Fight Back or Boil?

I don’t know what infuriates me more,the actions of the elite,the Tories in particular or the complacency of the British people.

Someone far more eloquent than me the other day likened the slow boiling frog story to what is happening to Scottish Devolution.

Just in case anyone is not aware,the premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out,but if the frog is put in cold water which is then brought to boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

I would apply this to not just Scottish Devolution,it applies to democracy throughout the UK.

We the peoples of the UK are frogs and the bad news is the water is sitting at around 95C. now you can either jump out of that pot or continue to sit there till you cook.

Ever since the post war settlement given to us by the only Socialist/Labour Government we have ever had,the right wing elite and establishment have been frantically trying to claw back all the gains that were achieved by our parents and grandparents on returning from the front.

The Welfare State,NHS,the Nationalised industries,Social Housing,Buses,Trains,our democratic rights,all gone or in imminent danger of vanishing.

The right wingers have coveted those and have hated the masses having any rights.

They love inequality,they truly believe only them and such as them should have any say in what kind of society we have and the divisions in that society that should be in place.

These always involve them in complete charge, them with the lions share of the wealth,the assets,the governance and us the plebs with just enough to survive,not prosper,just survive.

That way we can be their lackeys we can enrich and serve them and at night return to our hovels till we are required to Oil the wheels of their Capitalist Utopia.

Thatcher and her ilk were the “officer class” from WWII,unlike the masses who had done the actual fighting these HQ Officer elite did not like the ‘enlightenment’ that came back from the trenches.

Post war,slowly but surely the poverty gap was closing ,people pre war had no universal healthcare,post war with the NHS the poor suddenly became stronger,lived longer,were better educated,were able to organise and demand more of the National cake.

This alarmed the right wing,initially they were too shocked to do anything the defeat of Churchill in 1945 took the elite by complete surprise and it took them sometime to marshall their troops to ‘counter attack.’

Look at the figures between 1945 -1979 and you will see that our society in the UK was becoming more equal, fairer,there was still a long way to go,however the direction of travel was only going one way.

That all stopped and went into reverse from the minute that woman parked her arse at the head of the Cabinet Table in No10.

The British ‘frog’ was dropped into the Tory pot, it started with Our GPO,the forerunner of British Telecom for our younger readers,that was the first one sold off to enrich the London City Spivs and the Tory elite.

We the plebs were thrown a few crumbs to dupe us into believing that we were getting our fair share.

The propaganda swung into action thus, the sell off would make us all wealthier it would fatten the pension funds of the workers,the state pension would become the envy of the world from all the profits and dividends this sell off would generate.

This lie would be rolled out for every other State Asset that they sold off, Gas, Electricity, Rail, Building Societies, Buses,Water in England & Wales.

Then came the biggest fraud of them all,the selling off of all the Social Housing in the land.

This wasn’t done to bring equality by making us all home owners like the Tories,it was done again to enrich the city spivs and the Tory donors.

Who do you think supplied the mortgages and insurance policies to allow the plebs to buy these houses?

With everything in place all that was needed was a nice financial recession then all those people who had made a few bob holding the BT,Gas,Electric shares etc would be forced to sell and who of course picked up those shares sold off, the spivs of course.

Then some people began to default on their mortgages on the council houses ‘sold to them’ I prefer ‘lent to them’ ,step forward the spivs and speculators they gladly stole those houses back.

Today what were once well maintained Council homes at social rents are privately owned slums with astronomical rents, I believe there are something like 170 MP Landlords and guess what?

They have even passed a law that says they don’t even have to make the houses they rent out fit for human habitation.

The theft continued unabated throughout the Tory time from 79 to 97.

The next big earner for the spivs was PPP,Public Private Partnerships, the scam that allowed the Private Sector to profit from public provision paid for by the public with taxes but profits retained by the private sector.

All of this led directly to Carillion and the shit we are in today.

Then the New ‘Tory ‘ PM Blair appeared in 1997 the biggest snake oil salesman ever to darken our door.

He of course pre election promised us the earth,the moon and the stars, what we didn’t know at the time was the same elite who had been stealing our state assets had also stolen the Workers Party .

The same kind of Neo Liberal financial parasites had stolen the Labour Party right under our noses.

There have been many studies done on this subject ,below is just one of them,bottom line we got rid of the devil and instead replaced him with the son of the devil.

In opposition Blair vowed (Yes that kind of Labour Vow) he would end PPP he did ,instead he called it PFI and the city spivs got their noses deeper into the trough.

This time the spivs were doubly pleased,sure they had to grease two parties and their officials,but they were making twice the profits and no supervision,no rules no restrictions.

The British frog was in the pot and the water was heating up nicely,we probably wouldn’t have noticed if the wheels hadn’t come off the bogey.

The 2008 crash brought the entire corrupt edifice crashing down with an almighty thud.

The problem being those that created the crash,the spivs and corrupt politicians had no intention of clearing up the mess.

That was down to those who could least afford it,the poorest in society,the immigrants,the disabled,the sick ,the unemployed they were given the blame and the cost of clearing it up.

By 2012 even the 999 Service in England had been privatized along with prisons and court services.

Even criminality had to make a profit for the spivs those that should have been in jail were actually making a profit from crimes.

However PFI has to be the biggest scandal of all and it has now enabled the Tory elite to have virtually sold off the English NHS and made profits off of every single ‘public enterprise, hospitals,schools,road,rail,bridges,boats you name it they make profit,we fund it.

The private sector do not need banks to fund them the elite give them the tax payers money instead. .

They even sold off the English Blood Bank firstly to a company run by ex American Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney for £230million he quickly sold it to a Chinese conglomerate for £820 million.

Even getting blood transfusion in England now involves profit, the nuclear industry has effectively been sold to the French and Chinese.

The English Water companies are owned by the French,Spanish and Germans,same with Electricity,Gas,Rail.

How long before the Americans own the entire NHS throughout the UK?

These are all assets that we the people owned,we have allowed them to be sold off to enrich the few.

Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP Government have been doing a great job of mitigating and protecting Scots as best they can ,however sooner or later like ripples in a pond the actions of the elite in England will eventually have repercussions here in Scotland.

The day the UK leaves the EU and the protections it affords us against the spivs and elite it will all be too late.

We need to react now,we have all sat too long on our arses shaking our heads tweeting and posting frantically on Facebook but doing actually nothing to stop the elite destroy our way of life.

They are dismantling our society and our Parliament is firmly in their sights they want to steal our very democracy will you let them or will you just shake your head and tut tut?

The elite like all bullies only react to being stood up to, We need to show them that enough is enough.

We need to do a Catalonian and get hundreds of thousands on the streets,not tens of thousands.

We need to show these bullies that we are not only out of the pot,this frog is now a full grown adult and ready to fight back.

On June 23rd,1314 The Scottish nation made its biggest ever statement against tyranny,we used to commemorate this with a march and rally from Stirling Town Centre to the field of Bannockburn.

Many years ago the SNP stopped supporting this believing it sent the ‘wrong message’

Some people still march ,I think it is time we sent another kind of message to the elite,that being NO MORE, let us mobilize,let us peacefully demonstrate but let us make it clear we will not allow them to steal our Parliament and our hard fought for democracy.

If each SNP,Green,SSP,Solidarity Branch ,every single YES organisation commits to bringing at least 10 people who in turn bring one person each we can send them that message .

If you agree cut and paste this link,share this widely and let us stop talking and start doing.

Otherwise enjoy it when the water reaches 100C.

4 thoughts on “Fight Back or Boil?

  • As a member I approve of, fully accept and imagine that I understand the reasons for SNP not officially supporting the Bannockburn marches and rallies. Full credit though is surely due to James Scott and others in the Scottish Resistance organisation for keeeping events such as this alive. Scottish history needs to be better known by Scots .

  • Well written my friend, and true.
    If we could organise, produce a monthly bulletin with an interesting article like this once a month, it could counteract any drip drip from the British establishment. We’d have willing foot-soldiers I’m sure.

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