Hold Fast!

There are some in the YES Movement that are getting a bit nervy over the date of the referendum that is fine, that is understandable, that is acceptable.

Then we have certain people who are suggesting the SNP are not even contemplating a referendum any longer that is unacceptable and divisive.

I think we need to be 100% clear on this, there will be an Independence Referendum all that is in question is when Nicola calls it, and the date she decides is best to hold that referendum, not if she will call it.

Anyone that suggests Nicola is having second thoughts about Independence or is thinking of her own career over Independence is either a fool or a 5th columnist paid Britnat troll.

My best advice to you, ignore them, block them and get on with campaigning for Scottish Independence.

I also noted over the weekend a huge surge on Twitter and Facebook of dormant accounts opened in 2011-2014 suddenly becoming active again.

The Twitter accounts were of the very few followers type, no tweets, just retweets then some small criticism of SNP or Yes Movement, the PQ demo, Nicola not calling referendum, disappointing exam results or just retweeting agreeable pieces.

They are about as subtle as getting a kick in the family jewels from a divers boot.

What it shows is that more and more #darkmoney is pouring into Scotland, most likely through the Scottish Office and the Tory Party.

Not putting to fine a point on it the British Unionists and their collaborators are shitting themselves and are already behaving in an illegal and undemocratic manner.

Scotland is the cash cow that the ruling elite and their spiv friends in the City of London need now more than ever to help them after this Brexit madness kicks in.

They will have secreted their $£€¥ Billions off-shore long before March next year.

They are desperate to be rid of any EU oversight, so they can rape and pillage at will and sell everything that has a value and to hell with the consequences for the people of the UK, or scum as they affectionately call us.

We have to be on our guard. The 5th Column in the media are ramping it up daily, printing any and all press releases from the British Parties and giving the collaborators a platform to spread their lies and disinformation about Scotland.

We should also dispel the myth about needing ‘Westminster’s permission’ by means of a Section 30 Order to hold the Referendum.

This is a fallacy we do not need this approval to hold an advisory referendum (all referendums in UK are advisory)it just makes it binding on all parties.

“Now is not the time” will forever more be the British answer, so best we just ignore them and get on with it in our own time, lest we forget the Scottish people are sovereign.

There is no legal impediment on us holding this plebiscite and just as my buddy Peter Bell states it is time we stopped playing by the British Nationalists rules and take matters into our own hands.

One innovation I would like to ensure in the referendum is zero postal voting, if you cannot make it to the polling station on the day then you have to use a proxy to vote on your behalf.

That method makes it much harder for widespread fraud than using postal voting which is prone to fraud.

I do not want to be accused of being a conspiracy theorist, however worth noting in the 12 seats Tories gained at last GE huge postal votes and almost identical % in each seat won, purely coincidental of course.

Similarly in 2014 how Ruth Davidson was able to announce a NO victory, shortly after polls closed after allegedly being only person in Scotland to see the postal votes, and what was even stranger the only vote in UK not to have an exit poll, again just a coincidence I am sure.


To those of you that perhaps think this cannot happen in the UK, a pillar of democracy have obviously not being paying attention.

I think it is very hard now to deny that the Brexit plebiscite was hijacked by the right wing fascist types using #darkmoney and dark arts.

Daily more and more evidence is coming out of dirty money, dirty tactics, lies upon more lies.

All of the main players from the Leave side have either already moved themselves or their wealth and that of their clients to EU or to tax havens.

Nigel Lawson has managed to get French residency, Farage’s is using his German wife to get himself German residency, JRM has moved his clients funds to Ireland, the list goes on and on.

Think of all the Electoral frauds that have been ignored by the toothless Electoral Commission, the dark/dirty money, the missing £490 billion, Levenson, Chilcott, The Child Sex Abuse Enquiry, Dr David Kelly, Willlie McRae, Jill Dando and the latest one The Power Grab then tell me UK is a democracy and there is no corruption in our country.

I want to see international observers, an exit poll and no postal voting in this referendum to ensure we get a fair and legal vote.

Most of all I want to see us get ourselves out from under the heel of the undemocratic, corrupt, vile heel of Westminster rule.

Saor Alba Gu Brath.

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