Hit the Brits where it Hurts.

The emphasis for the Independence movement moved to the Borders last week with Dumfries being the latest venue for AUOB and the magnificent gathering of people interested in Scottish Independence.

We have had estimates of 10,000+ marching peaceably through the streets of Dumfries.

However probably more crucial to the hopes and aspirations of the people was what was unfolding some 15 miles away from the march in Annan.

This could be yet another milestone on the road to self-determination.

The Pinneys factory as it was known locally was owned and run by Youngs Seafoods their registered office is, Ross House, Wickham Road, Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire, DN31 3SW.

It has now become clear that certain grants and assurances were given to Youngs from the UK Government to make this happen.

What is all the more remarkable in this is the Parliamentary representatives in Annan both in Westminster and Holyrood are Tories. the Mundell’s and Findlay Carson in a neighbouring Holyrood seat, while the Grimsby Westminster Seat is a Labour MP.

Westminster MPs Mundell and Alister Jack( exactly, who?)are all Tories, yet they allowed this to happen in their own backyard without so much as a whimper.

Allowed or perhaps ignored by their London Bosses like the rest of Scotland when it comes to Tory Party of UK.

That with 4 Tory representatives at the two National Parliaments and 16 Tory Councillors on Dumfries and Galloway Council, the largest grouping you would think jobs would be safe from bribes in England to transfer the jobs southwards into England, apparently not.

This follows on from Edinburgh Woolen Mills moving their HQ from Langholm to Carlisle after another bribe from across the border.


I would suggest this to any Tory voters, not just in the borders, but anywhere in Scotland if you have all this Tory representation and companies are falling to bribes from south of the border what are you getting in return for your vote?

A lot of those Tory voters may not be in any way directly associated with the two companies mentioned however as all those jobs disappear so does a lot of income that is in your local economy.

Sooner or later this will impact on your quality, if not your standard of living.

We know from an article in the “Scotsman” that the usual default position has been deployed, namely “Blame the SNP”, this however just wont wash.

The DUP with 10 MPs get £1billion to spend in Northern Ireland, no strings attached, any and all policies it wishes by merely keeping a Tory Government in power at Westminster.

One then has to ask why with 13 Tory MPs in Scotland they have managed the square root of zero for Scotland and especially in their Tory border stronghold.

I ask again what are you getting in return for your vote?

This once again demonstrates the contempt that Westminster Tories in particular hold towards Scotland after we declined independence in 2014.

Nobody better than Alan Bissett, who foretold this way back then in summer of 2014.


We need to fight back and there is only one way to do that,it is to hit the Brits in the pocket, not the nose, no matter how tempting that might seem.

Why pay a TV Tax for them to lie to you, ignore your political beliefs and then malign you as some kind of anarchist because you have the temerity to protest at their bias?

You can do it legally and with services like Netflix trust me you won’t miss UK TV.


Stop buying their newspapers for whatever reason “Oh I only buy the Record/Sun on a Saturday for the TV Guide”

You can get that same guide and better on line completely FOC.


Football, Rugby, Tennis, whatever, you can get anything you can get in a UK Propaganda Newspaper on line and usually a lot better as a bonus.

No matter how much a story in one of their papers enrages you, do not link it in a tweet or a post on Facebook it generates money for them every time someone else opens that page.

Block all the Journos/Propagandists that are employed in the 5th Column, do not give them the opportunity to accuse you of being an abusive cybernat.

I have blocked them all and any I have missed as I go through my timeline daily I block.

Cut them off from the revenue and the back door into our movement.

Any country that got rid of London Rule did it by means of making it uneconomically viable for the spivs and financiers.

You have the ability to hurt them financially, use it, take every opportunity you can to ensure they can make little or no money from your actions.

An added bonus is, it feels good knowing you are in your own small way fighting back.

The more of us that do it the more it hurts them in the pocket, believe me in a few weeks when the newspaper circulation numbers come out I suspect a certain Newspaer Editor will be called to account over his recruitment and editorial decisions.

The Independence £ is stronger than you realise, contrary to their behaviour in 2014 over currency Union if enough of us starve them of money they will be begging Scots to spend lots of £s.

I should have added I won’t ever again be purchasing anything from Youngs or Edinburgh Woollen Mill ,how about you?


Dumfries #AUOB March 2nd June 2018

Dumfries #AUOB March 2nd June 2018

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