Fluffy, the poor man’s Einstein

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Yesterday I tuned in for a little while to watch the debate at Westminster on Independence Ref2 it once again struck me that we are so lucky to have our SNP MPs.

They conduct themselves with such dignity, and good grace in the face ignorance and crass behaviour, especially from those braying buffoons on the Tory benches.

I was only watching them from afar yet I found it difficult to hold my temper.

I had to switch off the TV after a very short while it was just upsetting me too much.

It is not just an insult to every SNP MP, member, and voter it is an insult to everyone in Scotland, irrespective of who they voted to elect or which country they were born in before making Scotland their home.

The difference being those in Scotland that vote unionist cannot or will not see the disdain the Little Englanders show towards our entire nation.

My biggest contempt as always goes to the ‘scottish’ Tory, Lab and Libdems that sit there amongst those hurling abuse and mocking our country and either join in the braying or sit in complicit silence.

Shame on them all, I do not know how they can face themselves every morning in the mirror.

I wager very few unionist voters watch the proceedings at Westminster because even they in their heart of hearts must know that it is shameful and belittling to our entire nation.

Mr & Mrs I’m alright Jack and Mr & Mrs SLAB Internationalism starts at Carlisle and ends at Dover will accept any little crumb Mother England throws them from the Westminster table.

The families from England that have chosen to make Scotland their home are welcomed by their neighbours and the general populace, however they should be aware that Westminster views them with equal disdain for deeming to move to rebellious Jockistan.

Our braying Westminster donkeys in suits view them much the way their forebears from Eton, Harrow, Oxbridge viewed the colonials that stayed in India for too long, “Fortesque Minor has gone native in Bombay don’t you know”, only nowadays it is going native in Glasgow or Aberdeen.

I watched the proceedings and it reminded me of exactly why I had never wanted to be involved in front line politics.

I think if I had been in Westminster at the same time as good old Eric Joyce, we could have made a good tag team, for sure when he was boxing with Tories he would not have needed to shout ‘handers’

I wouldn’t last 24 hours in that place before I took a few of those howling buffoons out with the old Glasgow kiss.

I am of the belief that we are wasting our time and efforts even turning up there and giving this fake democracy of the UK any credence.

The moment Cameron stood outside No10 on September 19th, 2014, and spoke of EVEL we should have withdrawn our MPs immediately.

The fact that we tendered over 100 Amendments to the Scotland Bill that all got rejected should have taught us what a waste of time it was trying to play by their rules.

When you hear the new influx of ‘scottish’ Tories humiliating themselves by not even knowing what matters are devolved and which are reserved it is cringeworthy.

You know as soon as a SLABBER gets to his feet whatever the topic or debate it is going to be a rant about SNP Bad, and references to Devolved matters that do not have any relevance in a Westminster context.

However the piece de resistance yesterday was Fluffy Mundell’s revelation to the entire nation when he discovered all by himself and told the House that shock horror The SNP are trying to stop Brexit!

On just realizing this for the first time Fluffy could not understand why nobody else reacted to his scoop, his exclusive, the man is a cretin, however 24,177 voters in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweedsdale actually voted for him and returned him as their champion, the man to project their views, the man to speak for them in that far off place.

Looking at all the shenanigans going on down there sleaze, sex scandals financial impropriety, secret meetings of 40 Tory MPs drawing up plans to oust big Tessa, it is more like the fag end of a Parliament than just the first few months of a new one.

I said previously and still believe a vote of no confidence, and a General Election are likely in the not too distant future.

Nicola is down for talks with Tessa, just to be clear when I say talks I mean a photo op for May to pretend she is listening and sharing.

She will read off of a prepared script to Nicola, and that will be that, it won’t be an open discussion, looking for common ground and purpose.

I would like to see Nicola coming out of that meeting and saying “Enough is enough, Hard Brexit is a certainty, I am returning to Holyrood to name September next year as the date for Scotland’s Independence Referendum, and today I have told all my MPs to leave Westminster, never to return, the place is an abomination to democracy.”

It might not happen this time, however I truly believe the clock is ticking and we can only hold back the decision for so long until events make it necessary to fire that starting gun.

3 thoughts on “Fluffy, the poor man’s Einstein

  • Ruth Davidson, Fluffy Mundell, Murdo Fraser the other unionist MP’s/MSP’s and their followers are examples of the Scottish Cringe. So broken are they, that it is much easier to do their masters bidding in the most sychophantic way that they are probably unaware just how servile and pathetic it looks to the rest of us. But if they work very very hard to keep us in our place the establishment will reward them with a bit of ermine, a seat in the H of L and an invite to a Royal Garden Party.

  • “I am of the belief that we are wasting our time and efforts even turning up there and giving this fake democracy of the UK any credence.” Aye, me too, and I’d go further than recall them. When the GE gets called if may falls then we should stand on an Indy ticket, no more elephants in the room, go route 1 and meet them head on, us or them, choose, and when we win a majority we declare Independence, and take our freedom.

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