Is There a Better Reason for Independence?

I would like to apologise that over the past few weeks I have not been writing much.

I could say it is because Holyrood and Westminster are in recess, that however would be a lie.

There is plenty going on to keep me busy writing all the time, the pending disaster that is Brexit reveals a new horror and a new UK screw up each and every day.

I hold my hand up and admit it has been pure self indulgence that has prevented me blogging, you see after a separation of 18 months I had my two youngest grandchildren here visiting me for 17 fantastic days.

Both my children and my 4 grandchildren live in Dubai, due to circumstances we have not been together for this long period of time.

Like so many Scots my children decided to leave home to find better opportunities in life than can be found in Scotland.

They have a good life in Dubai and enjoy many privileges and advantages that the majority of kids back in Scotland can only dream about.

I am of course happy that my children and grandchildren have a good quality of life, although it does not stop me missing them every single day.

I would love to be one of those grandpas that had their children and grandchildren if not in the same street maybe at least in the same town or city so that we could all just ‘drop by, drop in’ and spend lots of quality time together.

Alas like so many Scottish parents and grandparents that is not always possible, circumstances and opportunity can make this impossible

I used those 17 days to catch up and enjoy my grandchildren I had of course after 18 months been shocked at how much they had grown up.

They are aged seven and five so the last eighteen months is as you can imagine made a huge difference in them.

We did the full gambit, swam every day in the pool, played daft games, went to the beach, collected shells, sat in a few pop-up beach bars and enjoyed cool drinks together.

We went to a Waterpark, into Barcelona, visited the Old Town, the Gaudi House and Park, walked La Ramble, took cafe con leche and cake.

We camped out two nights (in the back garden) played Snap and Donkey long after they would normally be sleeping.

Sneaked into the tent forbidden, or at least severely rationed treats like Coke, crisps and chocolate, well if a grandpa can’t break a few rules, who can?

I got the old photographs out and told them stories about their dad when he was their age, when I was their age too, that really baffled them, I think they believe Grandpa had always been this age.

I have to say it was the quickest, nicest, most enjoyable 17 days in a long, long time.

Too quickly I was driving the children and their mum and dad to the airport to return to their life in Dubai.

It wasn’t from Glasgow Airport as my life is now mostly in Catalonia and that decision was reached in the main because my family live away and I was alone in Scotland.

Irrespective of the airport the feeling though is the same when it comes time to say cheerio to your little darlings.

As they headed for security and turned to wave and blow me kisses till the next time we meet my throat burned and my eyes stung as I began to cry and break my heart.

This year it is the in-laws turn to spend Christmas with them so no definite date when we will all be together again.

It reminded me of a time during the Referendum Campaign when I was asked what my motivation was for independence.

I said then what I would say during this next plebiscite, for my children and my grandchildren, yes, but for every mum and dad, every gran and grandpa so that they don’t have to feel this horrible emptiness and separation when those they love most leave to go ‘home’ to a foreign land because there were not enough opportunities in their land of birth.

I am not saying that Independence will mean that no Scots will ever have to leave to find opportunity.

Indeed, we should encourage lots to just do that very thing and return with fresh ideas and innovations learnt from other nations and cultures that will help and improve our nation.

What I do say though is with independence there will most certainly be more opportunity for our children and grandchildren and less necessity for so many to have to leave to attain a decent standard of living.

When Nicola finally gives us the go ahead, I will be on the first available flight back home to knock on the doors, deliver the leaflets and to say to my fellow Scots if you want your family unit to remain close then help us make a more prosperous, equal, just society, one that will make leaving Scotland the last resort, not the first.

Grandparents of Scotland your country needs you now more than ever.

1 thought on “Is There a Better Reason for Independence?

  • It brought a year to my eye reading that. My sister’s grandchildren are in Singapore so she only sees then once or twice a year and she is always heartbroken when they have to leave.
    I too believe that independence will bring many more opportunities for our young folk. It’s the next generation we should always have in mind when we vote.

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