Irrespective of the hardships to come for the ordinary populace the elite will carry on regardless.

It is just impossible for them to admit a mistake, that is for inferiors they are a class above they just don’t make mistakes.

That means the right-wing trait of blame must be invoked.

First in line for the blame will be the EU and all the European Johnny Foreigners.

Next will be the Irish for standing up for Ireland.

All the remainers will be next to get blamed.

If they had only not warned everyone of the impending doom and had agreed with the Leavers, all would now be well.

The SNP will also be held responsible for the food and medicine shortages if only they had given the Tories 100% compliance and hadn’t warned of the apocalypse.

Then blame will switch to EU expats that remained behind, then the non-white immigrants, West Indians and Indians, first, second, third or fourth generation, no matter it is their fault.

The Iranians, Afghans, Syrian and Iraqi refugees it is their fault that you don’t have jobs, medical care or enough nurses or teachers.

Then it will be the disabled, the old, the unemployed anyone and everyone but the elite.

Throughout this entire jamboree the rich will become even richer.

Those working class fools that actually help sustain the right wingers at present will eventually become the target.

They will be told it is all their fault because they didn’t make enough noise earlier about Johnny foreigner, the Irish, the Scots, the blacks, the browns, the crippled, the lame.

If they had told the elite, the bankers, the hedge fund managers earlier to act against all of these people their lifes would be better now.

Whoever is to blame be assured it is not the fault of The Royal Family, The Lords, The Tory Party, The Labour Party, The House of Commons, The Wealthy, The Elite.

It is not the fault of the Financiers, the Spivs or the wide boys.

It was the poor, the disenfranchised, the immigrants the sick and disabled.

When Scotland makes a move towards self-determination to escape the Brexit madness be prepared for an assault from the right.

All the troubles that you mention will not be the fault of Westminster.

Everything that is wrong in Scotland will be because of the separatists not the right-wing Anglo-Brit greed.

Your local services are underfunded because of SNP austerity.

Anything that is wrong is not the fault of the English government or elite.

The Scottish Budget was cut every year because of the SNP.

The only reason there are any foodbanks is because those that use them are freeloaders that cannot manage their money.

Poverty is a life choice not a result of the elite being greedy and hoarding their wealth and avoiding taxes instead of paying decent salaries to the workers.

They are poor because they are lazy, they may have 3 jobs but they are just lazy and bad money managers.

Perhaps if they didn’t have Sky TV, or smoke or have a pint now and again their life would be better.

Those that are unemployed are just lazy and do not want to work.

Most of the disabled are actually able-bodied and are just working the system, they are scroungers not disabled!

These narratives are imbedded in the right wingers brains and no evidence you show them to the contrary will make them believe anything different.

The vast majority of them are too bigoted and full of hate and loathing to realise they too are only a few pay packets away from penury.

When you encounter these brain-dead individuals ignore them, block them, mute them, avoid them.

They are a waste of your time and energy.

There are enough decent people that are out there that are wanting to be persuaded.

That is our target audience, that is our 5%.

Be prepared our time is coming and you will be needed.

What we do in the next few months will either lift millions out of poverty or condemn our nation to servitude.






3 thoughts on “Know Your Foe!

  • Utterly brilliant and unerringly accurate. The near future I fear unless we wake up and free ourselves from this nightmare scenario.

  • @Scotpol1314

    Wow. You nail the explicit relationship between England’s colonialism/wealth stripping and the right-wing “rent seeking” that defines modern English economy/society.

    It makes it so clear that the inherent right-wing core of England is just a continuing manifestation of the Empire as nothing more that England’s rent seeking scaled up to the globe. To placate the England poor and stop any uprising, English elite essentially outsourced famine and social unrest to the colonies.

    I don’t know if Scotland’s widespread Social Democratic tendencies are inherent or a community’s reaction to English colonial brutality. However, as the post-WWII peace dividend is being increasingly eroded and asset stripped by the wealthy – Scotland’s idea of its social compact is diverging from England’s at a rate of knots.

    You are correct to be wary of Westminster and their acolytes. Westminster and the English establishment have always used polite language to mask unspeakable brutality…It is the ultimate gas-lighting.

  • I totally agree with all you wrote. Read half of this last night in Oban Inn. Then met up with a lovely Glasgow couple who I spent an hour with, easy company and not bigoted.
    Then I got talking with one of Scotlands iconic landscape artists who is very much for the Cause, like myself.
    Most revolutions and this is one start and stay on going for the connection that artists, musician as well as activists bring to keeping the message going.
    I am doing it in my art with a “Wings over Scotland” print.
    It is of 2 Typhoons over the 5 sisters of Kintail the aircraft rebranded in Scottish Air force roundals with Wings V on tail.
    Prints are in Yes Hub, Crossgates Cupar.
    So many ways to counter the nuckle heads.

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