Is it time for the Pitchforks yet?

It was Harold MacMillan that when asked the thing he feared most as Prime Minister gave the famous reply “events dear boy,events”

These last few weeks,and months have been full of events and it seems our Prime Minister is either too stupid or too callous to fear or to care about them.

This has to be the most incompetent,viscous government in living memory,yet even now they are only a few points adrift from forming the next government should a General Election happen any day soon.

That is down to the paucity of the Labour Party that seem incapable of taking a principled position on anything,especially the farce that is Brexit.

A matter of days ago they voted with the Tories on the crucial decision to leave the Single Market & Customs Union.

Today Sir Keith Stammer the Labour Party’s spokesman on Brexit was urging the government to remain in both,at this point I was tempted to write you couldn’t make this up,however Labour do make it up every day.

Both they and the Tories consistently put their own narrow Party advantage in front of the well being of the country.

We are in this Brexit madness all because David Cameron put his party’s obsession with Europe before the good of the country.

Corbyn it seems is unable to put the hated Tories to the sword with his insipid performances at PMQ and he always seems to let Theresa May easily escape any proper scrutiny.

When the result came in from Moray Constituency at the General Election, Theresa May must have punched the air in relief that her nemesis at PMQ, Angus Robertson had lost his seat to the part time linesman and gypsy hater,Tory Douglas Ross.

Every Wednesday must have had Tessa dreading the moment that Angus got to put his questions to her,the look of fear on her face was evident for all to see as Angus fired off his laser beamed inquiries at the spineless PM.

Each day as the train crash that is Brexit unfolds the sheer incompetence and stupidity of these privately educated privileged fools on the Tory benches is exposed for all to see,and with a useless Labour Opposition we need Angus more than ever to bring a sense of realism to these crazy happenings.

The problem is that far too many people refuse or choose to ignore the gross negligence of this ridiculous farce that is Westminster.

Here in Scotland only a few short months ago we had sufficient people willing to elect 13 Tory MPs.

These nincompoops have managed to make fools of themselves,their constituents,their country of birth and the parliamentary system.

They have shown that they have no idea which matters are reserved or which matters are devolved.

They are full of hate for the SNP, Scotland, the poor,the disadvantaged,the disabled,the unemployed and anyone that does not share their narrow world view.

Today when the Secretary of State for Scotland, Fluffy Mundell was asked what were his red lines for Scotland in the Brexit negotiations he said ‘the integrity of the British Union.’

Again confirming he is London’s man in Scotland,not Scotland’s man in London.

His line manager Rooth the Mooth has flip flopped on the Single Market depending on what she thinks makes the best sound bite for each particular day.

She hides when anything difficult has to be faced and she does this safe in the knowledge that our foreign owned MSM and Broadcasters will let her away without serious scrutiny.

She appeared today to back up the DUP with a ‘No Surrender’ of her own no doubt as a signal to her own hardcore knuckledragging support base.

She not only acts against her country of birth but also her Party leader and PM when it suits her own agenda to do so,as this incursion into UK wide matters showed.

We have David Davis the British Government’s top negotiator in Brexit finally admitting that those 58 detailed sectorial impact studies he had been telling us about for the past year in fact don’t exist,even though recently he was bragging just how detailed and concise each of these impact studies were.

When Pete Wishart,MP for Perth raised this as a point of order with Mr Speaker Bercow,suggesting that the Minister was in contempt of Parliament and should be brought to task he was given the answer that the Speaker would wait on the committee report before passing any comment.

We all know what Mr Davis said previously, we all heard today when he said the exact opposite, Mr Speaker is no different,however the establishment needs to protect the establishment so Bercow has bought some time till the ‘elite’ think of a suitable spin.

The Union and Parliament must at all costs be protected truth,decency,right or common weal mean nothing to the cesspit that is Westminster.

Just like the Child Abuse Enquiry, Chilcott, Levenson, Panama Papers,Paradise Papers, Electoral fraud,the £430 billion missing off of the balance sheet of UKPLC ,this latest piece of harmful evidence against the corrupt,incompetent BritishState will be made to disappear.

I just need to ask all of you in Scotland that are still supporting the Union.

Do you really ,truly believe that these people have the best interests of Scotland as their main focus?

Ask yourselves this what is it that can be achieved in the British Union that cannot be achieved by an Independent Scotland that prevents you from voting YES.

3 thoughts on “Is it time for the Pitchforks yet?

  • Another excellent blog. And have you seen today’s Font Pages in SMSM only the DR and The National feature yesterday’s debacle. It’s already being whitewashed. Move along Jocks nothing for you lot hear.

      • Probably because these bastards wrote the bloody book. They truly are the hub of scummery and villainy. We can only hope that the 1000 year Norman night is finally drawing to a close. When that day comes, I doubt we will truly be able to comprehend the sheer global scale and magnitude of evil that they have wrought upon this world over the last millennium when all is finally exposed. When the books are finally opened, I suspect they will make even the (Godwin alert klaxon) Nazis look like rank amateurs.

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