English Nationalism is destroying the British Union

For as long as I can remember British Nationalists have always accused Scottish Nationalists of parochialism,hating the English,living in the past.

They tell us how vile Nationalism is while denying that there is even such a thing as British Nationalism.

This condition is referred to as Psychological Projection accusing others of your faults,it results in many of the defenders of the British Union being sociopaths,and narcissists.

These Unionists are truly deluded and are deep in denial, British Nationalism is a cancer that has eaten away at the body of the British Union, thankfully it is now terminal.

Every study that has ever been done regarding online abuse ,or actual,violence shows that the Unionists are the ones doing the abusing and committing the violence .

Below are just some of the instances of Unionist abuse ,or violence, of course if you read the foreign owned media in Scotland,or listen to the Broadcasters it is suggested that all the nastiness is from one side, the evil ,wicked cybernats and Independinistas,the reality is of course completely different.




The civic Nationalism of Scottish Independence is a completely different kind of nationalism to the British kind.

The two big questions in our struggle have got to be “why did we not have the courage to Vote Yes?”

The other being “Why is British Nationalism so corrosive?”

For too long the custodians of our movement have refused to discuss the elephant in the room for fear of upsetting an already hostile media.

I am of course referring to English Nationalism, the curse of this British Union.

I think the answer is simple ,for years and years ,indeed centuries the Scots and all other countries in the English Dominion have been informed they are inferior.

Too wee, too weak, too stupid, too Catholic,too Muslim, too brown ,too black,too poor.

Coverage of our Scottish,Welsh ,or NI news is subordinated to the news that is appertaining to England and the English.

The Celtic news for what it is worth will only be local and have no outward focus,that has to be left to Mother England the world can only be viewed through an English prism.

Scots Gaelic,Welsh ,and Irish Gaelic receive a very Anglo,sneer as not real languages.

Indeed we all know how hostile Britnats in Scotland are at the very mention of Gaelic.

“Think of the press as a great keyboard

on which the government can play.”

Joseph Goebbels

We have to listen to stories about matters that are of no concern to us in the 3 Devolved Nations.

Our “National News” on all channels is dominated by English local news on education,housing,transport,health, the Anglican Church etc.

The Sports News is always about English sport first and foremost,cricket anyone?

When have they ever on the main news given us an update on the Shinty, Hurling or Gaelic football?

It has to be subordinated to the local colonies news show, and trivialized,if it is not mainstream in England it is unimportant, of course this local news and sport will never allow anything that could possibly harm the superiority of the Mother country.

In 2015 , BBC paid £219mil for EPL TV rights with our Licence Fee money.

Meanwhile Scottish football gets under -£1m a year and Wales and NI much less for their football.

It is indicative of everything in this Union ,no price too great for England ,and throw a few sops to the Celts and keep them compliant.

We all pay the same licence fee ,however only English football is worthy of massive investment.

It is the same with infrastructure or anything else the English de facto Parliament decide,be that HS2 ,Olympics ,Domes tunnels or massive motorway builds we all pay.

Build a bridge or road in Scotland ,host a Commonwealth Games it comes out of our budget alone.


Theresa May’s recent speech in Florence is another example of how only England’s opinion is of worth.

She told the world (paraphrased) WE were never at ease in the EU, WE never felt an integral part of EU. WE want no part of Single Market or Customs Union, WE don’t want immigrants.

Well 62% of Scots and 56% of Northern Irish believe the polar opposite Mrs May .

Needless to say the views of Scotland and NI are of no interest to England or their broadcasters and newspapers.

Everything must be subordinated to England’s viewpoint .

The English on the other hand have received the propaganda that everything in England is the best, Johnny Foreigner is inferior in all aspects to England ,and the English.

Now that puny Britain can no longer wage wars or invade countries to enforce their will and enrich their elite,Sporting Events have become the new battlefield to let all Englishmen and women feel superior to the rest of the world.

We all know how nauseating our English Commentators become with any kind of English success.

When these pundits are covering an Andy Murray event I sometimes feel myself even wanting him to lose just to shut these guys up,they attempt to take so much reflected glory just for commentating on a match.

Notice how at the start of every tournament the English team will be a major favourite, and how Andy Murray becomes a Brit ,till the Scot crashes out of Wimbledon.

Before a ball is kicked ,or bowled they plot the likely route to the Final for England and who they are likely to meet in said Final ,where of course their greater English skills will prevail.

Johnny Foreigner will gratefully thank the superior England for the deserved thrashing and praise them as superior.

The usual outcome is of course abject failure invariably falling at the first or second hurdle.

Losing graciously is not in the English lexicon, someone ,or something must be to blame.

The foreign referee, the foreign linesman,the foreign climate, the new foreign ball, the foreign grass,the EU .

Not being good enough or not being the best just cannot be admitted.

This would defeat the entire narrative used to keep the elite in power and wealth ,and the rest of us in our place.

We are constantly told that the greatest football league in the world is the EPL (I vehemently disagree) the wealthiest the most overpriced,and overhyped,most certainly,the best ,not by a long chalk.

Wembley is the greatest football stadium in the world every footballer in the world wants to play on this pitch forgetting the Bernabau ,Nou Camp, San Siro,or

Maracanna Stadium.

Twickenham and English Rugby are the best in the world,again every player in the world wants to play at Twickers ,not Ellis Park ,or Eden Park.

Without doubt the best Rugby Stadium in the British Isles is The Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, however there is not a chance the English media Bubble would allow that to become even a debating point.

Everything in the Celtic Fringe must be inferior to that of England,otherwise the subordinate might get ideas above their station.

Think of the press as a great keyboard

on which the government can play.”

Joseph Goebbells

No matter what sport is being played the English Commentators will always find a way to bring the subject around to the superior English version ,league,or player.

Spain could be playing Brazil in a WC Final and the commentary would be about players in the EPL,players wanting to go to EPL, Players not good enough for EPL. why England should in fact be in the final.

Then the sarcastic innuendo about the officials not being as good as the English variety.

Everything to feed the myth to the English population of superiority and exceptionalism.

They call Westminster the Mother of Parliaments, the most respected Policeman in the world is the English Bobby.

Yet they cannot after decades catch any child abusers in that Mother of Parliaments.

The Grand National and Derby are the 2 biggest horse races in the world,try telling that to the Kentucky Derby , Melbourne Cup,or Dubai World Cup and Classic enthusiasts.

The English people have been told that we have the most generous Welfare system in the world ,one of the biggest lies laid on the British public ever

We are told that is why all these horrible Johnny Foreigners want to come over to Blighty ,because unemployment money is so generous.

Compounding this effrontery these horrible Johnny Foreigners who allegedly are only here for the Broo money are also stealing your jobs overcrowding our underfunded schools and hospitals.

They are told that English Law is the envy of the world and the best there is, try telling that to someone who has been gazzumped several times when selling or buying a house in England.

Try and get justice in a civil court without being a multi millionaire that can afford a gagging clause to hide his misdemeanors,or pay for a Barrister to plead your case.

On National TV News lots of legal rulings or English High Court Cases will be on,even if it is an England only matter.

Rarely if ever will a High court Case from Belfast,Cardiff ,or Scotland be headline news unless of course their is an English view then the local,Journo will be replaced by one of the real journalists from London,again it must be the Imperial prism ,not the local viewpoint.

You don’t want the colonials thinking they are as good as the London kind.

We were all taught that the British Empire was the most benign ever and that the people of the colonies only had love and admiration for their colonial masters .

This big lie is going to bring reality crashing over the British population in the most severe manner possible.

We got a foretaste of this when Theresa May arrived in India like a maternal Memsahib to sign a Trade Deal with the Indians and show Liam Fox how it should be done.

Although if you read the British Press or listened to BBC News or ITV News you would believe it was just over visas that the trade talks failed.

Read the Indian ,or foreign press to get the true story, visas yes ,but also the general attitude of entitlement from the British and the less than friendly reception Indians receive in racist England.


Alas for Meshaib May the Indians no longer bend to will of the British Occupier ,there is not a lot of love for Brits or the English.

There was no Trade Deal and there is unlikely to be one until U.K. realises like all relationships it has to be what is best for both parties.

Please click on this link below to get some disturbing truths about the British in India,and why future Trade Deals with any ex Empire nation might just prove problematic.

The average English person has been reared on a diet of Middle England news drama and world view.

That view is that all other European nations and their people are somewhat inferior to the English,and with the exceptions of USA,Canada, Australia & New Zealand the other countries of the world are just barbaric.

They have been taught that the Irish are thick cheeky chappies ,Scots are aggressive drunks that need English largesse to fund their socialist utopia ,and that the Welsh are only useful for coal mining and forming all male choirs.

Scottish Oil is not a fact and that should ungrateful Scots secede Shetland Isles and the oil will be England’s.

They have been told the EU is undemocratic ,and corrupt because after all it does not have 900 unelected Peers ,FPTP and a Royal lineage to allow patronage.

The lies and myths are legendary ,straight bananas,taking away the pint,Turkish ,Romanian ,and Bulgarian hordes about to descend on every town in UK.

EU Nationals coming over and scrounging off of the good English tax payers just like the Scots.

That because of Poles ,Hungarians , Greeks and Spaniards UK Employers pay poverty wages and only offer zero hour contracts.

They have been told this is why there are not enough hospitals doctors ,nurses,teachers,schools or decent roads ,local services,and most importantly not enough well paid jobs.

It is all the fault of the non English races in the U.K. and Johnny Foreigner from the EU.

Once Brexit is completed and there are no more pesky foreigners it will be the Land of milk and Honey.

Therefore it is no surprise that lots of Scots believe that they are indeed too weak,too stupid and too poor to leave the warm bosom of Mother England’s beneficence.

It also explains why so many of the English have such a misplaced high regard for themselves and such a low opinion of foreigners.

24x 7 State Propaganda on behalf of the 1% is Wall to Wall in UK. Goebbels would doff his hat to the Elite and their propagandists.

The problem is the big lies are about to be exposed,first with Brexit,there will be no utopia great Empire.2

The ex Nations of the Empire and the nations of Europe that fought off so many invasions have waited and prayed for this moment in history.

At last Angleterre is weak,defenseless and friendless they are circling like vultures waiting to feed on a corpse.

Ireland is a great example ,many in England view Ireland as really just another part of England that will,just like Scotland,Wales ,and NI do whatever is best for England.

Difference is Ireland is a proud independent nation with 27 mates in the EU to back them up.

The one nation in these British Isles that do know their history is our Irish cousins.

Very few Scots know the extent of British cruelty in The Highland Holocaust (Clearances) .

Every last Irish person knows about British cruelty and the potato famine ,the persecution of Irish people in their own country because of their choice of religion that lasted for centuries.

They know, that just like so many other countries of the Empire ,Ireland was raped,pillaged and abused.

London now expects Ireland to just come to some loose sort of arrangement about the border with NI .

An arrangement that will be ideal for England ,whether the consequences for Ireland are good ,or bad is of no concern,well not to the Little Englanders in Westminster.

You only have to read the Irish Press to know that The Irish are going to do what is bestir Ireland and not for London.

This ,like the news that the EU was looking out for the EU and not the U.K. seemed to take many in England by shock.

The Little Englanders and Welsh got us onto this mess and they now expect everyone else in the British Isles and the EU to bail them out of their self inflicted mess .

Since 1066 England has always got its own way either by force of arms or by bribery and corruption.

In the days of Empire anyone that dared to oppose the will of London was crushed mercilessly.

Post 1945 they neither have the wealth to bribe ,or the power to crush.

The Suez crisis brought home the reality to most people that Britain’s Imperial days were over.

Unfortunately those that attend the Private Schools in England and Scotland are still of an Imperial mindset allied to a sense of superiority, which is instilled from an early age.

These products of Eton ,Harrow, Rugby. Fettes etc that then go on to an Oxbridge University seem to dominate our London Parliament , Media and Civil Service they also seem to slither into civic life at every level.

Their pomposity and arrogance has been formed over generations not just learnt in the school years.

These are the same ones that get all pumped up when thinking about WWII and the glories of Empire.

They truly believe they are a race apart and expect to be shown deference by all and sundry especially the Celts and Johnny Foreigner.

I think it is safe to say that the disaster we see unfolding each and every day in the Brexit negotiations support this theory.

The lie that held true for so long will perish on the rocks of Brexit.

Scotland will secede during this process and N. Ireland might just have a different arrangement with the ROI ,and RUK.

I would also suggest investing in pitchforks,I have a feeling there might be a big demand for them in the Independent Wangland.

12 thoughts on “English Nationalism is destroying the British Union

  • This was a splendid piece of writing, and an eye opener. We often forget about the abuse we have suffered at the hands of these England ders. Rise up Scotland and be a proud country again.

  • I think that’s an absolutely brilliant piece of writing and I agree with every point made. Not all obviously but many are just so dismissive of anything that isn’t English. Their problem is that they don’t want a round table at the EU with everyone being equal, they want to be at the head of the table telling everyone else what to do because they see that as their right. If we had a neutral media in this country, then this would surely be printed but alas we don’t, so it won’t.

  • “The Elephant in the room”….English Nationalism as seen through the eyes of a Scottish Nationalist.
    There’s your headline BB.
    That’s what would happen if one of our Custodians merely mentioned a fraction of what you wrote.
    Which is a pity, because if they did so, then maybe, just maybe people would waken up to the fact that the Britain they live in, is not the Britain they believe they live in.
    A topic that needs discussed openly and without recrimination.
    Excellent blog.

  • I have read many stories regarding the Cruelty that was meted out to the Countries that were taken over by the British especially Scotland and Ireland,how England’s Government asset stripped Countries before leaving. So our history books are based on lies about the great British Empire. Not so Great now though.

  • I concur a GREAT read that exposes the truth of brutish engerlish occupation and subjugation of all peoples not born within great engerland , I just wish your article could be mainstreamed widely but the establishment corruptly and threateningly hold the msm voluntarily in chains. I along with a lot of others wish the SG would just tell wastemonster to pi** off and take over the running of the Brutish Bullshitting Corporation then we would have independence in a heartbeat

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