Is it true or did you hear it on the BBC?

I was watching one of my favourite movies today, Good Morning Vietnam starring the magnificent, late great Robin Williams.

It is loosely based on a true character Radio funny man Adrian Cronauer who was sent to Vietnam to bring a little comedy back into the lives of the soldiers. After setting up shop, Cronauer delights the G.I.s but shocks his superior officer, Sergeant Major Dickerson, with his irreverent take on the war. While Dickerson attempts to censor Cronauer’s broadcasts, Cronauer pursues a relationship with a Vietnamese girl named Trinh who shows him the horrors of war first-hand.

That is the nub of the story and indeed the real Adrian Cronauer only past away in July this year, however unlike the version of him in the movie he was no radical or subversive that the late comedy genius Robin Williams made him out to be in the movie.

The role instead became a showcase for the frenetic Williams, who ad-libbed much of the broadcast depictions.

“In real life Cronauer never did anything outrageous. He did witness a bombing in Saigon. He wanted to report it – he was overruled. He didn’t want to buck the system, because you can get court-martialled for that,” Williams told Rolling Stone magazine.

In later life Cronauer was in fact a card carrying Republican, true blue American and never committed any of the acts depicted in the Hollywood version during his Vietnam service.

The best of the movie apart from the splendid manic Williams is the sound track all great memorable tunes.

During the film it is shown that “Forces Radio” is not there to entertain or indeed meet the needs of the soldiers doing the fighting and dying.

The radio station is merely there to ensure these young boys are kept on message and hear only the propaganda of Washington.

They are fed numerous lies, that they are only there in a policing role, they are there to help the local people, that there are far fewer soldiers in theatre than some would tell them are deployed in Vietnam.

The lies continue to mount up as do the number of soldiers in the conflict and dying, any of the many Viet-Cong successes are hushed up and daily bulletins from USA advise of imminent victory and the accursed communists in retreat and disarray.

The powers to be in the Pentagon and White House knew early on they were losing the war and indeed could never win it and instead of withdrawing gracefully and accepting their failure they increased the lies misinformation and the troop numbers hoping that something might miraculously change to enable them to claim a victory.

They forgot Einstein’s sage words,” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

They latterly also escalated the war into neighbouring Cambodia and Laos.

The Americans actually were involved covertly and overtly for 17 years and 4 months and after all that time and massive cost in men, money and equipment the rough estimates are alleged to be enormous.

The Defense Department reported that the overall cost of the Vietnam war was $173 billion equivalent to $900billion today.

58,220 American soldiers died and around 2 million Vietnamese fighters and civilians also lost their lives.

As in any war there were more civilian than military deaths.

During this long carnage the radio and many other forms of media helped keep the truth not just from the fighting men, their families and their own nation but the rest of the world too.

Directly and indirectly by their dishonesty these media people prolonged an unwinnable war.

When Chinese or Russian media told of Communist victories or American atrocities they were immediately denied and suggested that this was all part of the Communist conspiracy to take over the world.

It was not till many years after the conflict that it emerged the so-called bad guys, the Commies had been telling the truth and the so-called good guys had been the ones lying.

We will never know for sure how many lives could have been saved if the media had not been so tightly controlled by the US Government and establishment, no doubt they were under immense pressure from the industrial military complex to keep fighting and of course spending tax $ to enrich the industrialists.

US troop numbers peaked in 1968 with President Johnson approving an increased maximum number of US troops in Vietnam at 549,500.

Eventually as we all know the Americans had to withdraw after suffering a humiliating defeat to a people’s militia army.

When the Americans finally left Vietnam the iconic image imprinted on everyone is of the last helicopter on the top of the American Embassy roof in Saigon.

What you do not see is the many other ordinary Vietnamese that had worked and collaborated with the Americans during the conflict that were locked out of the embassy and abandoned by the Americans as collateral damage.

This repeated itself in Afghanistan and Iraq with many locals that worked for the Americans and British during those ill fated imperial wars being discarded as soon as they were no longer useful.

Many of the interpreters and guides that had been promised safe haven in the US and UK were shamefully betrayed and left to their fate in those war torn countries.

We will never know how many of those people lost their lives after working for the British and American armed forces and intelligence corps.

The media that is meant to inform and protect us will do what they have always done and lie for the establishment.

Equating the fall of Saigon or the ill-fated invasions and betrayals of Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts with Scottish Independence is perhaps a bit drastic however there are several parallels to draw.

Since the early 1950s ever since the Stone of Destiny was reclaimed for Scotland the entire British establishment and media has been on high alert.

This particularly shows itself with our ‘national broadcaster’ The BBC has always been the voice of London and the British ruling elite.

Those that work there are very much on the side of the establishment and while many of the lowly placed cogs may have Nationalist sympathies they are all part of the subterfuge that emanates from that establishment at Pacific Quay.

(As an aside, post-indy I think it should be renamed Lord Haw-Haw Quay)

The Powers to be in London and Pacific Quay just like the Americans in the Vietnam war know that they cannot defeat Scottish Independence however they will keep doing the same things and instead of increasing troop numbers will just increase the number of lies and smears.

Eventually just like the Americans the British will have to negotiate an embarrassing withdrawal.

Like the Americans when it comes time to negotiate the Brits will be in a weak position, post Brexit, no allies few friends and in a financial turmoil locked out of the SM and CU.

Scotland will be in a very strong position especially with 27 EU friends and allies supporting it all the way.

That leaves those that have done everything in their power to keep Scotland in the Union in a rather awkward position.

Even by their standards of duplicity the BBC GMS surpassed itself this week with the Raytheon smear.

They have told the Scottish people some whoppers in their time however this latest one was just off the scale in its dishonesty and rank hypocrisy.

This all came from a SLAB Press release and had so many flaws and omissions it should have immediately been rejected as dishonest nonsense, indeed a first year journalist student could have destroyed this particular piece of fiction in minutes.

What I cannot understand is how Gary Robertson and Gillian Marles either allowed themselves to be conned or were too stupid to realise the story was a nonsense.

I fail to see how two so called professional journalists could not check the veracity of these ficticious claims of SLAB before going on air.

They have to either be extremely incompetent or dishonest willing accomplices for the British State there is no other explanation.

Either way now that they have been exposed they should either correct their nonsense or resign.

Scottish Independence will happen that is a certainty there will be no need for helicopters on the roof of BBC Pacific Quay or at STV however those that have aligned themselves to the British Establishment need look no further than the conflicts I have mentioned above to know that when as useful idiots they are of no further use to London they will be abandoned to their own fate.

Somehow in the new Independent Scotland I don’t see there being many opportunities for those that collaborated to keep the union intact.

We can forgive those that were lied to and taken in by silver tongued media luvvies, however we will never forgive the liars.

4 thoughts on “Is it true or did you hear it on the BBC?

  • Well said. Unfortunately the Scottish(?) press splash these lies on their front page. If they are forced to retract it’s usually a small box hidden well within the paper. Job… done

  • Great article, I find myself visiting your site more and more. Just a small point, the photo is not of the Embassy roof. It’s a school that, if I remember correctly, was used by the CIA to extricate their “people”. It’s mentioned in the Ken Burns series about the Vietnam war, which can be seen on Netflix at the moment. I think it also may be on you-tube.

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