It’s Time to Fight Back.

There are as we know lots of specious arguments directed at the Independence Movement.

Some are so ridiculous that we do not even have to rebut them.

The most outrageous I can remember are these ,however I am sure you all have personal favorites.

Here is one from our present Chancellor Philip Hammond ,who in 2014 as Minister of Defence stated with straight face that an Independent Scotland would be more vulnerable to attacks from Outer Space.

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie a ‘Scot’ truly bought and sold insisted his adopted home of England would need to bomb our airports should Scotland vote Yes.

We had Lord George Robertson assuring us that the forces of darkness would love it if Scotland became Independent .

These are just some of the most ridiculous scare stories that the British Media actually gave credence to ,in an attempt to frighten the bejesus out of as many folk as they could.

We know all the others about job losses at HMRC, The Frigates for the Clyde etc etc.

The most despicable lie was that the day after a Yes vote, all pensioners would lose their pensions completely.

There is no lie too big for the Brits ,no moral code ,no decency ,no respect.

They need access to our resources to keep the ruling elite in the manner they are accustomed to,and to hell with the plebs,especially the sweaty sock variety.

Every day I see posts, tweets, BTL Comments insisting that the SNP need to employ some media guru to repudiate the lies of the foreign owned media and broadcasters.

That would be a non job,a waste of money ,time and effort.

Let us be very clear these propagandists posing as journalists and broadcasters are not in the employ of foreign media to tell,or listen to the truth about an independence Movement they hate with every fibre of their body.

I have said many times if we are to win our Independence ,we need to do it for ourselves ,we will win in it on the streets,doorsteps school gates and workplaces.

Do not expect any help from the foreign owned media ,Scottish Independence is not in the best interests of the non domiciled Press Barons ,or broadcasters.

We need to educate ourselves and others in the movement and take our message to the voters in person.

Three distortions that the SNP and ourselves can easily torpedo are ones surrounding the EU.

The media love to say how the SNP is divided on the EU with around 36% of SNP Voters apparently voting for Brexit.

They constantly use this in articles and broadcasts to suggest that the Indy Ref based on being dragged out of the EU is a spurious argument and therefore SNP are being less than honest in using Brexit as a reason to hold the accursed referendum at all.

I am sure give or take a few % that 36% did indeed vote for Brexit,here’s what nobody says to neutralize that .

I personally know of 5 people in my branch alone that did indeed vote for Brexit.

When I asked why ,they said “simple ,our policy is if we are dragged out of EU ,Nicola will give us a second Referendum. Scotland is hugely in favour of EU so some of us helping the Little Englanders leave EU could aid our cause and not affect the outcome for the Remain Vote in Scotland.”

I don’t for one minute think that these 5 are the only ones in my Branch that had that idea .

There are a great deal more members in all our branches that are not known to us ,the silent members that pay but don’t play we all have them.

If that was replicated throughout all the SNP Branches in Scotland that is a huge % of people who did indeed vote tactically that are either neutral ,or in favour of EU.

If I know this then I assume our ‘clever’ people in Edinburgh must have knowledge of this behaviour by our members.

They may for all sorts of reasons not want to allow that into the ‘chatterspace’ personally I think that is a mistake.

We should be repeating and repeating this until it becomes the accepted norm.

We should have it out there to undermine another of the Unionists negative pitches.

The other more prominent bit of Jackie Baillie that really bursts my knitting is this old canard

“ It is not real Independence to leave UK to be ruled over by Brussels.”

There is not one amongst us that has not heard that Keech at least a dozen times.

I have always had a very simple retort to that ,and with a little ingenuity it fits into 140 characters too !

The difference between EU and BU ( British Union) is simple ,EU has 27 Nations each with a vote and a veto.

The BU has 4 Nations only one has a veto and can outvote the other 3 ,and does whenever its interests look threatened.

(Before anyone sends me a smart arse comment I am aware 2 Nations a Principality and a Province)

Lastly the other favourite of Unionists and Brexiteers ‘ the EU is so undemocratic the Commission is all appointees”

This one is the easiest of all to destroy as an argument.

What about the near 900 Peers in the House of Lords,and the unelected Head of State living on benefits in a Council house at the bottom of the Mall?

These are just three quick fire responses that we need to have at our disposal to deploy when Unionists start their nonsense.

Between now and the Referendum let us take these and add more all the time to make sure we are ready to take on and beat the foreign owned media .

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