Independence! Nothing less!

This is the slogan that I believe should always be our rallying call.

I know the clever folk think for each election ,each Conference we need a new sound bite, a new strapline, personally I don’t think that is necessary.

I think we should have never stopped using this slogan, you can carry below it a subtext,however this slogan should always be for us the prime focus.

It was an SNP Campaign theme in the 70s, and very successful one it was too.

The 70,000+ that joined the SNP in the aftermath of the Independence Referendum ,or the voters that increased our vote share to 50% +in 2015 GE didn’t do so because of our Housing /Education/Transport Policy.

The reason they joined and voted for us was ,

Independence! Nothing less.

I am what the Unionists term a Fundamentalist, the other ones are called Gradualists.

The Foreign owned Media in Scotland began this narrative to try and grow division within the Independence Movement,it failed.

Basically us Fundies believe ,according to Unionists only in Independence irrespective of what kind of country Scotland becomes and we want it now.

A distortion of course, remember this is the labels by Unionist foreign owned media.

Yes we want it now ,the lie is that we do not care what kind of country Scotland becomes.

It is fair to say most Fundies and Gradualists want the same kind of Independent Scotland,a just,equal and fair society,and the vast majority of us believe in a Scotland free of WMD.

The gradualists are the ones that embrace small steps ,a Little Scotland Bill here ,a little more Scotland Bill there, doing it by stealth.

It certainly worked right up until 2015 where IMHO we reached the end of the Gradualist road.

We had control of Holyrood for 8 years ,the most Councillors throughout Scotland ,and now 56 out of 59 Westminster MPs.

There could be no more little steps ,what we needed then ,as now was a giant leap forward.

In British Politics they have left and right ,nowadays allegedly the centre too.

If you are a Centrist it means you like selling weapons to beheading dictators,Brexit, Austerity, WMD, Theresa May ,and Tony Blair.

If that is centre ground god knows what right wing signifies .

Left wing in the UK is supporting the exact same, just a little less enthusiastically.

This tactic by our Media to give everybody labels makes it easier for them to use the favourite trick of the British Establishment ,divide and rule.

The thing that infuriates our opponents most is their inability to get us as a mass movement into the same place to make it easier for them to attack and destroy us.

By the same place I mean a British defined same place ,you see wanting to jettison the UK is not a position they can relate to,or understand.

The sycophants to the union are the cult ,not us,they are blindly devoted to Britannia,they will not even allow the smallest criticism of this construct.

It is to them a perfect place ,they live like Alice in Wonderland,oblivious to the reality .

Hence the vitriol they tend to use against us secessionists .

When they go after Labour it is easy ,they use the ‘Left wing’ label (I know, I know , they are about as left wing as a guy with two right feet ,playing right wing for a pre- Mandela South Africa at rugby)

When it comes to them having a go at the right wing that only happens when they are not being right wing enough.

The Establishment then usually use the same ‘being too left wing ,they need to tack to the right’ attack mode.

I ,as a Fundy believe that on all occasions and at all times it is Independence!,Nothing Less.

At every opportunity we should mention,promote and speak about Independence.

During the Indy Ref the Establishment held out the carrot of Devo Max, to this day it ,and the famous Vow have never been fully explained.

I give anyone the opportunity now to define what either of those actually means in practical terms.

Is it for example the same as FFA, or is it slightly different ?

It is because all these things are fluid they mean something to one person ,and something completely different to another.

The Establishment love this, it creates confusion in the ranks,it means that some of the movement break off and head in one direction while some others go another way and the main body is weakened.

Have you never watched one of Attenborough’s magnificent documentaries where the highly intelligent lions split up the herd to make it easier for them to make a kill?

Our Unionist Media use the same tactic to try and split some of us from the main group.

Another reason why the Byres Road People’s Front and others of the same ilk need to understand we need to remain as a united herd ,otherwise the lions will pick us off one by one .

I humbly suggest we ignore all these slogans and concentrate on just the one ‘Independence! Nothing less, that way we cannot be deflected ,distracted or in any way removed from the end goal, the restoration of National Sovereignty to our beautiful and ancient nation.

This keeps us focused and prevents the enemies of Independence from corralling us into a space that suits them.

We should at every turn be putting forward the case for self determination and challenging them to give us the counter argument.

We need to be controlling the narrative instead of always ceding that advantage to them.

IMHO The Party made a huge mistake at the recent GE by not attacking head on the Unionists anti Independence,anti Referendum mantra .

We should never be scared to loudly and proudly promote the advantages and benefits of Scottish Independence.

We adopted a head in the sand approach and our tactic was to ignore this in the hope their whining would fall on deaf ears.

We chose to attack and fight on a manifesto of policy achievements and plans for future policies.

Not just my opinion,the results indicate this was a huge miscalculation,a bad strategy.

Here’s the thing, and I now speak as a Marketeer,not as a Fundy, folk buy ‘the sizzle not the sausage.’

Wee Jeannie and Johnnie don’t read the manifesto,they don’t give a jot about ‘policies’,they don’t even read the leaflets beyond the first line.

Over 99% of all those leaflets you deliver go straight from the letter box to the bin.

Only the anoraks and the media analyze and talk about the manifestos.

How many of you have actually ever read an entire manifesto?

Damn few I would say, no doubt some anoraks will add comments to this blog,suggesting manifestos win elections.

No they don’t win them,but they can lose elections for you.

The best you can hope for is that the strapline ‘Independence! Nothing Less ‘has caught their eye and is implanted in their subconscious.

Nobody EVER buys from the brochure,we in Sales & Marketing have known that ever since the days of the 10 Commandments.

You all know they were 10 ,can you repeat them ,and in the correct order without opening the good book?

Let me give you another test ,hands up all who remember Strong and Stable?

Now hands up anyone who can quote the Tory policy on say Education ,or Land Reform from their June Manifesto?

Did they even have a policy for Land Reform?

I therefore say to our ‘clever people’ here is another building block in the Sales & Marketeer’s lexicon and that is , KISS.





As a Fundamentalist I believe that we should never forget our raison d’etre

Independence! Nothing less.

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