I could be persuaded to Vote for a Unionist Party

I am sure you have all seen these absolute blinkered intransigent statements by the two SLABBERS vying for the role of Branch Office Manger.

Both clearly state that there are no circumstances whatever that would allow these low grade politicians to change their minds.

Therefore if tomorrow the UK Tory Government decided that only Scots that have bought houses ,are in employment ,or have served in the Armed Forces are allowed to vote in any elections these two would be ok with that.

If the Tories bring forward legislation to close Holyrood and bring in Direct London Rule they would be silent.

Should Westminster decide that Scotland’s NHS must be sold off to their pals in the City of London,fine by Anas and Richard.

They both clearly say “I will never, or There will be no pacts,or deals with the SNP”

So if Tories tried to implement all of the above and a pact with ,or a deal with SNP would prevent it ,these guys would say no and let the people of Scotland suffer.

How does anyone get to such a mindset that they would allow any hardship to affect their fellow citizens and just say never just to satisfy a Party ideology.

The last UK Politician that shouted Never was of course Dr Paisley in NI ,it cannot be denied he was extreme in his views,just as these two are extremists.

No country,and certainly not Scotland needs extremists.

I want any politician that seeks office in Scotland to put the needs of the Common Weal before their own narrow ,or Party view.

I want my elected representative to serve all of the community not just what their bosses in London tell them to support.

I could be persuaded to vote Unionist ,however not with the attitude or policies ,or lack of policies that exists today with the Branch Office Parties.

If the Brits ever could elucidate that elusive positive case for the Union I would listen.

If they said “ yes we have not operated in the country’s best interests however here is the new plan.”

First business of the day stop Brexit today ,not tomorrow apologise to EU admitting your mistake and let’s move on.

Tomorrow bring in legislation that will abolish the House of Lords immediately .

Replace it with a fully elected by PR second chamber.

Each of the devolved regions will have the same number of elected representatives as each of the English Regions.

We will immediately reduce the relevance of the unelected sovereign to that of a tourist attraction for Americans and Japanese visitors.

The Civil list will consist of Mr & Mrs Windsor only others presently receiving State Benefits will like the rest of the population have to fend for themselves.

The House of Commons will now become in reality instead of de facto ,the actual English Parliament.

It will, like other Devolved Administrations be subject to a block grant .

All Peers of the Realm will keep their titles till death ,however no state funding will be on offer.

All baubles of the Imperial day’s will cease and a new form of citizen achievements will be brought in by the collective agreement of the second chamber,and Devolved Administrations.

All elections in future will be held using true PR ensuring that there becomes more collegiate type governments instead of the narrow types we have had since the early 1900s.

There will be a written Constitution this will be drawn up by representatives of both houses and an equal number from each region and country of the UK.

This will then be amended in both houses and given to the people to accept ,or reject.

However the first Amendment in this new Constitution must be The people of this Union are sovereign ,not a Monarch ,or a Parliament.

We will immediately decommission our stockpile of WMD and set an example to the rest of the world.

We will use some of these savings to increase our spend on conventional forces of a defensive nature ,not the offensive type .

Any nation’s first duty is to defend its citizens not try and project power by means of WMD,or other offensive weapons and hardware.

The BBC will immediately be broken into constituent parts the present Devolved countries and regions will have total control over all Broadcasting in their domain.

There can be no management control whatsoever from outwith the domain.

All appointments will be subject to selection by a professional panel ,no political party shall have representation on these panels.

Newspapers throughout UK must be registered in UK and newspaper groups using offshore facilities to House their head office functions will not be permitted to sell their product

in UK!

The findings of Levenson will be enacted in their entirety.

The same rules will apply to any ,and all companies trading in UK ,if you are using an offshore registration for your operations you will not be permitted to trade in UK.

This applies equally to multi nationals seeking to set up a UK base, you will be welcome however in return we expect you to pay your fair share in taxes ,not more just the right amount.

There will be massive investment in the job of chasing tax evaders and avoiders, like drunk driving anyone found guilty of tax evasion will get an automatic sentence this will be a jail term ,no exceptions.

There will be no immunity for elected representatives and anyone found defrauding the state will face prosecution,and imprisonment especially elected representatives.

No more heating stables, duck ponds or family in second homes,for if you do ,jail will be your new home.

Any UK citizen using offshore tax havens like Panama will like drug dealers be subject to seizure of assets under the proceeds of crime.

All such monies found in tax havens will become the asset of the state and distributed for the Common Weal.

Our old,sick,disabled ,unemployed will no longer be demonized ,instead they will all be ensured a citizens wage as a minimum,and shown compassion .

Any for profit companies operating in the NHS will immediately be nationalized along with Rail, Electricity,Gas, and Water companies.

Finally ,Education which is a right,not a privilege, abolish tuition fees in England and Wales immediately, back date this and pay off all the debt accrued by those unfairly charged this education tax.

One final personal requirement ,no mention of cricket is allowed on television ,anyone doing so gets a minimum of 5 years hard labour.

This is the minimum I would need to be able to say. You know what this British Union is ok we can work with this toward a fairer more just society.

Therefore Unionists if you want Independence to go away,and you want my vote, instead of lying for the Union, change the union and make it a place we will all be proud to live in as one.

You better be quick you are running out of time and we have the mandate to hold that referendum.

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