Is It Over Yet?

Things are moving so quickly I am worried that by the time I finish writing, editing and publishing this blog things will have shifted yet again.

The one thing however that won’t change is that we in the United Kingdom live in a sham democracy.

We have no written constitution, an iffy FPTP voting system an antiquated parliamentary system an unelected and very costly Head of State not forgetting her huge extended family.

Perhaps for the Royals we should bring in the one child rule to try and curtail our expenditure on this ever burgeoning Germanic dynasty.

We have our near 900 un-elected Peers sitting on the red benches at £300.O0 a day plus perks and expenses.

The entire British democratic model is then held together by an honours’ system that rewards toadies, donors and lobbyists all wrapped up by a corrupt media owned by a few offshore right wing tax avoiding press barons.

The UK media is so corrupt and so biased that when I recently attended a seance, Josef Goebells made an appearance to say how embarrassed he was for Propagandists everywhere because the Brits had kicked the arse out of propaganda so much that nobody would ever again believe a single word the state says through its media outlets.

The most distressing thing in all this is that so many in Scotland truly believe this is as good as it gets and it cannot be improved or bettered.

I cannot for the life of me understand how any semi-literate, educated person can look at all that is happening with Brexit, Dark Money, Panama, Chilcott, Levenson, Child Abuse Enquiry, Electoral Fraud, austerity, sleaze and still think staying firmly wedded to the British Union is the best thing for Scotland and it’s citizens.

I am in my mid 60s and I have never seen such an incompetent, corrupt, evil, cruel government in that entire lifetime.

It has to be bad when Thatcher only comes third in a list of vile, corrupt Tory leaders of our time.

What is even worse is at the same time we have the most ineffective clueless opposition ever, led by a guy whose brain is still in the 1960s and he has no concept or idea how to move his political thoughts or party into the globalized 21st Century.

Both these Londoncentric Parties believe passionately in English exceptionalism and in some sort of

renaissance imperialistic nirvana as far away from Johnny Foreigner on mainland Europe as possible.

They view anything north of Watford, or west of Swindon as fiefdom to merely be patronized occasionally, but never taken seriously.

The South East and Home Counties are all that really matters the rest is just a landmass populated with inferior beings that can, and are treated in any manner the Palace of Westminster deems appropriate.

This latest fiasco by Theresa May in accepting amendments to the Chequers accord that she must know will be totally unacceptable to the EU27 is inexplainable.

The one in particular that will be her undoing is the backstop arrangement for NI she had agreed with EU and Dublin which she has now dropped after JRM told her to do so, or face a rebellion by her own backbench Little Englanders.

While there will be a certain joyous irony in tiny Ireland telling UK to sod off, it is a tragedy for the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland that voted Remain.

The people of these to places have choices, either remain in the UK and face a very bleak future or vote for a different solution, Scottish Independence and a United Ireland, both in the EU with 27 allies and friends that won’t spend their entire time stealing your resources or telling you what to do and ignoring everything you say.

In the European Union unlike the British Union you will have an equal vote and more importantly a veto to protect your interests.

It is time to be brave and take matters into our own hands. I know it won’t be a land of milk and honey immediately however I am more than certain it will be an improvement on this present corrupt, undemocratic, debacle called the UK.

The choice is yours, and on that subject of choice I would like to hear from any 55+ that have moved from No to Yes since 2014.

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1 thought on “Is It Over Yet?

  • I agree entirely with you BB , I find it incomprehensible that even past liebour voters cannot reflect on the UNTOLD damage these cretins visited on Scotland in their self serving corruption . How can ANYONE take seriously the latest outpourings of Jackie Baillie and Monica Lennon , FFS their party are the very ones who have fought at considerable financial cost to BLOCK any semblance of equal pay and conditions , plus PFI and sending £1 billion pounds back to wastemonster because they couldn’t think of anything to spend it on in Scotland

    I despair at the stupidity and lack of memory of Scots , when we have the chance to rid ourselves of this corruption they hesitate and make excuses instead of wanting to jail these bastirts for the misery they have brought upon us

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