Here We Go.


We are witnessing the imploding of the English Empire that began in 1066.

There are no cities burning, no wall coming down, no guns, bombs or bullets.

All we have is just an archaic system of patronage and corruption that is imploding.

Historians will write books, plays and films about these times that we are fortunate to be living through.

Every tweet you send, every posting on Facebook all mount up and adds to the inevitable ending of the Union.

Every letter box knocked, every leaflet delivered helps push at the open door of independence.

When any empire collapses it is usually because of the actions of the ruling elite, not the ordinary folk so it is with the final act of this empire.

This rotting corpse of a political construct that has been unravelling for decades.

The seeds of its downfall have been there for over a century.

The Great War followed by the Great Depression heralded the end of Britannia’s supremacy.

The problem was the class ridden British Elite refused to acknowledge the reality.

Adolf and his desire to have his own 1,000 years of tyranny and domination was the final confirmation that The British Empire was kaput.

One after one the nation’s dominated and subjugated by London broke away from the suffocating hand of their oppressor.

Even when losing the jewel in the crown India the elites back in Blighty refused to see the reality of ‘Britain’s place in the new world order.’

While practically every other democracy on the planet renewed itself to face the new modern technological world the UK remained steadfastly in the 19th century with its peculiar version of democracy.

The Suez Crisis in 1956 should not only have signaled the end for Prime Minister Eden it should have been the wake up call for all the British politicians.

The class system and financiers who had profited most from empire refused to relinquish control of a rotting democracy.

This collapse of the UK as we know it was in its final death throes in the mid 1970s and financial ruin was imminent.

There was no longer an Empire left to rape to prop up the ruling elite and landed gentry of England.

The finances of the country were so dire that the once mighty Britannia had to put out the begging bowl to the world in the shape of the IMF.

The UK needed a $3.9 billion bail out to avoid defaulting on its international financial obligations.

The once mighty £ was humiliatingly forced to devalue despite promises from the British Government that this would never happen.

However, the financiers and elite in London got one more piece of incredible luck.

Oil was discovered in the territorial waters of Greater England’s colony of Scotland.

Once again the spivs and ruling classes could gorge on another nation’s wealth and natural resources to feed their avarice and sense of entitlement.

The imperial Parliament of patronage and class based governance could stagger on a little longer like a drunken sailor on a Saturday night in Portsmouth.

Just as they had done throughout their days of evil empire, subterfuge, patronage and divide and rule were deployed by London to keep this oil bounty firmly in the hands of the few in England.

When Mcrone wrote his famous Oil Report for the London Government it was so scary for the Brits it was marked Top Secret and locked away for over 30 years lest the Scots found out just how wealthy they would be should they secede from the union.

We Scots know from our own lifetime and to this present day we are told that England’s tax payers subsidise Scotland to the tune of £15 billion a year.

A nonsense, of course, but one that has been drummed into every Scot alive or dead since Oil was discovered.

Today thanks to the gross incompetence and xenophobic arrogance of Little Englander racists the final collapse of the union is nigh.

This time nothing can save it from itself, its arrogance and sense of entitlement have finally finished it off.

Events are moving so quickly it is possible that by the time I publish this blog the crisis may have accelerated even more.

We have a few scenarios pending, each and every one of these will result in the ending of the British Political Union as we know it.

As predicted by our First Minister several weeks ago Teresa May and her spivs attempted to sell us the ‘This Deal is better than a No Deal’ Brexit or as Nicola christend it, a Blindfold Deal.

It now seems that the Parliament in England has at last found maybe one testicle and exerted a bit of its power.

MPs have for once stood up to the Executive and inflicted some mortal blows to the entire Brexit Project.

We now have a situation where the No Deal has been removed from the table.

Parliament will now have the final say on what route the government must take with the Brexit omnishambles should the Withdrawal Bill fail to get a majority.

Here is my take on how these can affect Scotland.

Should enough Labour MPs defect to May and the Tory whips scare enough rebels to support the Withdrawal Bill in its present form it could scrape through.

In that event we have a material change and Nicola must and will call an Independence Referendum.

Should The Withdrawal Bill fail there is every chance Teresa May and her Government could fall.

This can then go one of two ways.

A new Tory tyrant replaces her and asks Brussels to extend Article 50 while he or she negotiates a new Withdrawal Bill acceptable to the House.

This leaves us in Scotland in limbo awaiting this new deal.

I believe the only thing that would command a majority in this parliament  is membership of the SM&CU.

Should that happen our independence referendum is on hold until the next Scottish or UK General Election.

However if May is removed and it results in a UK General Election then our independence referendum is that election.

The SNP only need to have a single page manifesto stating should we return 30 or more MPs that is a mandate for an independence referendum.

No British PM could then refuse a Section 30 order.

I know many, like me think that we should have no need to ask for permission however our elected government in Edinburgh has made it plain they want a section 30 order.

In a GE manifesto you could also insert that at this election should 50%+ 1 vote be in favour of Independence candidates then that is a mandate to negotiate secession from the union.

No matter which of these outcomes happens, one thing is for sure nothing will ever be the same again.

Our independence is closer in each and every outcome.

I know many of you are anxious to hold the referendum, lots of us since 19/9/2014 have thought of nothing else.

I would counsel all to keep calm and watch as the debacle in Westminster plays out.

We have waited 311 years a few more months is nothing in the scale of things.

I am a pensioner nearing my three score and ten nobody is more anxious than me to get my hands on a Scottish Passport.

I do however understand at this vital time we have to ensure we cut off all forms of Westminster escape.

We are against a formidable foe in London with lots of collaborators placed and groomed by them  in our midst.

We have an elite who are expert in lies, disinformation and brutality.

Very few of the nations that have escaped the greedy claws of London have done so without bloodshed and pain.

Let us ensure as the final nation to leave the English grip we do it peacefully and without bloodshed.

This elite in England do not believe in Marquis of Queensbury Rules, never forget that, this is why we have to ca’ canny at this time.

Events are moving fast so we need to be ready at a moments notice to move into General Election or Referendum mode.

Either will give us what we so desire, however it will take a huge effort, patience and fortitude.

We will all need to put our shoulders to the wheel and give it our all.

Independence, especially from a sleekit bunch of parasites like Westminster does not happen without a supreme effort from those wanting self-determination.

Sair Alba gu brath.





10 thoughts on “Here We Go.

  • Just a small point of interest. The value of that $3.9 billion bail out in the mid 70s would be about $40 billion today – 33% more than Westminster hand back to Scot gov to run this country.

  • Thanks, brought some much needed clarity to the options ahead of us. You’re right, the timing of Indy Ref 2 needs to fit the context. I particularly like the prospect of us fighting a GE on the single issue of a mandate for Indy. It sweeps aside all the distraction tactics employed by the Britnats.

  • I’m having my doubts about SNPs latest plans for an Indyref.

    Seems they want to campaign for a majority in the polls before they decide to start campaign for independence.
    IMO they should set the date and let the campaign start now.At last indyref we started at 25% YES and came within a baw hair of victory. It was only the Yoons breaking purdah with their last minute intervention of all the false promises and the threat to OAP’s pensions that swung it back in favour of NO.This time we’ll be starting at c 45% YES.

    In Scottish general election and in UK general election Scot gov stood on a pledge of another indyref if their was “a significant and a material change” in circumstances. Scotland’s people voted to give them that mandate on each occasion. They should honour that pledge and put their faith in the Scotland’s people.I fear any procrastination on their part will lose them support rather than increase it.

  • Another piece falling into place on the battlefield of constitutinal change.

    UK Supreme Court
    ‏Verified account @UKSupremeCourt
    2h2 hours ago

    Judgment will be handed down at 9.30am in Courtroom 1 on Thursday 13 December in the case of the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill – A Reference by the Attorney General and the Advocate General for Scotland,

  • “A new Tory tyrant replaces her and asks Brussels to extend Article 50 while he or she negotiates a new Withdrawal Bill acceptable to the House.”
    Brussels have said that they will not renegotiate the terms of withdrawal,so this option does not exist.

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