Ireland,Brexit’s Achilles Heel.

I have been telling you since last year the whole Irish Border question would scupper The Little Englanders Brexit utopian nonsense and so it is proving.

Theresa May’s plan for avoiding a hard border was subjected to “a systematic and forensic annihilation” this week by the EU.

“It was a detailed and forensic rebuttal. It was made clear that none of the UK’s customs options will work,” .

Last month, Ms May said remaining in the EU customs union would “not be compatible with meaningful independent trade policy” and proposed two options for avoiding a hard border while retaining the ability to set tariffs.

Mrs May and her right wing Brexiteers have been telling us ever since the day after the Brexit Vote, Brexit, means Brexit.

They have told us that we would be leaving the SM & CU that in this bright new Empire2 world of global trade Britannia would once again be master of all it surveyed.

Unfortunately for the Little Englanders, reality, the Irish and the EU have come along to end this nonsense once and for all.

The UK proposals were so bad, so amature that at a meeting of EU Ambassadors the jokes were flying.

At a briefing in Brussels last week, one ambassador put up his hand and asked if anyone could tell him how to open an export-import business in Ireland, “because it is going to be a great business if there are no customs controls.

The UK Government will of course blame Johnny Foreigner, The Irish, The SNP and Vladimir Putin for their Keystone Cops negotiating style and the humiliating rejection out of hand by the EU team.

The arrogance of these Little Englanders is such that they just expect the EU, Ireland to give them whatever arrangement they want.

It is how it works for them in the British Union whatever they want they get, whatever policy no matter the outcome for others is of no consequence as long as London and the ruling elite get what they require.

They are finding out slowly but surely because their pomposity stops them from seeing immediately the reality staring them in the face,  that reality is simply this, Brexit is an unmitigated disaster .

This week coming the UK Government has to either accept a massive climb down and remain in the SM & CU or announce a Hard Brexit.

There is now no alternative to these two options, some of the London mob might start to suggest Ireland should also leave the EU and come back to the loving bosom of Mother England as a solution to the British dilemma.

Believe me they are that arrogant and pompous to truly believe that is a viable option and one that would appeal to Ireland.

Those of us in the real world have been pointing out for some time now, Ireland has waited over 500 years for this moment and those dafties on the other side of the Irish Sea are too glaikit to realize that yet.

This final nail in the notion of any kind of acceptable Brexit negotiation should be enough to alert our Scottish Government to prepare the necessary legal framework to hold an Independence Referendum as soon as is practible.

It is my opinion that much sooner than anyone could have imagined the likelihood of an Independent Scotland and a United Ireland are close at hand.

Saor Alba gu brath.





4 thoughts on “Ireland,Brexit’s Achilles Heel.

  • Great piece again, I agree, all the avenues of staying in this union are slowly being sealed off. Soon the only other option is a referendum and out of it. The people of Scotland never, ever wanted this union in the first place. It was brought about by the elite seeing something in it for themselves as usual.
    Until the next one
    Brilliant post as always, I love reading what you have to say

  • I agree with the author but unfortunately for Scotland I believe our Politian’s will be like Catalonia chased all over the world for extradition and jailed for treason to the dictator Theresa May and king maker rees mogg. Don’t be surprised if the monarchy are dumped for a president unelected by the people. Unfortunately I fear for Scotland without help from the EU to help support our right to independence.

  • I agree entirely with your analysis Roddy and the one really large concern I have is that we get independence here before anything happens in Ireland, without being overly dramatic about it at the first sign of a United Ireland we’d likely have to host May thousands of Unionist ‘refugees’ from across the water and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that demographics views on Scottish independence!
    Nonetheless, I think that you are spot on with your take on the inevitability of a hard Brexit: which I’ve personally been predicting since the referendum results were announced. The great thing in our favour is that the Unionist bolt has been well and truly fired in 2017 and I genuinely think that marks the high water mark of their popularity.

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